Sunday, November 15 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

While this world suffers the consequences of a great human wickedness, today I come with Saint Joseph in order to elevate towards the Heavens the ones who suffered and died in the recent world developments.

I place My hope in all of the hearts that in the end of times will have in their hands the banner of peace.

The wrath of God is provoked by so much injustice that falls on the innocent and makes us believe that the one who have power stronger.

But this will not last.  In order to avert a catastrophe in the human life, and to prevent the degeneration of the entire race I ask you again to dedicate to Me at least one mystery of the Holy Rosary a day as to thus alleviate the bitterness that God feels when He sees His children hurting one another.

So that the Sacred Hearts will be able to dissipate the currents of evil that expand like poison in the heart of humans, I come to beg you, My beloved children, that you offer Me the most pure prayer of the heart so that I may transmute the arrogance and the power of humans.

I wish to ask of you, in the name of My Beloved Son, that you pray with Me during sixty days, so that in this cycle the Grace of God and the unfathomable power of Mercy will avert the beginning of a third worldwide war.  If this came to pass, the whole world would lose the little peace that exists, and the most innocent would pay the price of human cruelty.

So that the Love and the Justice of God will reign above all, I come to ask that you beseech the Almighty God, because humanity is deviating itself more each day from its true mental and emotional coherence.

Although My crying has not calmed down, I desire, children of Mine, that you will implore the Merciful Jesus for His divine intervention to be established in the bosom of this sick humanity.  If more than two praying people unite under this sacred purpose, tragedies will be avoided, and peace will reign for some more time.

I ask God that all of My children become seriously aware so that they will cross this Armageddon in peace and harmony.

I thank you for alleviating the weeping of the Sacred Hearts!

In the peace that the world needs, who prays for you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Note: The Mystery of the Rosary begins on the 19th of November of 2015 for 60 days.