Wednesday, April 17 of 2013

Daily messages

Rest all your being in My Heart and may your words only reverberate by the strength of prayer.

May your eyes only see Me and may they recognize in Me the favorite savior and redeemer love.

May your feet walk without delay towards My Encounter so that at the end of the infinite pathway your soul may discover the merciful greatness of My Soul.

May your hands caress the softness and the mystery of a devoted prayer that may construct a long bridge towards the Kingdom of the Lord.

May your feelings and thoughts be surrendered in My Hands so that My Consciousness may transform matter into light, darkness into brightness, sadness into joy.

Let yourself be guided by the impulses of My Wise Heart because in this way you will always see the steps marked by Me in the path towards eternity.

Open yourself entirely to receive My Comfort because I have always aspired to consecrate your heart to My Heart.

Do not see how much you have failed Me, just recognize the powerful love that I give to you day by day so that you, in confidence, may walk towards Me.

Just let Me enter into your life and heal your wounds. My Sores have already been the beginning of the liberation of the world but now My Hands are the end of the healing for each heart.

My Rays illuminate you even when you believe that you get away from Me. For this, smile at each challenge, leave space so that I may guide your little spirit. Just tell Me Yes and I will comfort you whenever you need because above all things and circumstances is My Divine Love for you, for your prompt redemption.

An unknown Kingdom waits for you, a Kingdom that is not from this world but only from God.

Walk towards Me without delay. Let us go ahead!

Under the Mercy of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.