Wednesday, October 18 of 2023

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today, I want you to contemplate the Five pierced Wounds of the Lord, for all the horrors of the world.

Who will remove, from the Hands of the Lord, the nails that, once again, are being put, which represent impunity in one Hand and injustice in the other?

Who will remove, from the Feet of your Lord, the nails that represent the lack of love and of compassion in the world?

Who will remove the spear from the Side of Jesus, the Wound that aches the most at this moment, and represents the death of the innocent?

Who will collect, with the chalice of their heart, the Precious Blood that is shed at this moment through the Hands, Side and Feet of Jesus?

This is the Face that I present to all of you today. This is the Message, but also the symbol that I want to leave to you; not only to you, but also to the whole world.

And today, I show you all this at the doors of My House, at the doors of My Church, from the most intimate Tabernacle of My Heart, which I have left today to present Myself to you, just as I have presented Myself in other culminating times of humanity.

This is what I want you to contemplate today, to tell the world that My Unfathomable and Divine Mercy is not being considered at this moment. Because the chalice of human consciousness, the chalice of the consciousness of the planet, was half full before, and now it is overflowing due to the accumulation of errors and sins of the world.

In the face of this culminating moment of humanity and of the planet, I want the devotion to My Unfathomable and Sacred Heart to be considered, so that the principles and merits achieved by your Master and Lord may be justified again, in the face of a scenario of horrors, wars and conflicts, division and schism within religions.

This is why I once again leave the Tabernacle of this Church to rebuild the spiritual essence of the Purpose of religions, so that the souls that once believed in Me no longer separate from Me, but rather find in My House the Spiritual Church, the spiritual dwelling that they seek and yearn for so much, to be protected from the harassments of these times, which, in an immeasurable way, is imposed by My adversary, the enemy of all, in a way never seen before. 

But companions, I want to tell you that, although at this moment My Hands, My Side and My Feet continue to bleed, I want you to remember the moment of your Master and Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane. In that place all that would happen in this time was revealed to Him, but that which is grand and would happen at the end of these times was also revealed to Him, through the faith of the hearts that believe in the existence of the Living Christ and in the presence of His Merciful and Unfathomable Love. 

I want you to be before the bloody Face of Jesus, not for you to suffer, but rather for you to mature and grow up, so that the world, through this symbol and the Face I present to you today, may know how they are leaving the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This is why I tell you again that I Am thirsty for souls, I Am thirsty for victims that are postulants to My Redeeming Love.

The desolation of the Lord is greatly unknown to all; desolation that is caused through the brothers and sisters who suffer, through those who escape war and conflict, those who no longer have a home, those who have lost their families and loved ones in an unexpected way.

Who will have the bravery and courage to repair these destroyed hearts?

Who will be able, without challenges or battles, without weapons or insults, through the intelligence of the heart and the silence of the spirit, to face the forces of evil that provoke the horrors of these times?

It is not by confronting one another with the sword that this will end. Because the moment before I was betrayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, when I was being imprisoned by My enemies, when the thick chain was being put around My Neck, and was tying My Hands and My Feet, although I had lost my breath a little, when I received the first blows in the Abdomen, Chest and Face, and the Living God was being tormented and hit without anyone to perceive it, I told Peter, “The one who raises their sword, will die through the sword.”

In this time, the sense of dialog and human cordiality has been lost, which lead to hospitality, to know, at each moment and at each instant, what one’s neighbor needs.

If you gave a minimum drop of love, all would be solved. This is why I had to shed My Blood in the Calvary, drop by drop, not only so that the surface might be permeated by Christic and Liberating Love, but also so that souls might learn from self-giving and unconditional surrender.

It is time to face the planetary reality, because many might be surprised overnight. And I ask you, “What will you do, will you abandon the Lord, as many of the apostles did?”

Who will be at the foot of the cross of this planetary calvary, without fearing the forces of evil and without challenging them?

Who will be capable of invoking the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit, to learn how to survive in these critical times?

At the doors of My Spiritual Church, My Eternal Church, My Sublime Church, which dwells, through the Kingdom of God, in the heart of all creatures, I come to deliver to you this revelation, the most intimate one of My Heart. Because the world has gone beyond the limits and borders of balance and has entered an unbalance that seems not to have an end.

This is why this is the time for you, not only on the surface, but also on other planes of consciousness, to learn how to overcome the spiritual battle, in which, unfortunately, all is permitted.

Today, through the aura of My Consciousness, I bring an essential model to you, an example to follow and imitate, Sainte Terese of Child Jesus, who was and is the great mirror of human innocence, represented through the feminine, through the delicacy of love for souls, through constantly embracing sacrifice and the suffering of others, so that, in an anonymous and unconditional way, this suffering in the world may be relieved.

Today, all saints and blessed ones are united to this moment, to reaffirm the devotion to the Sacred and Unfathomable Heart of Jesus, so that there may be souls that are depositories of the codes and merits of Jesus, because humanity needs it before it is too late.

For this reason, I Am here, so that humanity may listen to Me attentively, so that you may know that all the Tabernacles of the Earth are spiritually open at this moment to sustain the planet, through the spiritual order that I have given to the holy angels of God, the great stewards of the Reliquaries of the Body and Blood of Jesus.

At this moment, I invite the devoted and sensible souls to be before all the Tabernacles of the Earth, before an incorrect decision is made in the world and harms many more consciousnesses.

Thus, I invite you to be before the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus time and again, and to suffer in silence with Me so that the suffering may no longer be in the innocent, in the families that escape war and persecution, in the sick amidst war, in those who are paralyzed and immobile, and cannot come out of the chaos.

I want you to think with Me of those who suffer, because I died on a Cross for all and on behalf of all, so that they would have abundant life, so that, in the human consciousness, the Spirit of God’s Life, which had died in many of you in other times, would resurrect, .

This is the reason for the shed Blood of Jesus, for each whip and each martyrdom, for the Face of the Living God having been spat upon and for your Master having remained immutable before evil.

My defeat was not the silence, because My victory was the unconditional surrender of My Heart, without anything in return, even knowing that I would be denied, just as today many souls deny Me due to the martyrdom that many priests have generated in the world, by taking My celestial authority and using it through an action of impurity and injustice.

However, I tell all those who have been affected and offended to come to Me, because My Life may dwell in you, and you may dwell in Me.

Trust in Me! Trust in Me!

I promise to you, and I will always promise to you, the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one can go to the Father, except through Me, because the Father can descend to you through Me, for I Am part of the Father, just as the Father is part of Me, and if I may be in you, My Father will be in you.

How many at this moment lose that Grace and opportunity, and My enemy undermines the Plan of salvation of souls. But I will not tremble, because the Lord does not fear, the Lord advances with determination and bravery, although He carries in His Heart all the sins of the world, although this is anonymous and invisible to the eyes of all.  

My Church needs to be rebuilt, just as Saint Francis of Assisi rebuilt it spiritually through the foundations of humility, austerity, poverty and communion with the holy chastity, through his union with the Kingdoms of Nature.

Despite everything, the Heart of Jesus arrives at this house of spiritual retreat, to withdraw just as it was in Bethany, moments before His surrender in Jerusalem, moments before His Last Supper with His beloved apostles and companions, with His favorite daughters, the holy women.

Today, I come here to rest for a moment, so that the Spirit of Jesus may rest from all it sees in the world, so that this pause may be the moment to immerse into silence and, in this way, to meditate on the new strategies of the Divine Plans of the Lord.

My Hands, My Side and My Feet continue to shed the blood of the innocent, of the martyrs of the end of times, who do not have a religion, but do feel true love and are as united to God as you are, regardless of the suffering that they are going through at this moment, because this is the time of the inner Gethsemane within each one.

Let us celebrate, through the Holy Communion, the merits achieved by the Sacred Heart of Jesus, for the good and peace of souls. Because, once again, We ask for weapons not to be raised, for voices of aggression not to be raised, so that impunity may no longer exist, as well as the nefarious strategies that some nations carry out through war.


Oh, Jerusalem,
on an unexpected day they will surround you with trenches,
they will ambush you like an inoffensive animal,
trying to kill you and make you disappear.

Oh, Jerusalem,
you have not recognized the Face of the Lord,
and now you will recognize this moment,
when your Lord cried at the doors of Jerusalem,
because His own Temple would be in danger.

But do not despair, Jerusalem,
because you are the Promised City,
the reflection of the Celestial City of God,
which Adonai took care of piously,
throughout the tribes and the prophets.

Jerusalem, no longer raise your weapons;
raise your heart to God
and offer yourself for your enemies,
so that the Love of Christ may redeem them,
so that the peace that has disappeared may be established.

Recognize, Jerusalem, that the Messiah has arrived already,
and that the Savior will return soon
and will take you from the trenches and the harassments,
from the dangers and threats.

You will be taken out, Jerusalem,
because the New Jerusalem will come,
the Celestial City of the Father
which will levitate in the Heavens,
which will radiate to the consciousnesses,
which will liberate hearts,
which will reestablish the peace
that so many seek and yearn for.

Oh, Jerusalem,
Sacred Jerusalem, Heart of Galileum,
reflect your principles of loyalty and truth.

Surrender before the Ark of the Holy Covenant, Jerusalem,
just as the patriarchs and the sacred people of Israel did.

Share your treasures of life and teaching,
share the Relics of God.

Jerusalem, be a bridge of peace,
for all those who suffer and must endure,
so that the Call of God
may not be interrupted by the sound of weapons
and by the cries of those who despair,
of the mutilated, the forgotten and the discarded.

Oh, Jerusalem,
do not become compromised with evil,
because evil will be defeated through the Love of Jesus,
just as it was in My last expiration on the Cross.


I thank you for accompanying Me in this hurtful moment and trusting in the regenerating Light of My Heart, so that, in time, all may be repaired within and outside of the human consciousness.

Do not forget unity among you, because where there is no unity, I Am not.

May the little unity that exists in the world prevail, the unity that leads to discernment, the unity that leads to a sensible response, the unity that will always lead you to peace, the unity that will always impel you to be good beings. Because in unity, which is the mirror of God’s Love, lies the master key to overcome the end of times.

Let us celebrate for My wounded Holy Land, from Jerusalem to Gaza, from the Mediterranean Sea up to the Arab Emirates.

Thus, may My Sacred Cross be established, the Cross of Israel, to stop the wars and death of the innocent, of those who cry for help.

The time has come to be a true apostle, because the world needs it, the planet needs it.

I thank you for responding to My call, and under the mysterious Light of My Wounds I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Seek My Peace.