Wednesday, December 2 of 2015

Daily Messages

Calm your heart, giving it to God.

Quiet your mind, surrendering yourself at the feet of the Creator and throwing yourself firmly into the fulfillment of His Will, and not your own.

Make your spirit serene in the certainty of the triumph of God on Earth.

Strengthen your inner self with a simple prayer and discover how easy it is to live in peace and harmony with all Creation.

Seek within yourself unity with the Whole and be a conscious part of the Plan of God.

If you want to be truly humble so that this may be fulfilled within you according to the Thought of God, resign yourself to be a servant to all, and let the others be better than you in everything.

Obey, then, with the heart and with the surrender of the mind, because if the heart seeks to obey, but the mind does not surrender itself, you may even seem to be obedient and good, but you will never reach peace. The mind may appear to be many things, but it will only find peace on the day of its surrender.

To let the mind surrender before God is to give Him your very potential and not to take them into consideration unless God Himself presents situations of life in which they are necessary.

To mentally surrender is to renounce your own ways of thinking, acting and being. To renounce all that you have assimilated as learning so that you can be empty and willing to live the permanent change, characteristic of these times.

To surrender yourself from the heart is simple because the heart is the mind of the soul, and when the soul aspires ardently to find God, the heart does not fear to launch itself into this adventure. But the mind, which is the queen of the senses and of matter, will never want to lose its reign and it will cost a lot for it to surrender the throne to become a servant of a King, so incomprehensible and unattainable for it and its powers.

Start with the heart, which already knows the truth that the soul has imprinted upon it, and gradually, encourage yourself to take even bigger steps in order to achieve that which you came to the world for; that which needs you to be something you have never been in appearance, but which you have always been as an essence that comes from God.

I love you and I leave you My paternal blessing.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph