Sunday, March 24 of 2024

Sacred Week

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I have come here to be closer to those whom I have chosen. Your souls belong to Me, your lives belong to Me. And today, I want to embrace you with My Glory, just as humanity once embraced Me and recognized Me as the Lord of Israel, during My triumphant entrance in Jerusalem.

Today I come to return to many of you what you once did to Me at the doors of Jerusalem. From this fact and from such a special moment lived by Me and by each one of your souls, I come to remind you of the sacred value of each one of your lives.

Give to Me that which presses you. Give to Me that which saddens you. Give to Me all that which takes your attention from My Heart.

Moving My garments, I expose now My Sacred and Unfathomable Heart; a Heart that died for you and for the world and that, at this hour of Mercy, comes to bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thus, on this first day of the Sacred Week, I come to purify you, just as the little Child Jesus purified Himself at the Temple. Do not fear this, because it will not be painful to you.

Purification is important so that you may liberate yourselves from all faults or any omission that you may have committed without realizing it. Purification, on this first day of the Sacred Week, comes to open to you the door of the elevation of consciousness.

This is why I Am here, accepting your offering, the offering of each heart that has come here to meet Me, to nourish yourselves with the Word of God and so that, through My Word, you may renew yourselves, become liberated from yourselves and may find again the path of peace, which you may have lost through some life event.

What is most important now, companions, is that you may enter the eternal present, through My Heart that is exposed and opens as a Temple for each one of your intentions in this Holy Week.

But above all, My Heart opens, as a Temple, to your souls and consciousnesses, so that you may know that I deeply know what happens to each one of you. Not only can I see it at this moment, through the Tender Gaze of God, through the Care of God, but I can also see it all the time, because I accompany you day by day.

And I do not tire of doing it, because you are a part of My spiritual flock. The flock that already prepares the Return of Christ to the world through each heart that trusts in Me, each heart that lives in Me, just as I can live in each heart, regardless of the anguishes and tests.

I come to make you be reborn through My Spirit, the Consoling Spirit of God, which, at this moment, through the Word of Christ, descends to Earth and above all descends to this world, so much in need, really so much in need of love and redemption.

Thus, after this spiritual purification that I grant to you, I come, on this first day of the Sacred Week, to open to you the door to the path of consecration that each one of you will be able to live.

But however it is, what matters to Me is that it be true, that you take one step at a time, that you do not hurry too much, that you do not become anxious to become consecrated; because your souls, My children have already consecrated themselves and committed themselves to Me, on receiving the triumphant Lord in Jerusalem.

How many among you extended your mantles in the sacred Holy Land for Me to pass by?

How many among you touched My tunic, just as the woman with the flow of blood did, to be healed and redeemed?

This life is not the first time that you are listening to Me, because you must remember how many times you listened to My Sacred Instructions, not only on top of the Mount of the Beatitudes, when each one of you and your families learned to pray the Lord’s Prayer, but also listened to Me in several places, in My beloved Israel and beyond it.

How many were part of the first Christian communities?

How many sacrificed their lives for Me, despite the martyrdom lived in those times?

And today your souls are before My Eyes, your souls are before My Merciful Heart so that I may be in the whole world, which is blinded and perverted by wars, unjust and indifferent due to revenge, severe due to violence.

I come to raise again the souls that trust in Me, trust in the sacred coming of the Kingdom of God, because today you and your brothers and sisters in the world are part of My Mystical and Spiritual Body.

This is the New Jerusalem that I will come to seek on Earth, and the Light of God will ignite itself in you and your brothers and sisters, just as this Light ignited itself at the Pentecost to consecrate My companions to the apostolate and priesthood, so that everyone on Earth might know My Word of Life.

Therefore, today may your souls consciously rise to Me, just as you have recently sung to Me one of the most special Biblical passages for Me, which is the irrefutable promise that I made to Mine: that all those who should come to Me and relieve their hearts, just as the Lord, triumphant in Jerusalem, comes to you today.

Elevate your prayers in the silence of your hearts. Elevate your intentions in the silence of your souls, and unite, as brothers and sisters in Christ, under the spiritual unity of My Spirit.

Thank you for being here, My beloveds. Continue to seek good. Do not do evil, because there is a lot of evil in the world. In this way, you will not lack peace in these difficult times.

Behold the Peace of God, who comes to give you the Peace of the Heavens, who comes to comfort your hearts, just as the Lord comforted His apostles in His most absolute and anonymous silence of each step of the Cross, when your Master was abandoned and rejected by all. However, I already knew it, just as I knew what each one of your lives would live in this time.

This is why I come here to encourage you, to strengthen you, so that you may stand up from your falls, so that your souls may rise to Me, as between you and Me there will be no evil, because My Love is invincible, just as it was invincible in the apparent defeat of the Cross, because I come once again to renew all things.

Liberate your heart through your tears, because the Consoler has come and all will be renewed, inside and out. Hope is possible, do not lose faith, I come to give you courage, the same courage I had to have when I assumed to drink from the Chalice in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Do not fear the sacrifice that I ask of you, because I hope you can surpass Me in Love. Remember this. In this way, the universe and Creation will be renewed.

Before we proceed to a moment of consecration, for which I have been waiting for two years, I want you to sing to Me, in one voice, as if your voices sang and united to open the Kingdom of the Heavens, the doors of the Celestial Kingdom.

I want to anoint you with My Spirit, at this moment. Do you allow Me to?

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Please, María de los Inocentes, we will sing your song, at the request of the Lord.

Let us open ourselves to this moment with Christ, so that He may liberate our beings.

We will concentrate on the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Let us offer this moment for all souls of the planet, for all those who still cannot come to Christ, so that the Consoling Spirit, just as it comes today to us, may come to our brothers and sisters in the whole world, trusting in the power of the Transfiguration of Jesus, which as a Divine Ray, makes itself present in our lives today, renewing all things.

Let us sing.

Song: “Healer of my soul.”

Today, within our congregation, the Grace Mercy Order, Christ is opening the masculine branch of the Helpers of Divine Mercy.

Now, we will accompany, in the silence of our hearts, this union and this consecration that each one of the brothers will live with Christ, through the Heart of Christ and the ring.

Bless, Lord, those who dare to follow Me. And though this humble and simple symbol of the wooden ring, establish, between souls and My Heart, the eternal covenant forever, so that they may represent Me on Earth as the peace-makers, and be mirrors of My Mercy wherever they go.

We will say a prayer for the Consecration of these brothers, to consummate this moment. Let us say the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic.

May the Lord bless you and protect you in this mission and in this service to His Sacred Heart.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You may go in peace.