Friday, February 13 of 2015

Monthly messages


Continue to pray the Holy Rosary every day, because it will be through the mysteries that were lived by the Sacred Family that, in prayer will be revealed the path of redemption and peace.

Today, My little and beloved children, I present Myself to you again as the Lady and Mother who bears the outrages and the sorrows of the world.  I present Myself as the Mother who together with you carries the cross of annihilation and martyrdom.  Help your Celestial Mother so that at least by your sacrifices, requests and supplications, My Infinite Grace may intercede for all.

When humanity faces, from cycle to cycle, hard and difficult tests, My Immaculate Heart prepares itself in the name of Christ to pray for you and to help you lovingly to correct your deviant paths.

In this time, My children, the world is heading towards a spiritual and planetary disaster.  For this My Heart assumed the seven principal sorrows of the world with the aim of relieving the innocents and of reverting, by means of your prayer, the sufferings that never end.

I need at this moment that your missionary consciousness be available, that which may be able to renounce and donate itself completely, in the hope of collaborating and of reverting in time, the consequences of a humanity in the path of total decadence.

Many of the events that are happening today are part of Armageddon, of an Apocalypse that awakens and develops rapidly because of the unjust actions of humanity.  If at least the law were respected and the Divine Life of each soul were loved, many sorrowful experiences that your world now faces would be able to be removed from the reality of humanity and to be converted in peace through the immediate prayer of all.

But what is to come has not yet arrived; repentance and penance is something that humanity has never practiced with the heart.  But it will not be necessary to live your own flagellation; it is enough with all the injustice that My children face today.  True repentance will spring from your hearts as an act of restorative love and inner balance in the face of the human atrocities that are happening today.

If humanity does not urgently change its attitude, I tell you that the Angels of Divine Justice of God will approach the world in order to put in order all that is apocalyptic and unjust.

I pray for you from My Maternal Kingdom and I hope, beloved children, that you rest upon My arms in order that I may relieve you from this fatigue and tiredness that never ends.

Remember that love conquers all evil.  I have taught you to love life, to love others and to love your work.  Now it is time to reflect the love in this world, like a flower that opens up to the rays of the sun.

Generate the Source of Love, live in the Heart of My Son and help in order that My seven sorrows may be converted into redemption and love for all.  Follow in My footsteps!  Because I only wish to take you to Jesus, to the arms of the Great Redeeming Love.

May the souls hear My Call!

May the hearts be bearers of the Mercy of God!  I will always wait for you in prayer.

I thank you for relieving My seven sorrows.

Thank you, My children, for answering to My call today!

Who helps you, Who redeems you and Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Lady and Mother of the Sorrows