Tuesday, December 10 of 2013

Daily messages

Why do you fear, Soul of Mine, to surrender yourself into the ocean of My Sacrifice?

In the Greater Kingdom there is Eternity, the sublime place that you will be able to find after the long journey among the fires of Earth.  Encourage yourself to suffer for others.  My pulsating and luminous Heart will never abandon you.

For this, dear soul of Mine, I let you know a little more of that which I suffered so long ago for you and for the world.  But many souls do not want to drink of this sacrifice that I have proposed for you since the beginning of the redeeming walk towards My Heart.  I will not give you greater pains than those that I suffered, but in the holy suffering is found the key that will open the doors for those who have fallen from the arms of God.  

O imperishable soul!  Do not have fear to find difficult what I propose for your conversion.  I rejoice that in your path you find difficulties because in the renunciation of self to everything consists the path of holiness.

Soul of Mine, remain very close to Me and permit that I embrace you so that in the hardest moments you may feel that the Love of My Heart will encourage you to go ahead.  Dear soul, you must know from the beginning that whoever offers themselves to the Great Shepherd will be the sheep who will transform themselves the most and who will graze through bitter meadows.

The Lord wishes to convert you into an empty instrument so that over you, dear soul, may be poured the Grace of My inner presence.

Do not lose sight, Soul of Mine, that I Am always by your side indicating to you the path straight to My Heart.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you, Soul of Mine, for donating yourself to My Heart!

Christ Jesus