Sunday, May 25 of 2014

Monthly messages

Today, you have seen My Glory cross the heavens of this planet and of this nation, in this way to hear and feel, through your hearts, the will of God, that I bring in My Divine word.

I Am the Mother of the World, I Am the Universal Mother.  My gaze contemplates each particle of life existing in this universe.  My Heart loves and supports all the creatures of God, all the consciousnesses of all the kingdoms of nature, that, with profound love, were gestated in the maternal womb of Creation, in the feminine Source of Life, in My cosmic Heart.

My children, today I come to reveal to you not only with words, but also with the profound feeling of your souls, the true face that today lives My Universal Consciousness.  Today I want to make known to you that life does not begin and neither does it end in this world, that life continues beyond this universe; and, after this world, you will discover others that will lead you to new learnings and that will bring you to continue on the path of evolution that you have been treading since your origin in the Heart of God.

Today, I want that you bring My words only to the heart and permit that the codes that I deposit in My word may be imprinted in your lives.

Soon will come the time in which you will be able to confirm for your minds what today you live in your little lives.  Soon will come the time in which you will look from Heaven and will be able to contemplate with compassion all that you lived on this world and you will see that, in a planet that was sick and that lived in profound darkness, a new Light came and illuminated the abysses, rescued those who were lost, liberated those who were imprisoned in suffering and ignorance, elevated those who were fallen and made to be born from the old human a redeemed race.

As Mother and Lady of this world, I come with the Mission of conducting all the souls to the Celestial Kingdom and also to transform the heart of those who, with bravery, will persevere and will see descend the Kingdom of God to this Earth, rendering it similar to all the Divine Kingdoms that exist in the universe.

My beloveds, with love recognize that you know nothing about the universal life, that you are, lost in looking, but full of hope, at a heaven that today is opened before your eyes and your hearts.  Recognize, in humility, how little you know of and live the Divine Life and in this way, as children, let yourselves be guided by the One that, sent by God, descends to this world to remove the veils that cover your eyes, to remove you from all of the ignorance that you live as humanity and in which you are submerged each day a little more, without realizing what you are living.

Do not fear to recognize Me as Your Mother and Lady, because My love for each being of this world is greater than what your hearts can conceive.  So much so My beloveds, that I have come over the centuries to conduct humanity and, each time My presence comes to the world, I bring humanity one step further in its consciousness.  And now, I come to your encounter, manifesting all the faces through which you can understand Me, but in the end, I will unite all My manifestations in the world and I will show you the Face that unites all the faces: My Supreme Universal Consciousness.

I only wait and prepare you each day, so that you may receive Me in truth.

I love you and thank this nation, because it called Me in spirit, trusted My sacred help and today it sees, before its life, the answer of My Heart.

Mary, Mother and Lady of the World 



Sunday, May 25 of 2014

Monthly messages

As the roses that open themselves during the dawn, My Heart opens itself on this day by means of the seven rays so that you My dear children, may be able to understand the sacred mysteries that I guard.

I Am the Great Marian Heart that radiates the seven rays.  I Am the ray of Will-Power.  By means of My Heart the Father manifests and realizes His works of Peace.  In this way My Heart, by means of the Will of God, summons all of the creatures so that they may live the Sacred Will.

I Am the ray of Love-Wisdom.  By means of My Heart the Father manifests the Source of His Love and of His Unity for all the Creation.

I Am the ray of Intelligence.  By means of My Divine Thought the Father materializes His precious ideas and all that is thought by the Divine Mind finds space and place to manifest itself.

I Am the ray of Harmony and of Healing.  By means of My Maternity the Father heals the hearts, redeems them and opens to them a door towards redemption.

I Am the ray of Science.  By means of My Word the Father manifests His Scientific and Divine Power and all that has been created can live again its configuration because the Divine Science is the path that materializes the plans of the Creator.

I Am the ray of Devotion.  By means of My Perpetual Prayer the Father relieves humanity.  The universes, suns and stars congregate themselves in their spaces in order to give, from time to time, a spiritual impulse of light to humanity.   My Devotion is ignited in the simple hearts and the power of the ray of My Devotion is able to show itself in the good souls, in those souls that know how to listen to the heart.

I Am the ray of the Rhythm and of the Ceremonial.  By means of My Existence the Father orders the spiritual and material life.  He gestates a unique opportunity of communing with the Greater Source in all of those who follow My call.

My Universal Heart is the regent of all of the rays because the different rays also express themselves over the planetary life and they are like great paths in order to live the experiences of faith, of love and of compassion.

I wish that you also know Me as the Sacred Mother of the Rays.  In this way you will recognize in My presence the faithful and powerful Divinity of God, that from the beginning has been the Source of Love and of Truth.

God sends His first seven rays so that humanity may be able to know that it will learn and evolve by means of the path and of the life of these rays.  In this way no soul will remain without receiving the opportunity of learning and of growing.

The Sacred Rays of My Heart are divine laws that will be able to consecrate your lives again. 

I will thank the brave ones that will seek the rays of My Heart!

Thank you, Norway, for opening the doors to the Graces and to the Divine Opportunity!

Mary, Supreme Mother of the Seven Rays  



Sunday, May 25 of 2014

Monthly messages

My children,

When the Father contemplates the love in the heart of His children His Plans multiply themselves within His Consciousness, reflecting the infinite love that He has for His Creatures.

In this time, My beloved children, each instant that passes in your time, in each human inner movement, the Divinity observes the steps that each heart takes towards evolution.

Each time that a sincere plea is made with the heart, it is elevated towards the Celestial Doors, a treacherous event is reversed, and the beings, the peoples, and the nations change their destinies. 

I have arrived to this corner of the world in order to bring My Peace so that these nations may remember that Universal Consciousness that guided them in the beginning.  Today My Love of Mother and of Instructor calls you so that in this cycle My Consciousness of guardian of souls and of your evolution may come closer to you and orient you for this time that is to come.

It will be necessary that through you, other consciousnesses may be able to discover this Grace that the Creator has for these peoples.  By means of My presence amongst you, your God the Father wants that a great bridge of light be built between your hearts and His Powerful Heart.  An inner and, at the same time, universal space, that will express itself within each one of you and in all that exists.

Since the origin of this planet, there have been held in this region of the world, great energetic and spiritual resources that, sustained by the Hierarchies that conduct and shelter the Kingdoms of Nature, had been patiently waiting to be activated.  They have been here in inactivity and from now on they must be available for all of humanity.

The Creator has not only built here an Earthly Paradise, full of beauty, but He locked in it a spiritual treasure based on power, strength and harmony that the Supreme Consciousness of Nature, as Mother of all that sustains the children of God, was able to express in a planet designed to live a great spiritual project.

There must be born here, in this time, a new spirit, a spark of light that begins to ignite heart by heart, where the superior aspects of each being begin to awaken and to find this path towards the Creator, a path that has not been traversed by many souls.  You will traverse this path holding My hand, a steady hand that will conduct you in this new phase.

And when you have felt in your heart and in your consciousness this new vibration of love, not yet experienced by the majority of you, other revelations will come.  Through Me you will get to know the Universal Love – this which Christ lives in the universe.  You will get to know what represents the Redemption and you will live in your beings this Redeeming Love that My Son brings for all of the human beings in this time.

I shall announce through your souls, the advent of a new spiritual stage for this Nation that, by means of the experience of a few, will live in a coming future a new expression that will form the foundations of the new civilization. 

And then part of the Plan of God will be fulfilled in this world.  As it was in the beginning of all, this human race will be a full manifestation of the cosmic consciousness of this planet that, by means of the true, loving and harmonious integration of the human being with the Kingdoms, will praise the Creator and will express gratitude for His Creation.

And so the Cross of the New Humanity will be the emblem that will reign from the north to the south and from the east to the west.  Its consciousness of silver will shine and it will manifest the unity between all that is created by God.  In this future humanity will be happy, with a spiritual and evolutionary happiness, which will lead it to unite itself to the Universe in Fraternity.

People from Norway and from the sister countries, My children:

Your Supreme Universal Mother is here to protect you and to shelter you from all evil.  Only permit Me to enter into your heart.  Be blessed, always defend peace between all of the peoples and wait for the coming of the Great Universal Redeemer who will bring with Him other Laws and who expects to find you prepared to live them.

Remain in the peace of God, that today gathers up your prayers so that with them may be able to be drawn a new future for humanity. 

Thank you for being with Me.

Your Supreme Universal Mother, Mother of the Vikings, people of God



Saturday, May 17 of 2014

Monthly messages

My children,

I come to this town to awaken the codes of light that one day My maternal presence deposited here and that, over the course of the years were lost, because men and women, little by little distanced themselves from God, closing in this way the doors to the Kingdom of the Heavens.

My beloveds, precious treasures sleep under the mountains of this city, treasures that must see the light, so that they may serve as help for this humanity in so much need of Redemption.  I am referring to spiritual treasures, presents that God sends to His creatures that lose themselves in the world so much.

Dears, as Mother and Lady of Montserrat, I bring to the world the celestial melodies that heal and redeem the hearts, that awaken the little souls from the sleep of profound illusion that they are living in this world.

Mysterious truths are before the eyes of all the beings and the moment has come for humanity, as a whole, to be able to access these truths.

My children, for this it is necessary that a few take the first step towards this awakening of the consciousness and, without fear, remove from the eyes the blindfolds that keep them in profound darkness.

My dears, a new time is approaching this world, a time that will bring pain for the hearts that resist transformation, but which will bring strength and spiritual growth for all of those that, with faith continue their luminous path, guided by the Most Holy Hearts of Jesus, Joseph and Mary.

On this day I come to alert you once again that it is time to grow, because the planetary moment needs to see you ready to face the trials that will come. From the north to the south and from the east to the west of this world the hearts will begin to feel the tribulations that come to their inner world.  Many will need help, because they will not understand what will happen to them; others will not be able to keep themselves in healthy balance, which will generate many conflicts in the world.

For this, My children, I come to ask you, with all My Immaculate Heart, that you do not wait for someone else's transformation to take your own steps. Do not wait any more to find a reference in this world, because there will be no creature on this Earth that will be outside of this purification that will be lived and that already is being lived in many beings.

Walk without looking back, forget the past, which will be balanced by the present and future actions.  Forget the mistakes, the fears and the pains that you felt in a time that has passed, because it is the moment to take by the hands Those who come from Heaven, offering to you Their help and, without looking back, nor to the side, fix your eyes on the goal and continue with firm and rhythmical steps, without haste and without pause.

Come dears, because My Heart waits for you to trust you with a new mission, to prepare you to cross this planetary threshold between the old human and the new redeemed race.

My words echo in this way, in this place, because I speak what you need to hear in this moment. I want that those who hear Me for the first time may receive an impulse from My Heart, so that they may awaken immediately and soon be placed in their rightful place, in this army of Peace, that fights with love, unity, fraternity and prayer, so that the Plans of God are accomplished in this world.

My children, today I say to you that the Plans of the Creator will be accomplished under any circumstances, because the Law dictates the prevailing of the Light.  But it is the Will of the Lord that His redeemed Earth be born with beings that were able transcend the old race and, through love and forgiveness, overcome the past and manifest the new future.

I give immense thanks to this city, because spiritually, for the second time, it has opened the doors to Me, claiming in this way so that Redemption may descend over this world.  For this, today I say to you, My children, to wait for My presence with love.

Blissful are those that receive from God the Grace of being before His Servant and receive the sublime redemption for their lives.

I love you and I will always love you, because I am Your Beloved Mother and Lady of Montserrat, the Virgin Mary



Saturday, May 17 of 2014

Monthly messages


The Restorative Promises of the Most Holy Virgin

Continue to pray the Rosary every day, because in this way as I have once asked in Fatima, now it is asked of you.

My dear children, if you do this there will be a greater time of peace between your hearts and the world; My Maternal Peace will especially fill the souls that have given up the path of consecration to God.

I pray day and night for you; in this time I promise great Graces to those who seek God by means of the power of prayer.  If humanity does not pay attention to My requests a more difficult time will come to all, the world will be darkened rapidly and many will not be able to see the light of the sun.

But, if on the other hand, the souls that today live on the Earth – I want to say all the hearts – are united to My Heart as only one spiritual people of God, especially if all the religious leaders establish the ecumenism of Christ, I promise that before the coming of My Holy Son many souls that are imprisoned and dead in life will know who they are and where they have come from, as they will also know what they have been born for in this time.

But if all the religions do not accomplish My request, unjust spiritual decisions will fall over many and humanity will remain without spiritual instruction.  So that this does not happen, I come in this last time to ask for the consecration of all My children to the Immaculate Heart; whoever does this under the immaculate spirit of peace, I promise to wait for them at the doors of the next world, that is, in paradise.

Those hearts that soon repent and seek the restorative communion in the next five first Saturdays of each month, will be blessed by the strength of the Holy Spirit; such hearts will shine with light before darkness, they will be Christic hearts.

I wish from now on that all listen to My call, because if humanity does not stop committing bad actions, especially upon the kingdoms of nature, the law that comes from the Heights will re-ordain the planetary life and many will suffer what they did not deserve, by the work and the action of the non-believers.

I promise to whoever prays from the heart every day, that it will help Me in the awakening of faith and peace in those who have lost it, especially in those who have never been open to see the Light of Christ.

I ask in this age a special devotion to the Most Holy and Merciful Heart of Christ; to whoever professes and lives it from the soul and from the heart, I promise that I will not forget their soul at the time of death.  Also in the last hour of life, I will anoint with the Olive of Life all of their family and My Son will not be their judge, but their intercessor before the Most High.

Whoever accomplishes My requests will be able to form part of My Sacred Marian Army; I come to awaken the sleeping consciousness of humanity, I come to say that the time of Apocalypse has come.

A greater time of Grace and Mercy will come to the whole world, if only it accomplishes to the letter each one of My requests.  If any of My requests should not be contemplated, humanity will finally know the hidden and eternal cause that has condemned it to the fire of hell.

But if there were a spirit of perseverance, of faith and of joy from your part, I promise you that I will help you even in the difficult moments, because through the power of My Son I will liberate you from all evil.

Attention to My words, because My Maternal Love will come to help all of those who will be surprised by unusual human news.

Now it only is necessary for you to look towards God and contemplate His Majesty through the Sacred Hearts.  I only ask you that you meditate on all that I have said to you, because I will not be able to repeat it again.

I bless all of Barcelona and I thank you, because another city has answered to My call!

I wait all of you on the 21st of May for a special blessing.

Peace for all, now and forever!

Mary, Mother of the Most Holy Rosary and Prophetess of Peace



Tuesday, May 13 of 2014

Monthly messages

My children:

I come as Queen of Peace in order to, with My Peace, dissolve from your hearts the anguish and the fears that the enemy causes.  On this day, I ask you to strengthen the trust in My Heart, because a time has come of greater spiritual challenges for the world and My little soldiers must maintain themselves firm in prayer and without fear, raise the flag of Peace and of Redemption for the world.

The time has come, dear children, of purifying the evils caused and that are carried as a nation and as humanity, as a weight of infinite suffering that is reflected in your lives, in your hearts.

God gave you a unique opportunity of Liberation and of Redemption, for this, as Your Mother and Queen of Peace, I come to encounter all My children, to announce to them that this time has come and to indicate to you the correct path to follow, which is the path of permanent prayer, of unity, of love and of peace.

My children, construct in your hearts the precious fortress of prayer and have this goal as the priority of your lives, because prayer acts with a hidden power in the hearts of the beings and many times they may not perceive its work, but when they are faced with a time of chaos, they will be able to feel and see arise in their hearts this unbreakable fortress, the unshakable and absolute faith, fruit of the heart that prays.

My beloveds, I send you to announce My presence in the world and to announce the coming return of My Son, as one who sends sheep among wolves.  So I do because history must be renewed and your commitments with Christ and with God must be ignited again. The new Apostles must awaken to again surrender the life for Christ.

Beloved children, in this time it is necessary that not even one soul be forgetful of the existence of God.  Each creature of this world must know of the Good News of the return of My Son; all the beings must be touched by the faith of those who have been before My presence and, through the certainty of their hearts, must awaken to the Divine love.

My dears, dissolve the fears, because I will always support you.  My maternal eyes observe you day and night and My Heart takes care at each instant of your lives.  I only ask you that you let yourselves be conducted by My maternal love and follow in trust the steps dictated by My Heart.  Soon you will understand what I say to you, soon you will be able to see and feel in your hearts what I am constructing in your lives.  For this go without fear, and announce to the four corners of the world that the return of My Son is near, that they prepare the hearts and the spirits to receive Him, because He will seek in each soul the seed of Redemption that he planted so long ago, with the arms on His Cross.

My beloveds, today I thank you profoundly for trusting in My words, for opening to Me the doors of the heart and for letting yourselves be guided by My maternal love.

I love you and I bless you always.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



Tuesday, May 13 of 2014

Monthly messages

Dear children:

Thank you for having responded with effort and prayer to the call in order for you to receive Me during this month of May in Europe.

Sublime lights that are born from My Heart by means of the Kingdom of Fatima, are expanded on this day for all the souls.  Celestial gardens descend from Heaven and are manifested so that the souls that have fallen may find again the path of return to God.

The Kingdom of Fatima on this day elevates, from inside of the hearts, all the dwellings, all the inner sanctuaries that are revealed and that are presented as an offering before the Kingdom of the Creator.  The angels of the Kingdom of Fatima, attentive and serving, today take up in their divine hands the offerings of all of those who have said yes to the call of the Universal Mother.

Cherubs and Seraphs of the Kingdom of Fatima are congregated in the name of the Love of My Son, to traverse the heavens of Europe and give a touch of light and of awakening to the sleeping hearts; in this way all the lives that are on Earth are impregnated by the maternal strength of the Immaculate Heart.

The Voice is heard by those who have opened the heart, and all in consciousness, are prepared for the great moment of the Return of Christ.  For this reason, My Immaculate Heart goes on pilgrimage together with It’s children to call them to the mission for Peace.

For each city that the Virgin from Heaven passes through, the souls recognize the merciful moment that they have been given to live and feel in the depths of their beings the Divine Grace that comes from the Universe.

New stars are lit up by the simple and loving prayer; they now will be part of the crown of victory and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

Today Fatima, the Kingdom of Peace, celebrates the reunion of the dignified children of God with the Kingdom of Love.  The hearts walk firmly towards the reconciliation of life and towards the spiritual healing of their beings.

The Universal Mother, the Queen of Peace, gathers them in this new cenacle in order to begin the apostolate of Christ.

That your torches of Divine Fire may be lifted to the Heights, because the hour has come for your hearts to light up the path of those who live in eternal darkness.

Be precursors of the Marian message and be a living testimony for those who have never believed in Christ, because great is His Divine Mercy, that which congregates you and unites you once again with the Kingdom of the Celestial Father; in this way you will see how your doubts are being erased so that the new being may be born, the new soul and the great spirit redeemed.

May the Inner Sanctuary of Fatima be the sublime Light that guides you, may it be the primordial reason for living forgiveness and peace.

Blessings for all My children who are present!

Thank you for answering to My call!

Mary, Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Peace

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