Saturday, December 31 of 2011

Daily messages
A call to prayer for souls
Peace! Peace! Peace for the hearts that have fallen! Good! Good! Good for the souls that walk in the Light!
Unity! Unity! Unity for the hearts that aspire to live in God!

That many hearts, in the remaining time of this end of the year, may reconcile themselves with the Lord, elevating thus all the faults that are committed by lost hearts.

To those who month by month respond to My call, I ask for a true prayer during the hours of today so that many of My children may be saved in the moment of Judgment that the heart will live in its last hour.

For this reason, My little ones, today I invite you to launch the nets to the sea, as My Son did so that we may rescue those children who will be permeated by the Light of the Lord. May during these hours, each member in the prayer consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, be able to dedicate part of their atten- tion to the prayers for all the children that are being distanced from the Eternal Father of Love.

My little ones, it is up to all of you to unite with Me in prayer and in love for all these souls. You may do this alone, in group, in family, or in a meeting of souls, while during these hours many gather to waste the valued time that God is granting them.

My dear children, the time has come for the rescue of the hearts that due to their blindness and to their lack of Light, must see the Mercy of the Lord again. I invite you to witness the Divine Heart of My Son; thus you will be repairing all the errors that humanity generates during these hours.

I call you so that through your prayers, your hearts may attract the Kingdom of My Peace, that which few hearts know. Let us open the source of the Heavens over the pain of the Earth so that all hearts may be converted by the Fount of My Motherhood.

My little ones, I am delivering without conditions the Love of My Immaculate Heart so that your tiny souls may unite to My Heart when everything happens. God loves you and He wants to be Life in each one of your hearts, but for this they must convert themselves in the end of times. The conversion of the heart will be the last gift for many. My Redeeming Light is passing and my Mantle of Peace wants to cover all hearts.

Dear children, the Lord calls us to ignite the Light of prayer in the hearts that are lonely and distant from His true Love of Father. Let us help with pleas so that hearts may redeem themselves before the Infinite Love of God. My Heart will lead all.

Who prepares you in this final time and loves you eternally,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity