Wednesday, March 27 of 2024

Sacred Week

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold the Father and the Son, the Sovereign and Eternal God, who comes with His Most Beloved Son, Christ the Redeemer, to partake with His Creatures, in perfect and perpetual communion, elevating souls to the Kingdom of the Heavens for a moment.

Behold, companions, the One Who gave you life and gave life to His First-Born, through the Most Pure Womb of Mary, the Womb that gestates today, in Her bosom, the New Humanity, the Creative Womb that offers itself to transform all things.

Now, behold the Mother of the Holy Spirit, the Sacred Triune Consciousness who, from the Heavens, contemplates the world, which is wounded by hatred and revenge.

Behold the Eternal Heart of the Father, the Sacred Heart of the Son and the Immaculate Heart of the Mother. Sacred geometry is formed here, inner matrices are expressed so that all the chosen may receive them within themselves and prepare their inner worlds for the hour of the emergence of the New Humanity.

For this reason, Archangel Uriel and Archangel Gabriel are present here before the Adored Father, the Venerable Son and the Most Holy Mother. The holy archangels justify this moment before Creation, so that once more, the Ark of the Holy Covenant may be renewed by the experiences of redemption and forgiveness of the souls who live in Christ every day.

For this reason, these holy angels, present here, erase from the Books of Divine Justice, the errors that have been committed out of ignorance, dissatisfaction and also guilt. Thus, once again, your souls will be purified before the greatness of God, Who comes to deliver His Blessings and Graces through the Heart of His Son and the Heart of the Most Holy Mother, so that the innocent may be rescued and all those who today suffer impunity may have the Grace of salvation and, above all, the consolation of the Heavens.

Today the Eternal Father, before the Presence of His Son and the Most Holy Mother, Archangel Uriel and Gabriel, comes to gather in His Arms those who are fallen, those who have become trapped in suffering without being able to see the Light, without being able to find Love.

God grants this moment for those who listen to His Call, for those who say ‘yes’ to inner emptiness.

Let us listen to God:

"Children of the Earth and of the universe, elevate your spirits towards Me. I Am the Father, Who blesses and fills you, Who nourishes you with the life of the spirit and of the entire Source of Creation.

Come to Me, My little ones. May the children of the past return to Me, so that innocence may be repaired in the world and Love may take away, from the claws of the enemy, all those who are prisoners and in captivity.

Behold the God of Israel, the God of the patriarchs and prophets, the God of the holy women and missionaries of Christ.

I come here to grant you My Law again, which has been violated and outraged by humanity.

Behold, in My Heart, the cradle of the New Humanity, of which all those with determination can partake, by believing in the promise of the Kingdom of the Heavens, of the triumph of My Will in each Creature of the Earth.  

Praise God, just as nature praises Him, so that spiritual sensitivity may return to the human heart and many more in this world may abandon indifference and may open up to charity. This will establish the forgiveness that the world needs, in the face of the injustice of so much war and unimaginable human suffering.

I Am the Law of Living Love, and through My Love, all has been created for My Children, from the origin of the Earth up to the present and beyond the present.

I Am Adonai, the Resplendent and Living God, the Immaculate Mirror of Creation. I Am the cause of your joy, your beatitude, your justice.

Elevate your hearts to Me, O sacred people of Israel, in the same way as Christ, My Son, was elevated on the Cross and His Heart was pierced by the sins of the world, and His eminent sacrifice made Mercy, rather than Justice, spring forth, through Blood and Water!  

Behold, in My Heart, the perfect relic of Love, which elevates the spirit and liberates the consciousness, which places its feet upon the correct path so that, just like the people of the desert under the guidance of Moses, you also may find the Promised Land, which is within each one of My children. The Sacred Land sown by My Principles and Attributes, by the new patterns of behavior that will elevate humanity again.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

God’s Heart is wide open.

Who will enter the unknown Universe of God?

Who will be One with the Father, just as the Son is One with the Father and just as the Holy Spirit is One with the Son?

My Sacred Aspects can also be in all, in those who recognize and adore the Living God, present today in a Luminous and Eternal manner, under the support of the archangelic consciousness.

Children, may the world seek peace and the end of war, within and outside of you, so that the Promised Land may be a reality, and no longer just a promise.

Listen to the Voice of the Father, Who loves you, the Voice of the Father, Who created you in His Image and Likeness so that you might be happy in Me, because this is what I wish the most."

Words of Christ:

Companions, this is our Father-Mother Creator, adored by the angels, revered by all beings of goodwill, exalted by the blessed ones. Because in truth I tell you that no one goes to the Father but through Me; because I Am the direct Door to Him, just as I hope your hearts will open the door so that I may enter.

Today, the Ark of the Holy Covenant is magnetized by those who renew their consecration to the Divine Purpose.

Behold the eternal and inexhaustible Flame of God’s Abundance, a Flame that nothing can extinguish, because it is the Immaterial Flame of God that illuminates the path of the pilgrims, of those who remove their own sandals to walk barefoot to God.

Behold the sacrificed Consciousness of God, under the image of the Divine Purpose, which aspires to straighten humanity so that it may return to the path of the Law and Love, before it is too late.

My Heart is nourished by this imperious and powerful Flame. Likewise, from this Flame of Divine Purpose your hearts must also take spiritual nourishment, just as the holy angels do and live it in the eternal present.

This is the Sacred Flame, which impels the transformation of life and consciousness, transforming what is corrupt into what is incorrupt.

What is the reason for your existence? What is the motive for your being on Earth?

I come to make it known through the Living, Omnipresent and Eternal God, Who has visited you today in the innermost depths of the spirit, to help the whole world. Revere this unknown yet infinite Grace, which comes to grant reconciliation to all those who seek it.

As I have promised, and under this Impulse of God, I come to give an opportunity to all those who aspire to consecrate their souls to eternal life, to untiring service for the Plans of God.

Let us prepare ourselves for this moment, which I will guide and witness, just as it must be for each soul who seeks the consecration of their life and consciousness. And this is possible through the power of My Blood and the merits that it granted to those who adore My Blood in the Most Blessed Sacrament of Communion.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We will prepare ourselves in Christ and for Christ, through a song, so that, at this moment of consecration with the Lord, the spiritual power of His Blood may encompass and radiate to as many souls on Earth as possible, especially to the souls that need His Mercy the most.

Rita from Portugal, the Lord is calling you, come here. He will ask you a secret question.

All has been said. The time has been consummated, just as Christ, your Master and Lord, lived His hour in the Last Supper.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

At the request of Christ, we will sing “The power of the Blood,” and all of us, together, will accompany this consecration of new helpers.

You may draw near, sisters.

Here, sisters, in this basket are the names of consecration of each one of you, they are Biblical names. Each one now will choose a name and I will read it so that all may hear what their name for this new task.

Sara de Adonai, welcome!



Jokmah de María.

Belén de María.

Altar de Dios.

Inmaculada de María.


Déborah de Israel.

Claudia de Jesús, welcome, Claudia!


Ruah de María.

Lea de Israel.

El Bethel.

Leonor de Dios.

María de Magdala.

Martha de Jesús.

María de Sión.




María Ruth.

María Cleofás.

Anna de Dios.

Aruna de Dios.

Isabel del Bautista.

Emilia de San José.

Magdalena de Jesús.

Phoebe de Jesús.

Amparo de Dios.

Now, we will say a Hail Mary, the Lord’s Prayer and a Glory Be.

We will stand up to accompany the sisters in this offering before the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us.

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.