Tuesday, March 13 of 2018

Apparition of the Virgin Mary in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I come from a place in the Universe where peace reigns, love and good exist, where all understand one another, where everything is comprehended, where there are no obstacles or incomprehension.

From that place, I come, and I bring the Kingdom of God to the world so that more children may enter into It and feel themselves to be participants in the Communion with Christ.

I come from that place to demonstrate to the world that it is possible to live in a new state, to live within a real consciousness that includes all things, that understands all things and that pacifies all things.

I come to bring to the world the spiritual reality that many still do not want to see and that, through My Heart, I demonstrate every day, so that you may be in the truth, so that you may be submerged in love, and above all, in brotherhood.

In this place, there is wisdom and understanding, science and all that is created.

I come to bring you, from this place, what you need to see and understand, not with the mind, but with the feeling of the deep heart, with the heart that beats in God and knows all things.

Dear children, I need you to know that it is necessary to enter into this state for these times that will come. There is still much to do, and it is still necessary to continue to work in an unbreakable unity among beings; this will allow the Work to be carried out. This will allow for everything to be carried forward and for the steps of the disciples to be taken toward the path of the Purpose.

I do not need you to understand things in a material way, rather, I need you to understand what God wants in a spiritual way. This will make you more real each day, and, by means of Grace, you will be able to receive the wisdom to understand everything.

The times that are coming will require many changes, and souls do not yet know how to live the changes because they were never in this time.

This is the first school that you are experiencing, this is the first reality that you are going through in this cycle; that is why I need you within this state of unity, so that you may understand everything and so that there may be no obstacles.

Open the doors to the new times because they will arrive with great intensity and power.

The new times will come to change everything, inside and outside of beings.

The new times will come to modify everything, inside and outside of beings, and nothing will be left unaffected. For this reason, experience the times that will come with bravery and you will be within the Purpose of the part that is necessary for you to fulfill in this cycle, in this humanity and on this planet.

I come to reinforce Sacred Unity in you, which is the true principle that must never be lacking in your hearts nor in your lives; this will someday make you free, you will be able to walk free, you will not feel resistances or ties, because the divine Unity Itself will liberate you, the divine Unity Itself will guide you to the path of realization of the Plan.

Thus, dear children, receive this fundamental key for these times, even though we have already repeated it many times, you must remember it. The Lord needs it to not ever be erased within you or among your siblings on the path.

The Sacred Unity of God will allow evil to be defeated, it will allow the hells on Earth to be banished, especially all those that live within some consciousnesses in a permanent way.

The Sacred Unity of God will bring you healing, understanding, and above all, reconciliation among your beings.

Embrace this Unity, for it will strengthen you.

Live Unity all of the time, and in this way, all will be fulfilled as is written. Nothing will be altered by anyone.

Open your eyes and observe the firmament, the new time is arriving before the Return of My Son.

What I give you, in this time, are the bases for that expected return; they are the fundamental and spiritual requirements for you to be ready, rather than absent, when My Son returns.

You need to receive these impulses with true transparency of the heart, knowing that you are still experiencing transformation and change in these difficult times, knowing that you are still facing truths about yourselves that are deeply unknown to you.

But I come to bring you a maternal healing for all of those things, so that you are able to submerge yourselves in the Divine Unity of God; this will cause you to completely keep up with the events, this will cause you to be within reach of the Divine Purpose and everything will cease to be a mystery, because all will be revealed.

The Treasures of God will be within the reach of souls, the sacred tools of the Father will be within the reach of souls and all will know them, so as to be able to protect this planet, to know how to safeguard it from all the attacks that it will experience in the coming cycle, as it experiences them today.

Thus, the formation of your spirits is important, the purification of your souls is important, the transparency between your hearts and lives is very important.

You cannot set anything aside without solving it.

There is no time to waste, dear children; it is time for you to open your heart to change; it is time for you to feel within the call of God 

Each one must fulfill their virtue, their gift, their talent, and their lineage.

Each one of you must be the Mirror of God on Earth, which is able to reflect what God needs for these times.

Live the foundation of prayer every day, as something indispensable.

Never forget to pray, because if you stop praying, you will lack understanding, you will lack wisdom, and will have no inner direction or guide when We are no longer among you.

You must represent the sacred sparks of the Divine Messengers on Earth.

You must be those inner Mirrors over the Marian Centers so that many more are able to feel inside of themselves what you once felt, when you awoke to Our call.

It is time to take on this Plan in a definite way.

It is time to be whole for everything that needs to be done.

It is time to come out of yourselves.

It is time to stop being in yourselves; because it is already time, children, to be in others, in those most in need, in those most in search of God and who do not know how to find Him.

I need you to be extensions of my Rosary on Earth, that you not only be flowers in My Celestial Garden but also be that bead of Light, that drop of Light, that Mirror that illumines all things.

Feel yourselves to be joined, feel unified, like Our Sacred Hearts feel all the time.

We come to bring you a celestial reality that you cannot yet understand in this life, but rather in the next.

We have come to bring you a divine state of consciousness that you still will not achieve, until the next time.

Meanwhile, dear children, it is possible to contact it through prayer and through union with Our Sacred Hearts.

We are reaching the last stage of this work, we are finalizing everything that we should do with you.

We are in the last times of the Work, before the Work can unfold into a greater state of consciousness.

I do not, dear children, need you to understand everything I say to you, because it is part of a divine and inner wisdom that has been developing from the higher planes.

The human being will still not be able to understand it all.

Life and the non-material Universe is still very unknown, but you have the possibility of drawing closer to it, of being in communion with true Existence, with the One Consciousness, with God.

In this end time, everything will be unleashed; you must not fear what will happen, but rather what you still are not doing.

Work tirelessly with that inner unity among your siblings, and in this way, you will make room for all to happen as has been written.

I do not want your hearts to be disoriented.

I do not want your feet to stray outside of the Path of Christ, but rather, that you be even further in, within His Heart of Love and of Light, receiving His Wisdom, receiving His Mercy, receiving His Understanding and His Comprehension.

And now, children, I ask you, set aside indifference and open to the unification of your beings and of your consciousnesses.

The Lord needs this path to finish being built by yourselves, through your giving of self, through your offering.

It is time that you found the path of Truth within yourselves, and thus, within yourselves, you will find the Kingdom of God.

I have waited for this Pilgrimage in Peru and Ecuador to pass so that you were strengthened in order to be able to hear My Words, which are now the last for these times; it is the last part of the Divine Word that is expressing on Earth for all souls.

It is the Source of Love that comes to hearts so that they may awaken and feel God within themselves.

I need you to be with Me unconditionally, and that is the simplest and most real testimony to demonstrate to God that the concretization of His Divine Plan in this humanity is possible.

A time will come in which you may experience doubt or a lack of understanding, but do not allow yourselves to be tormented; My enemy never rests, not even for a second. Be intelligent, dear children, defeat it with the prayer from the heart, with the ardent adoration of the Eucharistic Heart of My Son, and above all, with unity among your consciousnesses.

I wish the world to learn from your example of fraternity and of brotherhood; what happens here, dear children, does not happen in any place in the world, with any other group of souls.

I need you to understand that what you are living is unique and unrepeatable.

It is time to take a step in the maturity of the heart and of the consciousness; not seeking answers where they do not exist.

Ardently aspire to unify everything, because in this way, My Son will unify in you and the Will shall be fulfilled.

I bless you for the Meeting that you will experience in these days, in which this project must already be realized, first in your consciousnesses, to then be realized in the world.

The Grace of God must reach everybody, and it must first be conceived in you, so that it then may be conceived in the world that suffers and endures every day.

I Am the Mother of Grace, the Mother of Reconciliation, the Mother of Sacred Unity.

I thank you for responding to My call, now and always, and for the days that will come.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.