Hearts suffer because, prisoners of themselves, they cannot manage to get away from their wills, aspirations, accomplishments and goals, even if these are internal and spiritual. They suffer because, within themselves, they build a perfect plan, a perfect humanity and a perfect planet, but cannot find, in their own self, the way to perfection, which can only be achieved in the Unity with God.

Hearts suffer because they want to know, to live and to be things that are not real. And since life does not fit their illusions, they suffer and perish, without perceiving that the root of their suffering is within their own self.

The Plan of God, child, is perfect, but many times incomprehensible, because the Divine Mind is not like the human mind; likeness between God and men is to be found in the essence and in the heart, not in human thought.

The Creator sketched a unique path for each being, a path that is perfect, because in its trajectory there are the perfect obstacles and tests to break structures and resistances, to make the consciousnesses mature and be confirmed, to make spirits consolidate their union with the Father and to be empty of themselves.

In order for you to find plenitude, you must follow God's ways with joy, accept, with peace, the service He gives you, the tests He puts in your way through the difficulties in life. Do not be in the world any longer looking for your mission and trying to discover the Purpose of God for you, because it is already written in the Words of His Messengers which are given to you every day, it is enough for you to be able to see this.

Your mission in the world is to live Love and transformation, cross the thresholds between the old and the new man, bare, with gratitude, the transition of times and express, with humility, the new life.

The mission of God for you is not built with skills but with virtues; it is not expressed with titles but with humility; it is not shown in recognition but in the silence of the unity that is built between your heart and the Heart of the Father.

Pray and meditate on what I tell you, because the years and the cycles go by and you are searching for your mission, when in reality, you are the mission. Your life must be the expression of God's Will wherever you are.


God only expects from you a heart that is turned to the High, that contemplates the stars that shine in the sky and knows that a higher purpose is being designed in life upon the Earth; a heart that honors life, the school of love and existence; that knows that all that it lives and builds on Earth has no material purpose, but rather a divine one; that knows that its triumph is not human and that its struggle is not for survival, for pleasure or for skills, but rather for divine victory, for love, for peace, for the establishment of a new life, for the redemption of humanity.

God only expects from you a heart that is fulfilled in the Truth; that knows to come out of itself to contemplate the whole; that knows to renounce to its wills and aspirations to fulfill the Greater Plan; that knows to say "yes" to the Father and "no" to itself, with the certainty that the plenitude is found in Divine Triumph and not in human achievements.

God only expects from you a heart that knows and lives the power of prayer, that multiplies and spreads Grace through the Verb; that makes known to the world the Presence of God and His Messengers.

God only expects from you a heart that trusts in His Plan; that has its goals in the stars; that overcomes the trials of the Earth asserting itself in unity with its brothers and sisters; that knows to ask for help, forgiveness, and Mercy; that knows to give thanks to your neighbor and to the Father for everything that it receives; that loves life and knows that it goes beyond the Earth; that loves humanity, for it knows that its essence is sacred; that loves the Kingdoms of Nature, since it knows that its unconditional service is worthy of eternal reverence and eternal love.

God only expects from you a heart that knows to look within and ask what is the Divine Will for itself; a heart that is interested in fulfilling the Plan of God and that is always seeking the next step to manifest it.

God only expects from you a caretaker of His Triumph in the heart of the neighbor, that creates opportunities so that others reach the goal and that is inspired by the triumphs of their brothers and sisters.

God only expects from you, child, a sincere and willing heart, that loves and says "yes" without conditions.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When God sent you to the world, it was for love; it was for a Divine Purpose of giving His creatures a unique opportunity to live forgiveness, reconciliation, healing and above all, Christic Love.

When God sent you to the world, it was for love, so that His most imperfect creatures may have an opportunity of demonstrating to the whole of Creation the divine miracle that love performs in beings, when it converts their most cruel and ancient errors and transforms their corrupted essence, that is distant from God, into a crystalline essence that expresses unity and likeness to the Father.

When God sent you to the world, it was for love; it was so that His children may grow through Grace, Mercy and fullness in His Heart. But for this, children, you should choose to be in the Love of God and receive the spiritual presents that He gives you, understanding that life is a unique gift and that the Earth is a sacred place that, beyond its appearances, holds a celestial treasure, which was the intention of God when creating it.

When God sent you to the world, it was for love; it was so that, having the best and most beautiful expression of life through the Kingdoms of Nature, beings would be able to find beauty within themselves. Because with the same intention with which God manifested Nature, He also manifested men. With the same intention with which He manifested flowers, God manifested souls.

I tell you this so that you may know that the Father sent you to the world for love, and that for this purpose of love, you must be on Earth.

Love the intention of God, love life, and if you do not find meaning for loving it, seek for the intention of God when He created light; seek for the intention of God when He manifested the Earth; seek for the Divine Purpose to hold on to with the heart, so that then you understand the true essence of life upon the Earth.

Do not leave this world without living love, and if you feel you cannot find it, let God find you. It will be enough to open the way for Him to come into your lives. Ask God to draw closer, cry out for Him to transform you; not for you to be perfect, but for you to love, or at least to let yourselves be loved by His eternal Heart, because if you only open yourselves to receive the Love of God, that will be enough.

Your Father and Friend,

The most Chaste Saint Joseph


Breathe the Breath of the Spirit of God and allow Him to transform you within, placing inside of you the first thought that God emanated in thinking of you, to create you as a living part of His Heart.

The Creator is so mysterious, His Plan so unknown, and His Love so incomprehensible, that human errors or the distance which hearts are to be found from His Sacred Heart do not matter. God, child, only expects humanity to repent, to surrender at His Feet and cry out for Mercy because in this way His Love will triumph beyond the darkness, and evil will lose its influence over souls.

The Breath of God approaches all hearts to remove them from ignorance and awaken them to a boundless Forgiveness and a Mercy whose source is eternal and abundant.

Only the one who chooses to be in darkness will remain in it, because the Breath of the Spirit of God comes to ignite the flames of the hearts that went out for not having air, for not having life.

Therefore, today believe in the renewal that comes from God, in this Grace that emanates from His Spirit, because He has the power to clean every stain, to place you at the beginning point, to reveal His perfect Love to you, and to give you everything, even if in life you did not generate merit to receive anything.

Mystery among mysteries is the Love that God invites you to receive today, to live, to multiply, and to distribute to the world.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In order that the Heavens may open up and the Purposes of God may descend to the world, pray for the Truth to manifest itself and, along with it, faith, trust and wisdom to awaken within beings, so that humanity may be before the Truth and know how to welcome, accept and live it.

Cry out for clarity to be in the mind and heart of humanity, for the self-summoned  and the ones called companions of Christ to not get confused and not lose themselves with retrograde stimuli, typical of these times, which will come to test and define the souls.

Cry out to the Father for all, in order  to know how to recognize His presence in those who will be sent by Him, but who in no way are similar to humanity, because their origin is not from this Earth.

Pray for fear to dissipate before the new and for love to allow beings to transcend appearances, in order to reach the essence of all things.

In these times of Revelations, you will be before situations never before lived by humanity. On the one hand, you will need to conquer fear, hopelessness and lack of faith and, on the other, you will need to know how to stand before the Truth, distinguishing that which manifests to confuse you, from that which manifests to awaken you and lead you to a new time.

The more united you are with the essence of the Truth, being yourselves, true and transparent, the more you will be able to recognize it when it manifests itself outside of yourselves. The mirrors of your hearts will show you what to trust, but for that they must be clean and resplendent through the transformation of each one and through the increasingly profound union with the essence of Truth.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

Saint Joseph Most Chaste 


It is an unfathomable grace for the human heart to have the presence of God in its life.

It is an unfathomable grace for the human heart to carry within itself the Creator of all things.

It is an unfathomable grace for the human heart to always have, in spite of its miseries, the possibility of Divine Mercy.

It is an unfathomable grace for the human heart to be what it is, created by God, and carry within itself the Purpose of the Father for its life, even though it is unknown.

Human life is an unfathomable grace for your souls and your spirits, a unique opportunity for the redemption of all Creation, an opportunity for the renewal of Divine Consciousness Itself.

But the human heart, unknown to itself, becomes entangled everyday in distractions, deceits and in everything that it is not and that it believes to be.

If the human heart lifted its eyes up above sometimes, not to cry out for itself but to find God, life on earth would be different because God's own conscious presence would make it different.

If the human heart was lifted up to the Father in gratitude for His Creation and, for an instant, recognized the unfathomable Grace that He grants with life, what human beings manifest in life would be different.

If the human heart, for an instant, meditated upon Truth and sought the Truth about the Plan of God, about life, about this planet and all the others, its expression as a being would be different.

The things of God are simple and are accessible to all beings, for all, in His Creation, were born from the same Source; multiplied parts of a same God, with the same possibilities of living Love, but with different possibilities of ending this path, so that their evolution would be diverse and rich.

The difference among human beings is only apparent and superficial; that is why I speak to you of the human heart, which is what unites you and makes you part of the one only Plan and the one only Life. For all, the Purpose is the same and Its Origin is first and unique.


Listen to the Throne of God, feel His Divine Presence. Your anchorage is liberated, your past is erased by the powerful Fount of the Will of God and of Divine Grace.

Listen to the Voice of God within you. Proclaim His greatness and His victory on the surface of this planet and beyond this universe.

Feel the bliss of God. Participate in the communion with His Spirit so that your wounds may close, so that your hearts may open and receive from Heaven the divine Mercy, not only for you, My children, but also your brothers and sisters, your fellow being, the one who suffers silently, the one who is not here today before the Presence of God and of His powerful Throne, by means of your Heavenly Mother.

Today I want to build within you a new temple. It is not a new church, it is a temple in which God can find repose and consolation by the heart of the human beings who receive Him and welcome Him into their inner universes.

By means of these Universal Laws that act here today, the doors of Light and of the whole Cosmos erase even the deepest past of Germany so that the hearts no longer feel the weight of suffering, but rather the victory of Light and of Love that enters the world from the Universe of God by means of My Maternal and Immaculate Heart, which brings you the Light of Grace and of Redemption, that which also comes from My beloved Son.


Therefore, feel your spirits liberated. Feel your souls touched by the Light of redemption, contemplated by the Face of God that shows His Glory and His infinite Mercy for the whole world.

Receive, then, My children, by means of the service of His faithful Servant, the merits that Christ attained within this planet, merits that are still mysteries and that someday will be revealed to the world so that the whole world may consciously know who is the King of kings and whence He came from to be able to help humanity from its great perdition.

Therefore, the time of His Second Return is drawing near and your hearts must be ready because He will come without warning, without hour and without time. But a culminating moment will come in which the definition of the consciousness of humanity will be at stake.

Apparition of the Virgin Mary in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I come from a place in the Universe where peace reigns, love and good exist, where all understand one another, where everything is comprehended, where there are no obstacles or incomprehension.

From that place, I come, and I bring the Kingdom of God to the world so that more children may enter into It and feel themselves to be participants in the Communion with Christ.

I come from that place to demonstrate to the world that it is possible to live in a new state, to live within a real consciousness that includes all things, that understands all things and that pacifies all things.

I come to bring to the world the spiritual reality that many still do not want to see and that, through My Heart, I demonstrate every day, so that you may be in the truth, so that you may be submerged in love, and above all, in brotherhood.

In this place, there is wisdom and understanding, science and all that is created.

I come to bring you, from this place, what you need to see and understand, not with the mind, but with the feeling of the deep heart, with the heart that beats in God and knows all things.

Dear children, I need you to know that it is necessary to enter into this state for these times that will come. There is still much to do, and it is still necessary to continue to work in an unbreakable unity among beings; this will allow the Work to be carried out. This will allow for everything to be carried forward and for the steps of the disciples to be taken toward the path of the Purpose.

I do not need you to understand things in a material way, rather, I need you to understand what God wants in a spiritual way. This will make you more real each day, and, by means of Grace, you will be able to receive the wisdom to understand everything.

The times that are coming will require many changes, and souls do not yet know how to live the changes because they were never in this time.

This is the first school that you are experiencing, this is the first reality that you are going through in this cycle; that is why I need you within this state of unity, so that you may understand everything and so that there may be no obstacles.


Opening the door of My Heart, dear children, I give you My Supreme Grace. It is the Grace of My Heart that will strengthen you and protect you in these times.

I come once more to Sao José to bless you and I entrust you to the Most Chaste Saint Joseph so that He may be your Protector Father, the Guardian of your essences, the Shepherd of souls after Christ.

Today I would like to have you closer to My Heart, because I heard your prayers. And I also come on this day to bless Brazil in this important task it has for this moment; a very profound spiritual task, a purpose that many souls of this nation are involved with without knowing it, which is the purpose, dear children, of keeping faith alive in this blessed people that I cherish with so much Love.

Thus, today I come dressed with the mantle of this nation, bringing healing to souls, wisdom for all spirits, and on the planet of this nation I bring the Peace of God for the world.

This is the spirit and the proposition for this nation.

Now I will continue telling you, dear children, that My message on this day is to bring you the Grace of restoration and healing for all My children of Brazil, who are so in need of God and His Infinite Mercy so as to be able to persist in these times.

The planet has changed a lot, just as you know. Thus, I come on this day to you to show you once again the path toward Jesus, and the Love that He wants to pour out over all your hearts and lives.

Today, I would like to ask you for something special, dear children present here in Sao José, that you recite a prayer or at least a Mystery of the Rosary, so that Your Heavenly Mother may be able to fulfill the purpose through Her children, of reaching Central America.

Just as I appeared in this nation to protect the Purpose of God it has, in the same way I appeared in Mexico as Guadalupe to unite the races and the peoples in one same equality, in one same condition of love and of fraternity.

The Sacred Call
Apparition of Christ Jesus during the Sacred Call, in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Let My Love enter your heart so that all things may be transformed by Me because My ardent desire is for the Purpose of God to be concretized in your life and the ways of evil to not be fulfilled.

Sometimes souls do not understand what I ask and what I need. But in truth I tell you, you could love what I desire from My immaterial Universe.

Let My Love enter your home and your life. What are you waiting for? I still have much to do in this world and your life is a path for that.

I do not need your skills or your opportunities. I only need you to let Me enter so that I may remove everything and build in your heart the temple of My Church, which vibrates in the higher dimensions and is filled with angels of God, praising and worshipping the One.

Do not wait any longer to take the step. Surrender. And if you have already surrendered, surrender even more, because I need it.

What I do is not understood nor is it very valued by the world. What you give Me is valued by Me and all that you surrender to Me is written in the Sacred Book of God because it will be part of the testimonial that will save you when the Universal Judgement approaches the planet and its humanity.

The world does not know that I am still suffering through what I see in humankind and by all that happens in the world. Just as I consecrate souls, worshippers, and devotees, I also need your heart to consecrate itself to Me, so that a spark of My design, which is the design of the Father, may be deposited in you and what you came here to fulfill may be fulfilled as it is foreseen. I do not need you to justify yourself before My Presence because I know everything.

It is time to do something for others and above all for the planet, which agonizes as time goes by on the hands of your clock. As the seconds go by, there are souls that are in need of My help and I avail Myself of the apostles to carry My Work forward, which is filled with the Love of God and with the Mercy of His Heart.

Look at Me and feel My Heart, My living Heart! Look at the arteries of My Heart and the Blood of Love that constantly springs from it, in order to justify before the Universe the errors of humankind and to concede Divine Mercy to the souls most in need.

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

On this day, I want you to contemplate My Universe, beyond everything, and that through My Universe you may find the Truth, this Truth that comes from God and that will elevate you: the Truth of Transparency and of Wisdom; a Divine Truth that will unite you, that will strengthen you as consciousnesses and as a group.

I come from a very far away place of the Universe to bring and deposit My Peace in you, not only as Soul, but also as Planetary Consciousness, as a Race and as a Civilization.

Because it is a culminating moment that you face, in this time and in this cycle, in which you must place, above everything, My Consoling and Merciful Love. Just as I taught the apostles in the past, today I teach you, My companions.

You must keep being My peacemakers, My bearers of peace, My servers of good and of light who listen to the Word from the Heights, and who make it resound within you so that My Divine Impulses may transform you, elevate and conduct you toward the Purpose of God.

I know it is for everyone a moment of overcoming and of tests, of extreme trust and of an infinite fortitude that is attained through the prayer of the heart, a prayer that will always lead you toward My Doorway, so that through My Universe you may find My Wisdom, My Understanding and My Peace; attributes that I come to deposit in a world that is ill and wounded, that has completely lost the sense of spiritual life.

Therefore, in this age, in this cycle, at this time, I come to meet you and to meet your brothers and sisters, to remind you all of the commitment with Me, to make you see reality, a reality that arises from the Heart of God as an infinite fount that pervades all spaces, all universes, all galaxies and all stars.

You are part of a macrocosm, you must not stay only in what is superficial and material, or in what is mental or intellectual. You must go beyond the thresholds of consciousness to be able to attain Christic Light, that which gives the impulse to all spirits in the moment of the great awakening, not only under the gift of love and of wisdom, but also through the gift of humility and of resignation.


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.