Thursday, September 4 of 2014

Weekly messages

For the beginning of this important Marathon number 14, also numerically important, I ask you to be on these days transmitters and mediators of My Divine Mercy for all the unborn in the whole world.

It is a very grave failure to cause the loss of life, the opportunity of living of many souls that should arrive to this world in order to relieve it of its own suffering; to relieve it by means of the love and the light that all of these essences should bring from the celestial universe.

Pray with the heart, pray by means of the essence of the Christic Love, that which inexhaustibly springs from My Pious Heart.  In this way you will allow that I rescue all of those who once did not get to be born or to be in the arms of their mothers.

Pray so that the Justice of God may be light in the life of all who falsely proclaim the lack of life in My children, those who must arrive to this world in order to bring the peace of the Greater Universe.  I wish that My Powerful blood be poured upon people who out of ignorance commit these grave outrages that hurt the Creator Heart of the Father.

For this I have chosen the city of Belo Horizonte so that by means of the praying souls it may be the receiver in this time of the Source of My Divine Mercy for all of Brazil.

I want to change the mistakes that many commit by taking the life of the unborn.  It is the time and the moment to remediate the causes of evil and its consequences by means of the offer of finding and living the Divine Mercy.

This special Marathon is dedicated to all of the unborn that on this day cry in the limbo of sorrow and of the Calvary that, for a wrong action and for the lack of love, they have had to go through.

If the roots of these actions are not cut as they are supposed to be, torn out from the soil, greater consequences will weigh in the mind and in the heart of all who commit this outrage against the life that God has given to the creatures.

The Source of My Mercy has the power of remediating and healing all of these offenses.  May this Marathon be a moment for you to become truly aware of the time that you live as humanity and civilization. 

I hope that all of My good prayerful beings will penetrate into the depths of My Heart asking for Mercy and Forgiveness so that I may have the authority to intercede and reverse the evils that many men and women commit towards those who are not born today.

In this way by means of your prayers I will be able to raise the souls that today should be amongst you pouring the Love of God upon the world.  But as it is not possible, I come to give you a great opportunity of realizing a change in the consciousness and principally in the heart.

The lack of life is the absence of the true Love of God and those who participate in these actions towards the unborn will have the opportunity of receiving the last opportunity for of salvation.

While the world without realizing it, submerges itself in hell for the gravity of the unconscious decisions that it makes in favor of taking the life of My little ones, I ask you in times of emergency, to pray with the inner strength of the heart more than with your mouths.  I ask you to pray so that the sacred verb of prayer may be elevated towards the Universe and God the Father may listen, by means of My Offer, to your request of help and of redemption.

If humanity continues to take the life of others, as much for those who are unborn as for those who die unjustly or who are condemned to death, a great wave of justice could alter the illusory and modern good life that many live without seeking God, without seeking love, without seeking peace.  And from night to day many would awaken in the rubble of suffering and of their own fall by means of human injustice.  In order to avoid the Greater Law upon you I come to ask for the consecration of the whole world to My Most Sacred Heart.

I also come to ask for the creation of a fourth Branch of the Grace Mercy Order, an Order that belongs to Me in Heaven.  This fourth Branch which I am speaking a about to you is the Branch of the Worshippers of the Mystical and Eucharistic Body of Christ.  If many worshipped the Most Holy Sacrament many causes that would have immediate consequences would be avoided in the world and in humanity.

By the authority that God has granted Me as the Firstborn Son I wish that there exist this fourth Civil Branch of Worshippers of the Most Holy Sacrament and of the Divine Mercy.  They will be the ones who will spread the gifts that I achieved by means of the Passion and of the Resurrection because they will have vows of service, prayer and adoration in honor to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and in the name of Redemption and Mercy for humanity.

The branch of worshippers will be arise especially in the Children of Mary and they will have as temples of worship the Marian Centers and the Nuclei of Service, as well as the churches and chapels.  Remember that I Am present in all of the Sanctuaries of the Earth.  It does not matter where it may be, My Heart is luminous for all and in every place. 

If this branch of worshippers could give in My name the fruits of adoration, of unity and fraternity, today I would be able to tell you that the world, to a great extent, would be safe from its own sorrows and actions.

After fourteen Marathons of the Divine Mercy the moment has come for confirming yourselves as My Soldiers and Apostles, those who will give testimony of conversion and of renovation to all of those who lose themselves.

I will thank all for this true answer.

I give thanks to the Sacred Sky Nucleus for sheltering Me with so much love and dedication, as many did in the humble house of My Ancient Jerusalem.

Peace and Good for all.

Your Master of Love,

Glorified Christ Jesus