Tuesday, January 14 of 2014

Monthly messages


My beloveds,

In this time of conflict and chaos in which evil wants to carry the souls towards uncertain and infernal places, the unity among the apostles of My Son will be the key to sustain this end of times.

We have journeyed through long paths, we have traversed mountains and valleys, pathways of light that together you and I have marked on this Earth and in the heart of many souls that have turned themselves to God, and that today wait anxiously for the return of the Savior.

We still have many paths to traverse together, building this Marian map upon the face of this planet so that one day the peoples, the races, the religions and all of the nations, when looking towards the Heights to receive the Divine Mercy and Justice, will be only one movement of a new order for all the creatures.

Today I come to My children to relieve them from the weight of the path so that they may know that in the face of the tests that are to come I will be more than ever with all of you.

In spite of what seems to be happening in this world and at times among My soldiers, we are building within the consciousnesses a fortress that you still do not know. 

When you encourage one another to carry on walking in the faith that My Son teaches you, when you understand and forgive the faults of your brothers and sisters of path, when you elevate each other in spite of the tiredness and the inner loneliness, you are forming in your consciousnesses great towers that watch over your spirit so that the enemy may not be able to approach.

Do not forget that when you definitively surrender yourselves to the Will of the Divine, evil will no longer pursue you internally, because in your dwellings shall live the One and Only and True King, Christ, the Great Shepherd.

On this day My little ones, fear will be converted into an unknown love, into a greater strength that will give you an impulse directly towards God.  On this day, dear children, there will no longer exist doubts, inner sorrow, the absolute peace will reign in your lives and you will be blessed in life, as loyal examples of the Love of God upon the Earth.

My little beloveds who today are kneeling before Me as My children, know that these brief moments in which I Am able to caress your souls are precious moments for Me because in this time these instants are unique in the universe.  In these moments of union of your hearts with Mine in which I Am able to approach Myself to cover you with My mantle of light, My Heart of Mother overflows with love and joy.

Perceive, My beloved ones, how My Immaculate Heart fills you with light, with this light that God has permitted Me to bring to the world.  Feel, little ones, how My Love of Mother, the love of your little Mother enters each one of you.

I will always take care of you, I will caress you with My holy hands as I have done with Jesus so that you may never be discouraged. 

Know, dear children, that the path that remains will be intense and difficult for some, but if all raise their swords and their voices to pledge fidelity to the Redeemer, the Light of God will descend upon you and it will cover you with divine protection.   

Always bear in mind that His Beloved and Little Children are the ones who He chose to accompany His Firstborn Son, the Savior.

I Am with you, within your hearts.  I Am your Mother, the Queen of the Heaven and of the Earth.

Thank you for being today with Me.

I love you,

Mary, your Mother