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Marian Centers

Mary, the Divine Mother, requested that four Marian Centers be founded in South America. The Marian Centers are places blessed by the Virgin Mary as points of Light on the planet, where her servant children, collaborators, and pilgrims come together to contemplate, pray, and renew their devotion to Her Immaculate Heart, in order that peace will reign in humanity and on the planet. Learn more

There are currently four Marian Centers of Prayer:


"Beloved children, I wished to build at the Marian Centers a reproduction of My Kingdom,
which is invisible to the eyes of the body, but palpable to the heart"

Mary, Rose of Peace, on June 25, 2016


Marian Center of Aurora 

"See today, My dears, the fruit of the New Aurora, the New Sun that shines in the hearts that have only said yes to the call of the Most Holy Mother"
Christ Jesus, August 18 of 2013

Consecrated to the Most Holy Virgin Mary, it is a Center of Pilgrimage and permanent Prayer for peace and planetary redemption. The House of Adoration, the Portal of Peace, the Bell Tower of Peace, the Chapel of Saint Michael, the Blue Cross of Emmanuelthe Fount and the Garden of Mary can all be found there. Located in the north of the Paysandú department and about 12.5 miles away from the city of Salto.


Marian Center of Figueira

"Revere all the fruits that My sacred Figueira has given you, it is the cradle of the new fruits, it is the seed nursery of the new humanity." 
Mary, Rose of Peace, March 13 of 2016

Center of Prayer and permanent pilgrimage consecrated to the Most Holy Virgin Mary. Located in the south of the Minas Gerais State, in the rural area of the town of Carmo da Cachoeira. Visit the sacred places of the Apparitions of the Most Holy Virgin Mary. Experience the Chapel of the Glorified Christ, the Spring of Saint Joseph, the House of Immaculate Peace, the Blue Cross of Emmanuel, the House of the Pilgrim, the square of the Bell Tower, and the Portal of Peace.

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Marian Center of the Holy Spirit

“The laws of Earth will not be the ones that will rule this place, it will be the
Divine Laws and the Power of My Heart of Light that will shape
the Will of  the Lord in each thing.”

Mary, Universal Mother, 8th of November of 2014

Center of Prayer consecrated to the Most Holy Virgin Mary. The Kingdom of Peace House of Prayer, the Chapel of Saint Joseph, the Bell Tower and the Fount of the Sacred Heart can all be found here.


Marian Center of the Child King

"Continue gestating in your hearts the powerful symbol of the Child King;
your works and continuous charities give joy to the Heart of God
and they repair all the outrages that the great part
of the world commits day by day."

Christ Jesus, February 4 of 2014

Center of Prayer consecrated on the 28th of September of 2013 by the Most Holy Virgin Mary for the purpose of congregating all essences under the Spirit of Prayer. Experience the Mosaic of the Heart of Mary, the Chapel of Prayer, the Portal of Peace, the Bell Tower of Peace, the Grotto of Mary and the Icon with the face of Saint Joseph and The Child King. Located in the Vale da Gamboa, Serra do Capim, Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro.

"The Marian Centers are My dwellings on Earth; they are the epicenters of peace that allow me to be in the world.
It is from the Marian Centers that I care for and protect the souls, that I shelter them, and conduct them to the Kingdom of the Heavens."

Virgin Mary, on June 25, 2016

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"I await all of you, My beloved children, so that this Universal Marian Mission
reaches the most distant corners of the planet."

Virgin Mary, May 1 of 2013



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"Associação Maria, Mãe da Divina Concepção", also known as Associação Maria.


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