Sunday, September 13 of 2015

Daily messages

Kneel every day before the altar of God and clamor for Piety and Mercy.  Ask the Lord to awaken humanity from the dream that it lives and to be willing to follow His Celestials Designs, no matter what they are.Son of Mine, Daughter of Mine, listen to the voice of God that speaks directly to your heart, inviting your soul to take a new step and consecrate itself to a superior life.  I ask you to be worthy of living the Project of the Creator, and through your transformation, allow other souls to find a path to Redemption.

Child, if you listen to the voice of Your Celestial Mother, it is because time has arrived to surrender yourself before God.  Wait no longer for the suffering of life to bring an insuperable learning to your spirit so that your soul may realize that it was walking through paths that did not lead to God.

Look, the world around you agonizes and your siblings suffer, day by day, the submission to darkness.  Many are in the bitterness of the wars, with the fear of death and with the impossibility of even having a dignified life according to the laws of the world.  And you, son of Mine, daughter of Mine, I have called to be by My side, and it was not by chance.

My voice pronounces itself before your eyes and speaks directly to your heart, because you have made a commitment with God for humanity and for the kingdoms of nature, for the evolution of this world and of many others.

Know, My beloved child, that the time of learning through love has already arrived for you, because the time of the true suffering for humanity is still approaching and its cycle has recently started.  You still have time to learn to love and to forgive, to be a server or servant of God.  But be brave and not delay in responding, because the clock time is no longer being counted in the same way.  Then hands accelerate and a minute has no longer sixty seconds.

I am your Mother, the Universal Queen, the bearer of a Peace that transcends any sorrow and suffering and that can persevere in the hearts of those who accompany Me, regardless of the events of the world.

For this, son and daughter, feel in My voice the urgency of the times and in My calm the last possibility of awakening humanity.

Your Celestial Mother has already shed Her tears before God and has offered Herself for your salvation and for the salvation of your siblings; but the Lord is Righteous and expects from humanity the initiative of transforming life on the planet.

The human beings must become worthy children of God, and that, My beloved ones, your Heavenly Mother cannot do for you.

I wish, son and daughter, that My love alone would touch your heart and remove you from the ignorance of the material life in order to lead you to the sacred and to the consciousness that these are times of emergency.

I wish I would make you understand, with My Holy Peace, that this, which I give to you, as blessings and graces, must be poured, through your prayers, over the souls lost in the world.

I wish, son and daughter, that the events that make your siblings agonize were enough to make you to come out of yourself and serve those that you have beside you, to make you forgive what you still have not forgiven in the others and in yourself, and reconcile with God.

Listen, My beloved son, My beloved daughter, because today I speak directly to you: awake and unite to My Peace Army, because your Divine Mother no longer knows how to warn the world, and clamors to the hearts of the humanity that accepts living the Redemption.

Today I leave you My Peace and I thank you for coming to meet Me, although you know that many of those that I have summoned are not here.

Disseminate My Message of Peace, announce My presence.  Do not allow that your siblings lose themselves, if I am here to take you to God.

I love you and I bless you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace