Friday, April 17 of 2015

Monthly messages


On this night of an encounter with My Heart, I want to reveal something important to you, something that will motivate the life of your spirits, which must always decide to follow My Path.

Through this special mission in Africa, you, on the inner planes, are before the Lords and Angels of the Final Justice, surrendering before the Sacred Table of God all debts committed and reflecting, from your souls, on these spiritual matters.

It is these fourteen Lords of the Final Judgment who also guided the prophets and saints and, together with the Guardian Angels, taught in other times about the Mercy of God and about the Gift of Fear of God.

Today your spirits, those who are living the time of debt redemption, are receiving the universal Grace of clearing the debts caused until today, through the service that is lovingly offered to nations of Africa, to souls that have been imprisoned for hundreds of years.

In honor of Adonai, the universe of the Lords of the Final Judgment decided to erase and make disappear from the Holy Books of Heaven a part of the great sin of humanity.

Your souls are in deep meditation, and perhaps many of you do not perceive this today, but I want to instruct you that the possibility of having fulfilled the humanitarian mission for peace and for the spiritual redemption of Africa is generating a sea of Graces and a universe of opportunities.

There are consciousnesses that would not deserve it. Within the attributes of the Law of God, they would not deserve it.

Companions, through the intercession of the Sacred Hearts, a kind of freezing of the Law is happening and the effects it generates, due to the serious faults of humanity, are being avoided.

If the mission to Africa had not happened, as well as the mission to the north of Brazil, certain consequences in the spiritual universe of humanity would have had no return. Also through the participation in the Sacred Week of this month, a form of internal atonement was deposited in all those who, without arrogance but with faith, participated in these meetings with Jesus, and once again Christ obtained the victory in the most condemned hearts.

Thus, many, before the Lords of the Final Judgment, became responsible and committed for life, until the last moments of the transition on Earth, to respond to the final designs that My Heart will reveal, during the days of tribulation, to a certain group of souls, and that will serve as protection and spiritual shelter for all those souls that continue to trust in Jesus.

When the crucial hour of your purification arrives, it will be the great moment of your confirmation before the Celestial Father and you will receive the chance of not deviating from the path and of blindly following all the Instructions of your Lord.

For those most crucial moments, I will already find Myself in retreat, in prayer and vigil, preparing to return as no one imagines in their mind and heart.

But I will come and many will recognize Me, but the codes of My victory in you must be the shield against all evil, and he who prays will not lose them.

Under the Grace that comes from Emmanuel, be blessed.

Thank you for giving of yourself from your heart to fulfill My Works of Redemption.

The Glorified Christ Jesus