Thursday, September 25 of 2014

Monthly messages

Dear children,

I come from Heaven as a Star of Confraternity, of Light and of Prayer.  Today I come to the world in order that through an act of repentance and of forgiveness it may be a repository of the Kingdom of My Peace.

I have come holding between My sacred hands the knots that are tying your lives.   Only through your faith and determination to achieve sanctity in this planetary life will I be able to help you to untie the knots that drown you and that do not allow you to breathe My celestial air. 

By means of My Maternal Grace and by the divine authority that My Son has given Me, I come to untie the knot in order thus to liberate humanity.  For it to be possible, your prayers and sincere offers to My Immaculate Heart will allow the doors to the redemption of the hearts to be open.

Again and again I have descended in Glory upon this blessed hill, that which has been converted into the point of light for this region.

But I need you, I need your hearts to be bright stars of love and of peace for the world.  In this way you will be able to dissolve the knots that are held in your little and simple consciousnesses.

Only by means of the power of the Holy Rosary will you manage to live the path of purification and of sanctity.  Your souls must convert themselves into living mirrors of the Will of God.  In this way, by means of My intercession your steps and footprints will be more luminous, they will be the footprints of the apostles of My Son. 

Today I untie especially the great knot of incomprehension and of bad feeling.  The knot that the enemy has patiently dedicated itself to create in the minds of those who do not dedicate time to the prayer of the heart. 

Now, as mature souls by means of My sacred instruction, the moment has come to you, after seven years of Graces, for you to meditate about the steps that you have taken with Me.

Beyond all that this world goes through and suffers, I bring you the Grace of being able to recognize My Maternal Love, the Love of God, the Love of Mother and the Understanding of all the problems and spiritual conflicts that many of my children live today.

For this, beloved children, see in your horizons the Saving Light that comes to aid you and that passes through here for the last time.  See the splendor of the Divine Love that wants to liberate and purify you so that you may be true humble servers of Christ.

To whoever supplicates to Me with heart and with soul, with faith and with spirit, I promise to help to untie the knots by means of the following charismatic prayer:

Charismatic Prayer to Our Lady Untier of Knots

Lady of Celestial Power,
untie from our consciousness
all the knots that oppress us
and close our paths.

Lady Untier of Knots!
Cut and liberate the ties of our lives,
may Your Light of Divine Wisdom
banish and dissipate the abysses of this world.
May Your celestial mantle of protection and shelter
guard us eternally
under the power of Your Love and of Your Guidance.

Sacred Mother who unties all knots,
may our lives, together with Your Angels and Archangels,
be untied by the imposition of
Your sacred hands.

Pray for us
 for all days that will come
so that, united to Your Maternal Consciousness
we may see, coming in Glory, the day of our redemption,
the day of the Return of Christ,
Our Savior.


       I thank you for answering to My call!

Peace and Blessing.

Mary, the Lady Untier of Knots