Tuesday, January 17 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children the relief of all suffering is achieved with prayer, when each of you will trust in the light that will arrive to you through it. In this way, little children, you will be able to recognize the Will of God, a Will that will radiate truth and compassion for each one of your hearts.

Dear children, embrace for this time the power of love that prayer has when it is done with the heart. In this way you will be collaborating in simplicity with the relief of the pain of many souls, those that the Lord has asked Me to help. All of them are brother and sister souls that you may love and feel in prayer, loving those you do not know and those that are far away, there in all these souls there will begin to gestate true fraternity.

Dear children, let us proceed affirming the importance of prayers, which elevate the hearts in state and in feeling. We are already in the time to manifest the spirit of fraternity. The Merciful Lord has asked that many hearts, as many as possible, start to live with humility in the spirit of fraternity. If the world would be more loving and fraternal, one with the others, the plans of God could be at this moment be different.

For this My dears, I come to your hearts to give to you My Peace, so that all of you can walk towards the spirit of fraternity. The world is sick but we could cure it when, each one of your hearts, before each prayer, does everything with the heart. The Lord contemplates the honesty of your souls and the love that radiates from prayer.

Let us live in Peace to be able to live in the love of My Blessed Son Jesus.

In the Love of God,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

That Peace be in the hearts…