Monday, July 29 of 2013

Daily messages

Whoever holds on to My Sacred Cross will not fall from it because My Cross will elevate you to the infinite.

Only for love I gave My Life for you so that the flocks that had deviated themselves from the path should return to the presence of God. For this whoever is on My Redeeming Cross will receive Grace because on the Cross is found the transformation of life and of the heart.

Every day at 3 pm I bless you in spite of your faults because My Cross is already victorious in the Heavens. Whoever follows the path of the Cross through silence and prayer will be able to discover the abysses that you still have to cross in order to free yourselves from the past.

But My Holy Cross is truly the bridge that will always unite you to Heaven and that will banish you from the past so that a better life may emerge.

My companions:

Whoever in this time does not accept their own cross, love it and be thankful for what God has entrusted them, will struggle in climbing the steep hill of sacrifice, that which will lead you to liberation. For this, with time, meditate on the experience of My Cross and permit that your hearts mature in sacrifice and in faith. The Cross is the victory of Redemption.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living on the Cross every day, on the Cross of Redemption!

Christ Jesus.