• Thursday, December 24 of 2015


    Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús transmits the Words of the Virgin Mary:

    I hear the voice of those who cry out for an opportunity, and through My Most Pure Womb, which gestates new things in all hearts on Earth, today I bring you the Spirit of the Nativity of the Lord so you may feel the Peace, the Good and the Mercy that are expanding throughout the four corners of the planet.

    Today the prayers were gathered up by My angels and are being poured out as Grace upon the hearts most in need of the infinite Presence of My Son.

    But today, I am not alone here, dear children, I am with the Presence of Saint Joseph and all the angels that guide Us toward the infinite Purpose of God, with all the Guardian Angels that pray for your souls and for your families.

    A greeting is sent, a greeting of Peace is emitted from the Heart of the Universe, the Heart of Adonai.

    Today, My Son is with you, open your hearts to be able to receive Him with humility and in peace. Do not cease, dear children, to seek He Who gave you life, He Who died for you and Who still pours out His Mercy upon the world, in spite of the wars and confrontations, in spite of the exiled families or the families that have experienced the flood in Uruguay.

    The Spirit of God is attentive to the need of all His children in the world.

    Today, dear children, offer this time of transition so that peace may reign, mainly in those that do not seek it. Today, My eyes gently look at your hearts. Today, My hands touch your heads, just as I touched the small Head of Jesus, to feel the Presence of the One God among all.

    Today, My Heart speaks to all the inner Christs, which emerge from the depths of your hearts to bring Peace and Light to the planet. It is that Light, dear children, it is that Christ which you must always seek, in spite of the time of tribulation.

    Today, dear children, you stand before the sacred spiritual Manger which reminds you of the Birth of the Messiah, the incarnation of the Mercy of God in the world and the sacred opportunity for all souls.

    While I give you My Words of Love and of Peace, place all My children in your hearts, all those who distance themselves from God on this night, for today My feet step on the head of the evil serpent, for the Grace of God triumphs through the Light of My most pure Womb, which renews you, which assembles you in Love and Truth.

    Today, take each other's hands, all of you, just as I take the hands of My Husband, Saint Joseph, before the Celestial Kingdom and all the universe assembled on this sacred ground.

    Aurora again rises in unredeemed hearts. Debts are forgiven, accounts are balanced, and the scales are in their just law through the loving giving of Our Sacred Hearts.

    Honor God in the Highest. Bring Peace to Earth for all suffering spirits, for the souls that cry out for the Mercy of God, for those that suffer in darkness, for all those that are in the deepest spiritual loneliness, for the children and the sick in hospitals, for those who exiled themselves from their homes in order to find a new path of hope.

    Congregate, through this union, the Spirit of the Peace of Christ, the healing of hearts, the Peace for all beings on Earth.

    And now, dear children, place your sublime intentions in My most pure Womb, so I may gestate them and your beings may be born again through the redemption of the Lord.

    Star of Bethlehem, circle the universe!

    Star of the Brotherhood and of the holy fraternity, shine in the hearts that open to find peace!

    Let us pray to God. Let us pray to His Mercy so His Rays may be poured out on those that most suffer in these times of chaos.


    Prayer: Our Father.


    And thus, dear children, I want to always see you united, in joy, in sadness, in brotherhood, in tribulation, in chaos, and in the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

    Now listen, through the softness of Our Words, to the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph. That man who offered himself for all of you, so that the Project of God could be accomplished in the whole world.


    Sister Lucía de Jesús transmits the Words of Saint Joseph:

    On this night I only tell you to be humble of heart, for it is in humility that your most genuine aspirations will become real.

    Seek the path of simplicity, for it was in the simplicity of this night, in the pure joy of your hearts, that the skies opened again for the Earth, in forgotten spaces of the world, where the Light of God was no longer able to shine.

    Discover, dear children, that on this night, simplicity reigns in your hearts.

    Discover the mystery of living with pure joy, of being like children that express themselves exactly as they are and offer it to the Creator, so that purity can reign again in the heart of humankind.

    The Presence of God in the world is unknown to many, and little by little, humanity must again recognize that God is the Supreme Father of all the creatures of this Earth so that, united with Him, His Kingdom may be established in this world and unity again be a reality among all the Kingdoms of Nature, today including the Kingdom of the Angels and the Archangels, those that wait for you day and night so that with them you learn to create Light, to praise God, to build His Kingdom of Infinite Peace on this Earth.


    Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús transmits the Words of the Virgin Mary:

    Dear children, if your arms are tired, that is what you must feel. Untiringly seek unity among all beings of the Earth, because today I reveal to you the Mystery of the Birth of Jesus.

    The unity of My Heart with the Heart of Saint Joseph, and with all those who assembled for this task, made the salvation of humanity possible.

    In an act of humility and of reparation, we will again pray to God. But, dear children, on your faces I want to see the joy of communing with the Child King so that sadness, hate, lack of understanding, and disunity among hearts disappear; and that, in the name of My Immaculate Heart, before My Most Holy God, you promise to strive every day for this Sacred Unity that is disappearing from the Earth.

    Let us pray:

    We are a sacred family.
    We are future seeds of the New Humanity.
    We are worthy children of God.


    And now, place your hands on your heart, because Christ was again born in the hearts who today cried out to Him and sought Him from any place on this Earth.

    I thank you, and we thank you for having responded to Our call.

    Let the sound bowls and the bells ring. The King has been born in the tabernacle of the heart of all beings.

    Proclaim this greatness to God. Praise His Name for the centuries to come. So be it.

    While We rise, carrying the pleas of all beings, let us sing. Today a night of Peace is established.

    I thank you!

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  • Saturday, December 19 of 2015


    Today I will ask you to close your eyes and find Me standing before you.

    I am over the sky of Aurora, with bare feet, a white tunic, a wine-colored mantle. In My hands I have a rod of tuberose, which represents purity and also consecration. I hold this rod with My left hand and, with My right, I touch My Most Chaste Heart, surrounded by three lilies that represent chastity. My hair hangs to My shoulders, My eyes, the color of honey, are focused on the world, radiating the humility that God imprinted in them, so that I would be able to see all things under His Truth and His Justice. This is how My humble eyes are granted what I see.

    Behind Me, I show you a path, a path to the desert, the lands that once were sacred, but that today you have allowed to be submerged in malice, in hate and in the damnation of the hearts that dwell there.

    All this evil was known by God when He sent His Son to this people. He also sent Me, as a common man, to demonstrate to humanity that it is possible to experience transformation, live the transformation in Christ and a union with God.

    I was a man born on this Earth, and therefore I return to it to rescue My companions and friends from other times, who did not want to listen when My Son was pronouncing His Words in the valleys and hills, who closed their eyes so as to not see Him go by, because they feared experiencing a change and being struck by His Love, which they knew was invincible.

    Many of those who turned their face toward Christ are still in this world to learn to look at Him without fear and let themselves be defeated by the power of His Love.

    We did not desist from this Earth, because for Us, it is still sacred.

    How could the Earth cease to be sacred where God placed His Feet, where He spilled His Blood and opened the flow of His Divine Mercy so that it could permeate all the universe through this world?

    How could this Earth, which is really a school of Love for all civilizations in the universe, cease to be sacred? 

    How could your souls cease to be sacred, which carry within themselves the unique possibility of learning to love, of uniting with God, and making that God even greater in His Glory?

    How could your essences, your hearts cease to be sacred, however much they sin and live in the illusions of the world?

    You can never lose the truth of what you are, because that which comes from God is not corrupted by the worst evil of this world nor of any other; for God is the All Powerful, He is Purity Itself, He is the Truth, is Love, is Creation. How can He corrupt Himself?

    If you are in this world, it is because you are to learn something through it. Do not waste the opportunity that God gives you, because you are on a very sacred planet, upon which God has His Eyes focused all the time, for He ardently aspires that more creatures become able to be in likeness to His Son and be true living gods of this world, to return to Him in perfect unity with His Heart.

    When I speak to you of these things, I am not speaking about a dream, because the only dream of this world is what you have experienced up to now. The time has come to wake up to the reality, to the true Purpose of God for your souls.

    The time has come to set aside your smallness and launch into the greatness of Creation. The time has come to set aside illusion and allow your eyes to be illumined by the Source of Divine Light that the Messengers of the Lord bring to the world.

    Do not resist, because this Light will burn like a fire inside your cells and will burn up the molecules of damnation, so that the darkness in your consciousnesses will cease to exist. Only the Light will prevail.

    Do not be sad, be happy! This is the moment that all of humanity has been waiting for, for such a long time. How many consciousnesses in the universe are observing you and waiting for you to say 'yes'!

    Imagine, My dear ones, in different civilizations of the cosmos, beloved creatures that are part of this Plan of God and are on their knees crying out for your awakening, that feel pain in their hearts each time humanity denies the existence of the Light, that feel a great sadness each time the civilization of the Earth prefers to unite with the darkness and affirm ignorance rather than launch into the Light and discover the infinite love that all beings hold as a potential in their essences.

    To some, these words will sound beautiful; to others, they will sound difficult to understand, because it will be difficult for them to step out of their own existence to contemplate Creation in themselves, the different worlds and civilizations that await them, because they do not want to believe that the evolution of the universe depends on their transformation.

    But so it is, My beloveds, because the Lord is so humble, that He placed His greatness in such small creatures, His greatest hope in hearts that ignore Him or even deny Him, because they do not know Him and do not love Him.

    I come to the world as servant of God to have humanity come to know the Grace it is to serve such a good Lord. You will never be sorry for serving Him every day. When you come to know His Grace, His Goodness and His infinite Mercy, you will set aside everything that you are and will not look back when only a touch of God is able to reach your consciousnesses. You must allow those Divine Hands to touch your hearts and, with His Love, dissolve your barriers and your resistances.

    For a moment, you will seem to be suspended in the air, because you will not know who you are and you will want to become secure in what you were; but do not be afraid, because that will not last long. Yield to the wonder that it is to be nothing, so that you may immediately be filled by God, in the Grace of Unity with Him.

    I am trying to lift you up to a state of greater Grace, so that you may be able to understand life on Earth as it really is and so that you permanently cease to be lost in the fantasies of this world. For I will not become tired of saying that it is possible to achieve the Purpose of God, even with so many imperfections. Yield!

    Do not wait, My dear ones, for your strength to end and you are defeated by pain, by the suffering of no longer being able to bear living in this world, because you can no longer bear to live with yourselves. Yield now, while joy can still permeate your hearts, while you can still bring hope to those who are lost and be a source of help, rather than being hearts that need so much help.

    Feel My peace, feel the gratitude that I pour into your hearts, because everything I say to you at this time is not only for you; it is also to bring to this sacred land that is behind Me a little healing, the hope that is born in this Kingdom, this Kingdom of Aurora, which manifests in your hearts and is radiated to the most lost souls.

    Why do you fear living in peace? Why do you fear humility so much?

    I know that you will experience pain on being defeated by God, but it is the pain of a great victory of the Creator in your hearts.

    Place all that I have said in the depths of your hearts and seal My words with My Chaste Heart, so that they do not escape; but rather, within each one, they are able to carry you into a transformation of consciousness, of life, of humanity.

    Today I speak to you as a father, because the Heart of the Father is within My Heart.

    When I present Myself as the father of humanity, it is because I am humbly one with God. He manifests through Me, because it is through His Will that I come to the world. I come to pronounce His Words through My mouth. No movement of mine on this Earth is separate from the Will of God, and this I do, dear children, so that you may learn from a human heart like yours, because this humanity will continue evolving and will need many fathers and many mothers that are able to guide the consciousnesses that for the first time learn to love.

    This is My message for today. Just as you have listened to Me now, you must listen to Me every day. When you read My words, hear My voice, because it is I who speaks to you within your hearts.

    Before I say goodbye, I will shape a request, because human minds have need of this: in this place, I want a house that represents the humility of the Sacred Family; let it be simple, like Our home in Nazareth, full of peace, and let it be a Source of Grace for the whole world. At the door of this house, I will wait for you, so that you may confess to Me and enter pure of heart. Inside of it, you will find the Sacred Family that, in humility, will give you the impulse for a new life, for a redeemed life.

    It will be this way because humanity needs icons, physical refuges in which to place their hope, that allow their faith to emerge so that they may continue on their path, awakening peace and unity with God every day.

    In this humble home, may you celebrate a union with Christ through the Eucharist, in the moments when you may need a more simple and humble heart so as to find God.

    With these words, I bless you and also bless this image that you placed on My altar.

    As a symbol of My presence in the Kingdoms of Nature, I wish to place this image in the garden that you prepared for Me with so much love, so that you never forget that to find the New Humanity, to find the new human being within each one of you, you need to live in union with the Kingdoms of Nature; you need to awaken a love for these Lower Kingdoms and discover in them what each came to manifest in this world, so that in this way, My beloveds, you are able to express the Perfection of God as a planetary creation.

    I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

    I thank you.

    The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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