Tuesday, June 25 of 2019

Monthly Messages

Dear children,

May peace be established in this time, so that peace may be present in the human heart.

From now on and forever, I thank the devotion of hearts toward the Queen of Peace. And on this day, from the reign of My Peace, I pour upon the whole world more Graces and sacred Principles for the Will of God to be fulfilled in the men and women of the Earth.

Therefore, My children, the Sacred Geometries of God comply in the world with all the requests of the Father, for what they reflect is that which humanity needs in this time in order to attain the peace and the truth that will free you from the chains of illusion and of adversity.

Each time your Heavenly Mother arrives in the world or visits some nation, the Sacred Geometries of the Father, which are perfect drawings of light that come from the Fount of Love and of Unity, descend to the world through My maternal Presence so that the children of God may reach the fulfillment and the accomplishment of His Project of Love and of Redemption on Earth.

The more souls awaken to My call, the more possibilities there will be for humanity to fulfill the Sacred Project of God which, based on the return of His Sacred Geometries, as principles and codes of Light, will make of the Earth the promised place for the souls, that today live on this planet, to fulfill His Designs of love and of divine unity.

All this, My children, has the sense of leading the whole world to rediscover the path of the sacred and of the blessed, to defeat the adversity and the cruelty that exists in humanity because it has turned away from love.

Thus, as Mother, I lead you toward My Son, because My Son is the very Project of God manifested in the spiritual, mental and material Universe.

My Son is the perfect model for each one of you and He, as a sublime and Sacred Geometry of God, incarnated in the world to physically testify to the Will and the Truth of the Father before all of this Universe.

In My Son this Divine Project was fulfilled, not only from His birth, but also on the Cross when, above all error and evil, His Love won, demonstrating to the world the fulfillment of the Project of redemption in all the ones who in that time fell, and for those who are also falling in this cycle, through ignorance and lack of love.

But the Love of My Son on the Cross left the mark of the victory of the Project of the Father and built the bridge for millions of souls, throughout the times, to recover their original purity and thus, to definitely close the door to darkness.

For this reason, My children, as a Mediator and Intercessor, I offer Myself to the world, time and again, not only because I love you, but also because, being a witness of the Passion of My Son and of His Death, I know the importance of this great offering that He made for each one of you.

My ardent wish as a Mother is to convert your lives into something sacred so that, humanly, there may be in the world instruments of peace and of love in times of adversity and conflict; so that the Fount of Peace does not end within the hearts of humans and so that the nations may be the fulfillment of the Sacred Principles of the Father in all of Creation.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace