Monday, March 25 of 2024

Sacred Week

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In this universe, in all Creation and in all life, there are Laws and, among them, an important Law, which is very unknown to the human consciousness and not understood, because this Law preserves its own revelation: the Law of Transmutation. Something that the Hierarchy has known since the origin, since all was thought of, from the moment when the great fallen angel disobeyed the Higher Law.

From that moment on, Creation and the experience of the universe changed its course and Laws that had not been thought of had to be created in the Source of the Eternal Father, so that the evolution of beings, under these conditions of change, might be a balanced and harmonious evolution that would mean an important effort for each creature that would emerge from the Source and begin to live their experience in this Creation, under these new Laws that emerged out of necessity, such as the Law that I present to you today.

The Law of Transmutation was interpreted by the human being. Even for the Hierarchies themselves, it is a mystery, because, as I have said, it is a Law that preserves its revelation.

However, throughout the times, of the different races in this world, the Law of Transmutation had to intervene to correct the deviations of this Project, not as an act of justice, but rather as an act of harmony.

This Law of Transmutation was revealed to many beings who, throughout the times and the different stages of the planet, became enlightened. Siddhartha Gautama himself was aware of this Law, just as other masters of the East, and even having this inner revelation, none of them flaunted having this Law for themselves. Because the only thing this Law reveals as its essence is the service it renders to this entire universe and all humanities.

Thus, this Law intervened throughout the times. Many had to learn to interpret and understand it, because this Law, in itself, is not only a Law, but it is also a Ray of the Source of Creation, expressed through the violet color, an extremely high frequency in this universe, which lives a material and mental experience.

This creative Law comes, throughout the times, to place events and consciousnesses at another point.

The Law of Transmutation cannot be appropriated by anyone. Neither this Law, nor any other Laws, can be under the control of any human being or any creature. Because in essence, the Laws are intelligent and autonomous, they are manifestations of currents of the Creative Source, and act in this material universe according to the need or urgency.

This Law of Transmutation has intervened in humanity in important events. As an example of this: in the disappearance of the civilization of Lemuria, in the disappearance and sinking of Atlantis, in the very spiritual and esoteric construction of Egypt, and also in the First and Second World Wars, in which the ether of the planet had been destroyed by the race itself.

The so-called “veil of the temple” had been torn and continues to be torn in this end time, each time of detonation of a bomb or a weapon against someone’s life or even in entire nations. This opens uncertain doors to unpleasant events, the most innocent souls are placed in uncertain places.

The Law of Transmutation, which the Hierarchy utilizes with the permission of the Eternal Father, descends upon the world to encompass the neediest souls, from the deepest nucleus of the essence to the spiritual being. Because between these states is the soul of each being, which, in this time, must not be taken or deviated by anyone.

The Law of Transmutation, guided by the Christic energy, is at work in this time. This is why, at these moments of very important meetings with Me, the Hierarchy deepens into its work and operation in humanity, and superposes itself upon the psychic and emotional situations of humanity. In this way, the others Laws work in a hidden way.

We know that humanity cannot have the entire revelation at this moment, because of selfishness, vainglory and indifference. This is why I once told you that I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life, and there is no other master that you can follow, but only those who demonstrate they follow the only Christ.

This Law of Transmutation will work extensively at the end of these times, because it comes to correct and amend the errors and outrages committed by humanity against the Universal Laws.

I want you to keep very much in mind, that you have it engraved in your consciousnesses, that each time you disobey, you are allying yourselves to the deterioration of the Laws on this planet. Therefore, you must always be careful with your actions, your thoughts, your intentions and all that which you believe you can hide from the eyes of others.

Life of the spirit in the life of matter is an exercise of daily correction. No one should believe they already have everything solved, that would be living in illusion.

Therefore, I come, out of Love, to open your eyes, the eyes of the  consciousness of the inner world. This is because humanity, through its acts and sins, has gravely infringed the Universal Laws, which are not there to do justice to anyone, but rather so that you may attain the degrees of Love, just as I achieved them step by step, at each moment of My Life.

But when I return, a time that is not far away, the planet and humanity will strongly feel the descent of the Laws that will come with Me. They will be like rays that will cross through the stratosphere and atmosphere of the planet, in a way that is stronger than the rays of the Sun.

These currents of the Creative Source will descend upon those places that will need correction, wherever and however that may be, no one can escape the Laws, because all were created in the image and likeness to them, beginning from what is most inner to what is most external.

These Laws, which will be renewed and will come with Me in My Return, will put all things in their place, beginning with the intentions of this race, and then with everything else. At that hour and at that moment, those who have the Grace of being present at My Return, on the physical and on the universal level, will be witnesses of this event, because it will not be hidden.

Therefore, throughout the times and recent years, I have come to prepare each one of you and humanity for this moment, because you could not be present in this event as you would not be able to bear it, just as My holy apostles were not able to endure My Ascension.  

At that hour, the Power of God will be known on Earth. The most resistant ties will be cut, the captivity of many beings will end, because duality will not be necessary, nor will suffering for not being able to transcend yourselves be necessary either. Therefore, the one who lives in the Law of My Love will never perish. But you must live according to My Love, and not according to your intentions or your motivations.

The Law of Transmutation underwent a pause after 1988. Now, in these last times, with the reappearance of the Lord, this Law reapproached the Earth again, because it is now preparing My arrival. Everything must be exorcised so that the New Earth may arise, so that the New Humanity may manifest itself.

Hold this knowledge within your inner worlds, because you will not understand it today. You will understand it when it happens, when the Law of Transmutation acts and corrects the world, so that peace may be restored again and everything begins anew, just as it was thought of in the Origin, before Adam and Eve.

Then the times will unite again, between the spiritual and the material time, it is something that the Eternal God Himself will do so that the souls that are part of the New Earth may have the bliss of knowing the Kingdom of the Heavens, although they are still on this planet. The happiness will be indescribable, and there will not be feelings of guilt, shame or disturbance, but rather the joy of rediscovering the path they once lost, the path that was written by the very Hand of God in the origin.

Receive the Light of Divine Knowledge, just as the people of Israel received it, just as the great patriarchs received it, just as the prophets revealed it and just as all the believers lived it in honor and glory to the Creator.

As a testimonial of this, I come to consecrate new adorers, so that My Mystical Body on Earth may be strengthened and your souls, in this world, may be living cells of Christ, who only seek the good and peace, charity, service and Mercy, through the offering of each adoration.

I know that you have heard it before, but it is good that I say it again: when a soul adores the Most Blessed Sacrament, it removes a thorn from Heart of Jesus, and the Father allows Me to grant the Grace of salvation to someone who does not deserve it, by the mere fact that there is a soul in adoration, as an authentic offering of their life to God.

Thus, once again, I come to ignite My Christic cells on Earth, so that the Light of God may be stronger than the darkness in the world, and the love of each human and adoring heart may replace suffering, vengeance, betrayal and all evil, for the triumph of the Good of Christ on Earth.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

The brothers and sisters who have offered to be postulants may draw near.

We may bring here the symbol of the Grace Mercy Order, so that they may be blessed by Christ, which the brothers and sisters will, from now on, carry with them with all respect, love and reverence, symbols of the Order of Christ on Earth, so that, from this day forward, they may be part of this congregation.

We invite each postulant, in the silence of their heart, to make their offering at the Feet of Our Lord.

And all together, we will accompany this special moment of blessing and consecration of new adorers through the song “Consecration,” so that, as from today, the souls of these brothers and sisters may be free to walk toward the encounter with Our Lord, until it may be the day and the moment of merging with the Heart of the Redeemer.

Celestial Father, bless these symbols, which represent the descent of Your Holy Spirit upon the souls that have ardent faith in You.

May Your Holy Spirit, through the symbol of this Order, the incense and the blessed water, bless Your Children that consecrate themselves today, so that someday, under the imperious faith of each adoration, they may be converted into flames of My Love for the world.

So be it.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

At the request of Christ, we will say a Hail Mary, a Lord’s Prayer and a Glory Be, so that the souls of these brothers and sisters may receive the impulse of consecration that Christ brings to them.

Today, My Hands collect your tears, and they are offered to God as crystals of Light at the Feet of the Creator, as an honest and true offering of your hearts, in response to the Great Call of the Father.

For this reason, I bless you and consecrate you as faithful Adorers of My Eucharistic Heart, as the faithful company of your Master and Lord.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We will now prepare ourselves for the Spiritual Communion. And to complete this consecration, the priests will administer the Holy Communion to the brothers and sisters who have consecrated themselves just now, to seal this covenant with Christ.