Thursday, September 25 of 2014

Monthly messages

As a bird that flies over the world I come in search of those who have not awakened for My last Call.

Many have heard the resounding of My voice throughout the centuries but few were those who could truly understand the essence of what they were living.

For the first time in the history of humanity the Woman Dressed of the Sun comes to reveal Her true Face so that the beings of this Earth may be able to get out from the ignorance in which they find themselves in life.  For this I prepared you for such a long time so that you may be able to be the hands that will remove the veils of human unconsciousness.  But for this My children, it is necessary that unconsciousness itself be healed and that your hearts have already defined themselves in this time of purification.

I need firm hearts that are aware of the essence of these times and that do not have their attention on what they live here on Earth, but on what they will live in the universe, from that which they have achieved in this world.

My children, all will be purified in this time.  There will not be a soul upon the surface of the Earth that will not live its moment of purification.  For this I ask you today that you affirm yourselves in the Power of prayer and in the love of the unknown because in this way, when the time comes to purify and to balance all the debts that you have before God, you will do it upon a strong foundation that will sustain you in the correct path and that will show you that you are living what was foreseen for you and that will soon pass.

My beloveds, if you affirm yourselves in prayer you will be able to purify yourselves in a more harmonious way because in spite of all inner suffering, you will count on My aid that in some way will lead you and shelter you always.  But if on the contrary, you do not build this praying foundation, you may be very confused in this moment, allowing the enemy to tell to your heart lies that will have a tone of plain truths, diverting your souls that for so long persevered in fidelity on this path.

I want you to grow up My beloveds, definitively.  The times of today are no longer the same as yesterday.  Do not wish to keep within and outside you the same planetary scenery because this will not be possible.

The one who may get attached to the images of the past will suffer the abrupt transformation that the world lives.  But the one who may let themselves be transformed and may allow the internal structures to be demolished will never suffer because they will be transformed together with the world and, in spite of living internally the chaos that is lived externally, they will also see in themselves emerging a new life when this life is stabilized in the world.

I do not want you to be scared with what you live, but know that many will not be able to support the internal and external transformations and purifications.  But for all the merits that you have generated, your evolution will still be able to be saved, even if it may be in the level of the spirit.

My beloveds, My words resound with the tone of these times because you must be mature to understand what truly happens in the world.  Have childish eyes no longer before the reality that waits for you to mature, but rather with firm feet.  On this boat of salvation, row, row without faltering. 

I Am the Mother of Figueira, the fig tree which gives the sap of Life so that its fruit may not wilt.  In Me are united Earth and Heaven, Spirit and matter, the new and the old human.

Understand that if My presence were not among you, the self-summoned would not be able to answer to their commitment.

I Am the voice of the Divine Truth.  That one who listens to Me with attention will find in Me each step to be taken.  In My words is found the path for the materialization of the Plans of God.  Do not be deaf in face of the Divine Word.  Follow the echo of the Celestial Messenger.

I love you and I conduct you to the Heart of Christ, the Universal King.

Mary, Lady of the Sacred Figueira