Sunday, May 25 of 2014

Monthly messages

My children,

When the Father contemplates the love in the heart of His children His Plans multiply themselves within His Consciousness, reflecting the infinite love that He has for His Creatures.

In this time, My beloved children, each instant that passes in your time, in each human inner movement, the Divinity observes the steps that each heart takes towards evolution.

Each time that a sincere plea is made with the heart, it is elevated towards the Celestial Doors, a treacherous event is reversed, and the beings, the peoples, and the nations change their destinies. 

I have arrived to this corner of the world in order to bring My Peace so that these nations may remember that Universal Consciousness that guided them in the beginning.  Today My Love of Mother and of Instructor calls you so that in this cycle My Consciousness of guardian of souls and of your evolution may come closer to you and orient you for this time that is to come.

It will be necessary that through you, other consciousnesses may be able to discover this Grace that the Creator has for these peoples.  By means of My presence amongst you, your God the Father wants that a great bridge of light be built between your hearts and His Powerful Heart.  An inner and, at the same time, universal space, that will express itself within each one of you and in all that exists.

Since the origin of this planet, there have been held in this region of the world, great energetic and spiritual resources that, sustained by the Hierarchies that conduct and shelter the Kingdoms of Nature, had been patiently waiting to be activated.  They have been here in inactivity and from now on they must be available for all of humanity.

The Creator has not only built here an Earthly Paradise, full of beauty, but He locked in it a spiritual treasure based on power, strength and harmony that the Supreme Consciousness of Nature, as Mother of all that sustains the children of God, was able to express in a planet designed to live a great spiritual project.

There must be born here, in this time, a new spirit, a spark of light that begins to ignite heart by heart, where the superior aspects of each being begin to awaken and to find this path towards the Creator, a path that has not been traversed by many souls.  You will traverse this path holding My hand, a steady hand that will conduct you in this new phase.

And when you have felt in your heart and in your consciousness this new vibration of love, not yet experienced by the majority of you, other revelations will come.  Through Me you will get to know the Universal Love – this which Christ lives in the universe.  You will get to know what represents the Redemption and you will live in your beings this Redeeming Love that My Son brings for all of the human beings in this time.

I shall announce through your souls, the advent of a new spiritual stage for this Nation that, by means of the experience of a few, will live in a coming future a new expression that will form the foundations of the new civilization. 

And then part of the Plan of God will be fulfilled in this world.  As it was in the beginning of all, this human race will be a full manifestation of the cosmic consciousness of this planet that, by means of the true, loving and harmonious integration of the human being with the Kingdoms, will praise the Creator and will express gratitude for His Creation.

And so the Cross of the New Humanity will be the emblem that will reign from the north to the south and from the east to the west.  Its consciousness of silver will shine and it will manifest the unity between all that is created by God.  In this future humanity will be happy, with a spiritual and evolutionary happiness, which will lead it to unite itself to the Universe in Fraternity.

People from Norway and from the sister countries, My children:

Your Supreme Universal Mother is here to protect you and to shelter you from all evil.  Only permit Me to enter into your heart.  Be blessed, always defend peace between all of the peoples and wait for the coming of the Great Universal Redeemer who will bring with Him other Laws and who expects to find you prepared to live them.

Remain in the peace of God, that today gathers up your prayers so that with them may be able to be drawn a new future for humanity. 

Thank you for being with Me.

Your Supreme Universal Mother, Mother of the Vikings, people of God