Wednesday, September 16 of 2015

Daily messages

At the request of Saint Joseph, when we read this message, may we not think that it is directed to others, because He is talking to all and to each one of those who listen to Him.

     Contemplate in your hearts the Plan of God and observe the greatness of the Divine Thought for humanity.

Dear companions, with that I ask you: Where are your most profound aspirations? At least, do you think at any time of your days about the manifestation of this Plan or are you constantly clung to the material achievements?

I have already told you once that a worker of God is the one who does all for the manifestation of His Plan, but, observing the interior of the souls and the profound intentions of all beings, I see that almost do not exist, in the whole world, those who act simply for the manifestation of the Plans of God.

Be attentive, because humanity is submerging itself into a profound illusion and nothing can stop the progress of darkness.  If you let yourselves be carried away by the human trends and spend all your days entertained only with the material tasks, as much as those tasks be for the fulfillment of a Divine Work, I tell you, My dears, that if in the depth of your intentions is not the Plan of God, you will submerge together with the common humanity and you will not notice.

The greater the commitment to God, the more attentive and dedicated you must be, because more subtly you will be deceived by yourselves and by the adversary of the Creator.

The planet is not withstanding the pressure of the chaos and the Kingdoms of Nature cannot sustain alone all the combat against the darkness of the world.

The potential of the human beings remains latent, because they have little interest to know themselves and discover what they really are, because, for that, they will have to stop being all that which is so appreciated by you and by the whole world.

I must be clear and direct because I love you and, in the presence of the Most Holy Mary, I advise you, so that Her Universal Love may shelter you and impel you.

Our Lady needs merits to intercede for the world, as well as Christ, and your prayers of one hour a day are not enough.  It is necessary to surrender life and all the time that you are in this world and, also much beyond it, to surrender the eternity to the Creator.

If you pray for the world during one hour and in all the others you are not capable of coming out of yourselves and of your own aspirations in order to fulfill a higher purpose, do you realize that the Plan of God will not manifest?

Will you be willing to stop being what you are?  To abandon the tasks and the positions so appreciated by the world in order to humbly serve God?

You must reflect about what you cannot renounce and ask yourselves about the reason for that.  Because I tell you that many of yours siblings are renouncing to their own lives in order to keep their faith in Christ and they persevere, believing in His Mercy, as much as they constantly suffer the injustice of humanity.

Reflect from the heart and transform your lives.

I told you that I would come to the world every day to conduct you to a new humanity.  And who have sought My words? Who have daily sacrificed oneself to live them, even if it is in the intention?

With love I instruct you for the transformation.  I conduct you and I will take you to the disappearance of what you are today, because you must discover where is the profound core of your beings,  that resembles God.

Under the blessing of the Holy Spirit, I protect you and give you My Peace, so that you may transform yourselves always in peace.

Saint Joseph, your Father and Guide for these times