Sunday, December 18 of 2011

Daily messages

I come from Heaven towards you, as the birds at dawn. I am the Lady Clothed with the Sun, the One that announces the Hour of Eternal Peace to the children on the Earth. I am the Bright Star of love for your heart. I am the Servant of the Lord, the One who brings to your soul the Mercy of the Heights.

May your heart honor the Lord God, Almighty over all existence. May your soul praise the wonders that it receives by Grace. I offer you My Immaculate Heart so that your inner world may become a reflection in the dark night.

Awaken before Me to life and await in My hope the return of the Savior. Only find relief and love in My Words. Embrace with trust My Protecting Mantle. I come from Heaven with the divine hope of a reunion with each one of My children. I prepare hearts for the new time and the immaculate fruit of prayer is the key that opens the Doors of the Heavens.

Smile daily at My Face. I know the awakening of your True Love for Me. I know how many steps you have taken in con- secration. I know how much you have walked seeking refuge and Light for your heart. I come towards you from the Heights to give you the Redemption and the Peace of the Greater Heavens. I come from Heaven so that you may recognize the presence of My Maternal Heart.

Dear children, the Lord blesses you today consecrating His Graces of Love and Peace for your hearts. When you elevate your hearts in unity towards God, Divine Mercy that is Work and that is Life, will be able to penetrate the hearts that are asleep and in pain. For this reason I come to you, to announce to you that we are now in the Time of Peace, a Peace that will be gestated through constant and loving prayer from all souls.

Today I call you to elevate the heart through the sacred attribute of prayer and in this bridge of elevation, My Immaculate Heart will assist you. Many are the souls in need of your prayers. Each word of prayer realized with firmness and love has repercussions in the life of the world. Therefore, My little ones, in this tough time in which humanity lives, each true prayer will be able to assist the souls that, on Earth, lose themselves in the influence of contrary actions in the world.

For this, My dear soldiers of Light, you must affirm your hearts in the depths of My Heart because I, the Mother of Peace, will listen to their echo. The hour of salvation is the last Grace that will come from the Heavens to the hearts that are still distant from God.

Know, My little ones: God loves your hearts despite the offenses that many children commit daily towards His Heart. For this reason I invite you to pray for the worldwide restoration of the unprotected hearts. My Maternal Light is descending over Uruguay, especially over all the hearts that month after month wait for Me in the Home of Adoration.*

May the shine of your eyes imitate My Eternal Light in your pilgrim lives. I will be waiting for you soon, at the end of this month of December. New flowers will open for the pure spirits that live in the Lord. I call you to live in God.

Who guides you and loves you,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


* Located in the Marian Center of Aurora in Paysandú, Uruguay.