Tuesday, March 1 of 2016

Daily Messages

Praised be Christ!

Dear children of all of humanity,

By the grace of the Holy Spirit, today we celebrate the anniversary of the daily Messages of the Rose of Peace. For a year I taught you to seek original purity, the true essence of union with the Creator.

On this blessed day, I gather all My dear children together in this Marian Center, which has demonstrated proof of effort and determination to live, day by day, a life of prayer and of service, and above all, to support this crucial transition of the Earth through songs and prayers.

Dear children, thus Your Heavenly Mother thanks the souls that gave of themselves spontaneously to keep every Marian Center alive, even if sometimes in some place there were only two. If two or more were gathered in the sacred name of My Son, that was enough for the Universe, because He was able to work through those hearts.

I hope that this year the prayer groups begin to make pilgrimages to the Marian Centers of the Holy Spirit, of the Child King, of Aurora, and of Figueira, which were founded by the Mother of the World.

I hope that each group becomes organized for at least one visit a month to the Marian Centers and form part of the channel of prayer opened by your Celestial Mother in each one of them. The life of the Marian Centers, and the spiritual assistance of the Kingdom of the Heavens in each of them, are the task and commitment of all the children of Mary, who must be present every month in the houses of prayer of the Celestial Mother.

The only way by which the current global crisis can be overcome is if the children of Mary are better protected when on pilgrimage to the Marian Centers and form part of the protective aura of the centers.

Each Marian Center has something to pour over the children of God. Each Marian Center facilitates spiritual aid for the souls in this age of the Armageddon.

On this anniversary of the daily Messages I want to tell you, My children, that because of all the spiritual exercises of prayer carried out during this last year in each of the Marian Centers, as from the 2nd of March of this year until the 2nd of March of 2017, Your Most Holy Mother will deliver the third gift of daily Messages, this being the second cycle of the daily Messages as Mary, Rose of Peace.

So that this divine impulse be possible, and for My children to contemplate Me every day at noon, which is when I descend from Heaven, I aspire and I hope that the image of Mary, Rose of Peace, be painted so that it can be venerated as from this year in devotion and in prayer by all My children. Thus, the original purity of God in Mary will be able to be present through the image in the homes of all Her children of the world.

Dear children, today let us be joyful, smiling at God so that He pours out His Infinite Mercy.

I thank you for having responded to My call for a year!

Who blesses you on this day,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace