The Sacred Week 2024 brought together more than 1000 people at the Marian Center of Figueira,
where Our Lord made His Apparitions to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús
during the eight days of the event, which also featured live broadcast.

The material generated and shared during the meeting with the Master
is now available on this page. Discover!

Words of The Master


“My Heart opens, as a Temple, to your souls and consciousnesses, so that you may know that I deeply know what happens to each one of you. Not only can I see it at this moment, through the Tender Gaze of God, through the Care of God, but I can also see it all the time, because I accompany you day by day.

And I do not tire of doing it, because you are a part of My spiritual flock. The flock that already prepares the Return of Christ to the world through each heart that trusts in Me.”

Christ Jesus, March 24, 2024

“In this universe, in all Creation and in all life, there are Laws and, among them, an important Law, which is very unknown to the human consciousness and not understood, because this Law preserves its own revelation: the Law of Transmutation. Something that the Hierarchy has known since the origin, since all was thought of, from the moment when the great fallen angel disobeyed the Higher Law.

From that moment on, Creation and the experience of the universe changed its course and Laws that had not been thought of had to be created in the Source of the Eternal Father.”

Christ Jesus, March 25, 2024

“I do not come to place you before your own reality. My soul, which still belongs to Me, I come to place you before the truth, because, as I once told you: “The truth will always set you free.” And you will be able to live the truth, if you live justice and transparency, recognizing that you, My soul, are still neither perfect nor pure. But My Love can consecrate you and transform you into something pure and true, by your simply living fidelity to Me.

Dare to take steps toward Me and allow My Love to rapture you completely. Do you, by any chance, fear the power of My Love or losing the control of your life?”

Christ Jesus, March 26, 2024

“Children of the Earth and of the universe, elevate your spirits towards Me. I Am the Father,Who blesses and fills you, Who nourishes you with the life of the spirit and of the entire Source of Creation.

Come to Me, My little ones. May the children of the past return to Me, so that innocence may be repaired in the world and Love may take away, from the claws of the enemy, all those who are prisoners and in captivity.

Behold the God of Israel, the God of the patriarchs and prophets, the God of the holy women and missionaries of Christ.

I come here to grant you My Law again, which has been violated and outraged by humanity.”

Eternal Father, March 27, 2024

“This is why I ask all the sons and daughters of the Earth to remember their mothers with love, that you may forgive each other, reconcile and above all love each other, so that the Most Holy Mother of God may be glorified today in Heaven and Earth. Thus, as in Her deepest silence and anonymity, the Slave of the Lord was glorified at each step of the Calvary, for Her fidelity and obedience to God, upon surrendering, without anything in return, what She loved the most in Her life, Jesus.”

Christ Jesus, March 28, 2024

“Some wonder: why is it necessary to relive the Passion of Christ every year?

It is because humanity forgets, in just one instant, Who I was for you and the world, and what I represent as a living part of the Creator, as an intermediary and mediator between souls and the Eternal Father.

If no one follows My Path, My Truth and My Life, and does not even remember Me once a year, what result will come from the life of those who have chosen other paths?”

Christ Jesus, March 29, 2024

“Therefore, take advantage of this Sacred Week and release all that which binds you to the past and, above all, become liberated from yourselves, because you can now do it, it is just a matter of trusting Me more. Thus, the future plans and those not so distant will be visible to all, and God will place His Hand upon you so that, through your souls, He may write His Will.”

Christ Jesus, March 30, 2024

“My spiritual task does not end here, in this Sacred Week. The coming times will bring challenges to all, but also promising opportunities for growth, surrender and self-giving, so that the grave errors committed in this time by humanity may be justified by the self-giving and surrender of the consistent ones, and Mercy, instead of Justice, may be poured out.”

Christ Jesus, March 31, 2024



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