Wednesday, August 24 of 2011

Special Apparition

We met around the orange tree of the apparitions.  There was a greater number of participants for this meeting with the Divine Mother.

So it was as on other days, we began praying for a long time, waiting for an inner sign.  Then, when the sun was coming up, a bright celestial light appeared and bathed the whole tree, and thus started the manifestation of the Divine Mother of the Conception of the Trinity.

In Her arms She held a small child, a few months old, smiling and joyful.  The Mother was rocking him from side to side and said to us: “If you are like children and come to Me, you will be saved”.

After this apparition, the Divine Mother of the Conception of the Trinity appeared again; with Her arms stretched out and pointing down, and from the palms of Her hands an intense celestial energy was radiated and touched the ground.  From behind Her head appeared three intense golden rays and after that a space opened up like a sky that reached to another plane where a group of angels were accompanying her.

Twelve stars then appeared with the written word MIRNAHE.  After some time She offered us a golden chalice with a cut glass rim that was empty.

The transmission began:


Welcome all My children, and also those of My children who come back to the path after having lost their way.  If you do not believe in Me, that is not the most important; the most important is to lighten up the spirit and unite to the Higher.

Pray with Me now the prayer to the Divine Mother of Mercy to establish the light, in this dawn over this part of the world.


(All of those present prayed the suggested prayer)


In your hearts acknowledge your faults and give them to Me today, for the humble heart is the one that realizes what it has done and does not fear to expose and extirpate the past.  Whoever comes to Me will be nearer to Christ, and will be able to live the redemption for these times.

Evil and confusion are the emblems of this world, and this is why I need peaceful hearts to pray with Me and help Me to mitigate suffering.  Do not be afraid if you are hiding things from Me, I see you and know you since before you were born, along with many others of my children.  Be in peace by receiving Me today and do not protect the skin that must be shed.

The time has come to go up high and to transcend the path towards Me.  Calm your hearts by means of My Maternal Love, and if you do not believe in Me, believe in love, call for the Higher Love to penetrate and protect you.  It is this very same love that I attend to day by day, this love that is the Source of My Father.

Today I have come to tell you to place a permanent ceremonial candle in this prayer room, so that My Light is represented by means of the Sacred Flame that never dies and is always reborn.  You will place this candle to the right of the image of the Divine Conception of the Trinity so that souls may hold vigil with Me in prayer.

Today I pour special Graces over the land of Aurora; which today you can neither feel nor see, because first the soul must be in good faith to unite to the Creator and live from His sublime state of union with the One Spirit of Mercy.  All of you and many of My children have been touched by Mercy, and although this may seem distant from your understanding, you must remember and notice the Inner Flame; this is the eternal Fire of Mercy for these times.

If you are all like children, you may remain in Me and I in you; as well as all My other sons and daughters, if they are like children, they may come back to Me and I will be with them eternally.  Unite your essences to My Heart to find strength for the trials that are to come.  To confirm the path of God, that is perfect and pious, the soul must be empty of itself in order to comprehend the higher purpose, that is the sacred understanding.

This Center (Aurora) will undergo trials of confirmation, because the warriors who follow this path will have to confirm themselves by having faith in the unknown, in what is immaterial.
Let us pray today to mitigate the suffering and the blindness of the world.  You should know that you have received special Graces that you do not yet deserve, but I as Protector, Guardian and Mother, I have welcomed you in My prayers.

Today you are all being forgiven of faults, and may your hearts be joyful for being reborn to a life that was once uncertain.  If you meet Me again in your paths, it is the symbol of the call for the heart to answer to what is superior, and to go forward, united to me, to My special Love.

I am the Celestial Star that lightens up darkness, and I call My children to unite to this light, that is the Father’s, so that you may again find comfort for your hearts in My Maternal Flame, and thus, as in the beginning, I could hold you in My arms as with Jesus, so that you receive My Inner Peace and My protection. Many times you have come into My arms, but you hardly noticed or felt it.

Will it be that you believe in My existence?

What else must I do with all My children in order for them to pray with Me at least once?  I am here as in Medjugorje, to bring the good news that comes from Christ, from our highest Lord of the Universe.  Open your hearts for these final times, and let drain the muddy waters that restrain the love from the heart.  Because, if we all pray to our Lord, darkness that looks obscure is dispersed, and love is reborn.

You are being called to live in fraternity and to represent My Face of the Superior Divine Trinity on this land.  You are being called to conceive My new children, that will be born from the darkness, from the obscure places, and that must be rescued by simple prayer from the heart.  Uplift your thoughts to My greater soul so that I may penetrate the inner worlds of the heart and guide the Divine Purpose to all children.

Remember My time of preparation in Nazareth, when I was in prayer and in union with God, also drinking from the chalice of commitment, as has My Redeemer Son, who accepted it as a divine covenant in Gethsemane.

Today I give you My chalice of Peace so that you may take it to those who are thirsty for My love, and to those who do not know Me because of confused fear.  In the infinite light of resurrection of My Son, I give you the code of My Peace to be sown in your dormant hearts.  You are now awakening before Me to be reborn to a new life united to the Divine.

I am rising up; protect the groups of prayer.  I summon the first seven prayer groups here to be in vigil with Me in My special House, to collaborate with Me in deepening into Peace that in the hearts is needed, because they are without light and without love.  I Am the Queen of Peace, I Am the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Receive the Spirit of the Trinity that is the origin of the beginnings.  In the prodigious love of Christ, stay with My Inner Peace today.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.  Amen.


The apparition fades from the tree and the silhouette rises to infinity.



Tuesday, August 23 of 2011

Special Apparition

On this day the monastery and the residents met for prayer in the area of the apparitions at the appointed time, waiting for the arrival of the Celestial Mother.

During the prayer, the sisters of the Monastery of Eternal Faith started to sing the canticle “Hail Mary”. At this moment the sun began to rise on the horizon, illuminating the whole field.

There a great beam of celestial light manifested above the tree before us that came from the sky and descended over the area where we were. A few moments later the whole tree appeared to be surrounded by a gold color.  After that three rings of gold energy surrounded the tree.

From there came a great sphere of light that crossed from another dimension to a reality closer to us; this sphere descended over the top of the orange tree and there manifested the presence of the Divine Mother of the Trinity, this time dressed in a golden mantle.  Her hands were together holding an orândio and her feet were placed on a white cloud and with her soft right hand She held a christic cross.

She then showed us a golden double cord made from entwined fabric; it went twice around Her waist and was tied in a bow hanging with two knots at her side.  On the left part of the bow were three knots.  She said that this detail was missing in the painting of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Behind her appeared seven gold rings, one within the other, and they went on to infinity.  At first She smiled at us, at times She would turn Her gaze to Heaven, and in other moments She would spread Her hands over our heads radiating white light.

All of us were before the radiance of the Universal Mother; again She was accompanied by two angels who seemed to be Her guardians.

On this day, the luminic manifestation of light of the Mother was more potent than at other times.  The group kept alert, waiting for some indication, until the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity started to transmit Her words on this third meeting day.

She transmitted to those who were present:


You are with Me, you are with Me, you are with Me.

By the most precious blood that flowed from the Cross of the Redeemer: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Today I have come to tell you to put the cross of the New Humanity over the entrance of this House, so that the four elements of this world redeem themselves and may be born again in the next cycle.

Take with you the light of My Heart so that you may feel the Peace and the Love of this Mother.  Today I see you here but I have also seen you in other moments.  Sow tameness in your hearts so that the wave which bears evil does not touch you.  When you are beneath My mantle you will follow My orientation and you will know what to do at the right time.

Today I come as the Queen of the Sun, as the Morning Star, as the Door of the Ark of Covenant to enable the Divine Spirit to descend to Earth.  Today you are before My Divine Trinity, the one that once came forth from the heart of the universe, and the one that you must not forget.  Wake up today to the songs of Glory, so that the Heavens may sound their trumpets and so that humanity may be redeemed.  Bring with you the faithful love of My angels so that you may encounter light on the paths and then so that you may conduct my children who are dispersed by suffering.

I am here to announce to you a new symbol of Peace which is: to Love Prayer above everything else, even more than your own selves, more than your thoughts and your feelings.  Because I count on you as instruments to enable Me to issue forth My Peace in this part of the world.

You already know that My announcements are coming to an end.  Know that My task as the Redeemer extends itself worldwide, unifying the light of the Prayer Groups that are sustained by My Faith, so that nothing will destroy them.  Silence of the heart will be the key for these times, for those who seek to find Me within, in each heart and essence.  Know that I count on your prayers even if they are small because the essences that are obscured must be reborn before the final time.

The Time of Peace is arriving in these times for a short period, before the cycle of Justice, that is Divine and Inscrutable.  I give you the Light of My Prayer so you can unite to Me and find Christ in your hearts. Do not think of your thoughts as having little clarity, because the darkness is passing all around, and you, My children, and the children of all the prayer groups, must come to help me and trust in My fullness as Mother and Guardian.

The days of obscurity are near, the prophets have described them.  But, points of light are resplendent for these times, they are God’ emanations that are sown through My universal task.  So that the works of light, that are Divine and Merciful, can prevail, I need faithful followers, who despite having fallen, rise and follow Me.

Today I have come to announce and ask for the symbol of the cross in this House, as well as in the House in the mountains of Brazil where I have appeared.  A third Prayer House must be built so that the three will represent My Trinity in this part of the world.  My next place of apparition will be in the mountains of Cordoba so that this house will affirm My Light and the gate to redemption will be opened for the fallen spirits of this nation.  Argentina has been My chosen task, in which I am helping in the rescue of precious souls.

Take with you the symbol of My Cross, the cross carried by the Redeemer, so you may be reminded that the sacrifice for the All is the key that overcomes obscurity and will be victorious.  From praying spirits are built new temples like this one, My special Prayer dwelling, as in Fátima, Lourdes and Medjugorje.  In each place where I appear I announce something different, as children and humanity in redemption.  But the task of this house will be the redemption of the heart, redemption of pain, and the uplifting of past suffering to My Heart.

I want to construct the New Church that must descend from the Heavens, this which has been misunderstood since the beginning, in the teachings that Christ transmitted about simplicity and humility.

I Am Mary, the Queen of Light for these times, that knows and understands the ways of this world since the beginning.
The first patriarchs left the legacy to the peoples and tribes, but humanity was asleep and fell, and the Father entrusted Me with its rescue from the subhuman conditions in which it has lived for ages.

May My Light be born in your hearts, so that the flame may glow and remain united to Me, whatever happens.  Pray to establish Peace in this part of the world; souls clamor for it and need it.

Bring My Maternal Light to all, and remember when you were children and found comfort in your mothers; this is how I am, the Guardian of Love, the Mother of Peace, the Sun that shines in the heart of the universe and brings light to these times.

I am grateful that you have answered My call.



Monday, August 22 of 2011

Special Apparition

The day of the encounter with the Celestial Mother arrived. The group from the monastery went to the area of the apparitions, in front of the Prayer House. There the group begins the connection with Mary, praying to the Universal Mother. The group prays for some time while waiting for the Apparition of the Divine Mother. 

When the morning sun started to come up, Friar Elías and Mother Shimani stood up. The Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity started to manifest Her presence above the orange trees and from there she transmitted.

The Celestial Mother is holding an open book with Her left hand and points upward with Her right hand, wearing an orandio hanging from her neck that is bigger than 72 beads.  She is surrounded by an intense celestial white light.  Her feet rest upon a small cloud with seven red roses. On a higher level, to Her right and to Her left, there are two angels which are holding a golden chalice and which lift up this chalice with their hands, looking up to Heaven.   She descends from the top of the tree to where the group is and stays in the air a meter above the ground.  The Mother stretches both Her arms sideways over our heads and from Her hands comes a white light that bathes us.


In the very precious and glowing Fire of the Father: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

I have come here to tell you to build a garden of roses so that the thoughts of suffering will be lifted up to My Heart.

Pray, pray, pray, because humans do not listen to My words.  Suffering must be relieved through the light that you have come to know.  I have announced that all My children will be present here in this place.  Why haven’t they come?  Have they really heard My call well?  I will wait for them.  (Only members of the Monastery were present, not the collaborators who live there.)

I am the same Virgin that was born from the Source to rescue the souls.  Today as the Divine Conception of Trinity I bring to you My Eternal Love as protector and guardian.

Build this garden as it is in the sublime worlds, so that suffering finds its rest and may be uplifted by the healing that is born from here.

Pilgrimage, the inner path, will begin with small groups, but later, over the months and years, this Center of My Light will grow.  For that, during these eight days of meeting you are being prepared for the last times that will come, the same as many others of My children in other parts of this world.  My message is meant to resound more intensely in the hearts, and you must be the spokesperson of My message, just as the other children to whom I appear.

You only know a few aspects of My Heart, but today I present another one: My Rose of Light.

I expect you to share the fraternity of the heart with Me, so that this inner essence radiates to all brothers and sisters.  Find peace in your hearts, do not fear, I am with each one of you, for as I have said, each one will help Me receive those who come here.

The evening hour will be My favorite for the processions, My Immaculate hour, My seal of light, so that the soul in its progress may leave its clothing behind and reach My temple to reverence me and to drink from the Fountain of My Love.

I am with My angels that lift their chalices for redemption; drink from them with Me in faith and trust.  On these days dedicate hours to deep prayer, bring this message of Mine to all the other brothers and sisters that need to return to listen to My Voice in order to want to follow this path of abyss.

I thank you for answering My call and I also thank all of My children who pray in faith and without seeing Me.  On these days you are receiving a Grace which you little understand, but keep watch over it so it does not dissipate, so that it can be affirmed in each heart and so that it may radiate, because now the time has come.

On the two last days I expect the presence here of My daughters of prayer, My four daughters of prayer who started My Network of Praying Light.  I expect at least two of them to come here as I must tell them something for these days.

The New Essential Lis is awakening and you must be prepared to welcome those who are distant and those who awaken to this new impulse of Fátima.  Devotion must be permanent in every inner essence; you must look for this essence in your hearts and tell your brothers and sisters to also search for it, because there I will affirm Myself in order to bestow the Mercy of My Son.

Thank you for answering My call.  Announce to the whole world all the hearts who follow Me as I appear as Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Announce to the world My message during these days so that all may follow you in their hearts, you who are spokespersons for this My Voice in this inner pilgrimage we begin today.  If you are here it is because you have been with Me in other times.  Meditate on what I tell you, trust My Redeeming Light.

I am the Divine Conception that radiates the Trinity of the Universe to the hearts that lighten up.  I Am Maria, I Am the new Feminine Consciousness that reappears before you and all My children for the rescue.  The time has come for salvation and for keeping My commitment.  Be aware that these are My last meetings with you so later you may follow the path of this Center of Prayer.

Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity



Thursday, August 18 of 2011

Special Apparition

After having performed the morning liturgy in the Monastery of the Divine Reverence, Friar Elías received a call to go with Mother Shimani to the place where the Apparitions of the Divine Mother started at Casa Redención area a few years ago, place where today Her House of Prayer is being built.

When they got to the area, they waited in prayer for some sign. At a certain moment, a strong wind started encircling them, and the orange trees swayed from side to side.

Friar Elías said that in that moment he saw appearing, in other planes, a white luminous sphere that settled upon one of the orange trees. 

They continued in prayer until Friar Elías said: She appears as the Queen of Peace. She is asking us to pray for those who are agonizing. 

They prayed some beads of the prayer "Universal Mother".

Friar Elías: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Divine Mother said:


My Heart glows again for returning to one of My homes.  I have come to announce My return to this place; even though My work is not yet finished, I am here.

I am the Queen of Peace, the Guardian of Heaven’s Doors, I am the Divine Conception of the Trinity, born from the point of love of God, the Merciful Source of Creation. 
I come here to ask you to meet here from the 22nd to the 29th of August(*), at the same times, to welcome Me.  During each day I will tell you what I want from this place, and what it is that God wills.

Be joyful, I am amongst you, I am the Guardian of Faith, the Universal Protector of souls.

I have come to ask you to build the Divine Conception of the Trinity, the image and likeness of God, by means of the symbol of a sculpture.  If you step forward to me in Me this way, not only will you be as Christians, children of Christ, but also souls in consecration.  You will place this image inside this house (the House of Prayer that is being built), so this part of the world may worship Me, and so I may heal and reconvert the spirits in these final times.

From the day of the 22nd to the 29th of August, everyone will be the participants in My apparition, those who believe in Me and those who don’t believe in me, those who in past times once listened to My messages and those who have forgotten.  My heart glows with another joy for taking part in this maternal encounter of love and of peace.

The image of the Divine Conception of the Trinity will be the protection for this house, since the evil that exists elsewhere and tempts other beings will be unable to enter because I will be there, protecting the Great Door.

I am here amongst you to radiate My Peace to you, and in order for you to feel My shelter as Mother and Guardian.

You are being called to go deeper into Prayer, instrument of the Creator, that together with Me will heal the souls.  I am the Guardian of Love, the Immaculate Conception, the Lady of Contemplation and of prayer, the one that announces Herself to the world to offer you rescue, definitive salvation, the last door of light that I am opening for these times.

Your Lord Christ, who is in the Heavens, that penetrates the dimensions and spaces of this universe, has assigned Me to ask you to perform prayer to restore the souls, so that here, the Source of My Heart can be given forth, as it was in the beginning.

I want to announce to you that the image will not be in the old pattern, but will be the symbol of My radiance, that descends from the Heavens to this place, and thus will consecrate it, and so it will be, and even more so, to all those who persecute My Work, because they don’t understand it.

The Divine Conception of the Trinity is a symbol of the union with Me, it is the seal of union with My Immaculate Spirit from whence I may give forth from the Source to your hearts, to the hearts that are without light and that are without comfort.  The Divine Conception of Trinity will unite religions and beliefs so that all may unite in My Universal Consciousness and to fulfill from now on the prophecies of the prophets that announce: the arrival of the Star Crowned Queen.

I am stomping evil with my feet so that it may disappear and so that by means of love you will help Me to redeem it.

I tell you that this place will not work only with healing but also in deep Prayer with Me.  In devotion to My Face Conceived by the Spirit of the Trinity I welcome all of you in My arms so that you may feel My maternal spirit, so you may be near Me, as was Jesus, when little and as an adult.  I will always be here as the same Mother, the same Sun that shines in the heart and opens the doors to the times.

A grand ceremony will begin in celebration of My arrival in this country, in this region, in redemption and for this opportunity of knowing My Consciousness from other levels, from other Heavens.  I am with you, do not fear for what people say, you must keep steady in the purpose of My Voice and My Vow.

I am the light that illuminates the paths, I am the Mother that imprints the way with My footsteps.  All those who want to be forgiven must come to Me in bare feet as am I.  Surrender everything to our Lord that is in the Heavens, and who reigns over the universes, to He who created us in His Love and His Will.

You are with Me, all of you, in My Heart, and I share urgent Grace for these times when the world is going through its last cycle.  Thus I will reach as Consciousness, as Mother of Divine Conception of the Trinity, other regions of this world, to be able to pour My healing mantle over the fallen hearts, and so that the essences that are in the abyss can be revived by the action and work of My Love.

I announce to you that the days of the 12th and the 13th of each month will be dedicated to healing in Prayer for all those who come here, as you must announce that I will be present, close by and in every heart.

From next month on (September 2011) there will be a procession from the entrance of that house to this one, My House, in order for everyone to be embraced by the spirit of Prayer, and so that My healing and redeeming energy may reach all those who are present.

I am opening My arms of light and My Heart to all those who want to come here during those days; but knowing that I am bestowing a special Grace for these critical times, thus this is My commitment.

I am calling all My children to accompany Me in Prayer and to come here from the days of the 22nd to the 29th of August so each one will receive from Me that which God assigned Me.

There is a great secret that today I entrust to you, that MIRNAHE means Divine Trinity.

Bring with your hands My banner of Love and allow My Love to envelop you and dissolve conflict and deception.

Mother of Divine Conception of the Trinity.

In the Peace of our Lord Christ



(*) The Apparitions lasted until September 2, 2011.



Thursday, August 25 of 2011

Special Apparition

On this fifth day, the group met at the same time as the previous days, to start the prayer of attunement.

Through songs and prayers, the inner condition for receiving the Divine Mother was gradually created in all those present, as well as within the room.

After an extended time of prayer, Friar Elías and Mother Shimani stood up, contemplating toward the direction of the top of the orange tree, where the Celestial Mother had appeared in the last few days.

After a few minutes of deep silence, Friar Elías approaches the tree. Moments later he returned to the place where he was and began to describe what happened.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

A while after the attunement had started, high in the sky to the right of the orange tree, a manifestation appeared of another open sky from where an intense white light was emerging.

There, in the highest point of the sky, the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity appeared, resplendent in Light and radiating it from Her Presence toward the entire area where we were.

Then, from that place in the sky, the Mother gently descended by means of a white cloud that was under her feet.  While reaching the treetop, she stopped, and it was as if she had rested upon the branches of the orange tree.

In her right hand, She carried a brown colored scapular, and in her left hand, open and facing downward, She held an orandium. She holds the beads in silence and with a smile.

At Her arrival, the Divine Mother emanated a strong light blue energy upon all those present, and Her face gradually manifested ever more clearly upon the tree.

Then, with Her left hand (the one holding the orandium), She asked me to come closer so that I could see what was engraved inside the scapular. When I approached, I saw myself under Her feet and Her Presence, which was immense in light, color and energy. At that moment, She directed Her gaze to where I was and silently smiled. Her face was of light, Her eyes light blue, Her skin was delicate and soft.

She raised the scapular a little with Her hand so that I could look at it. I saw that on one side was the image of the Merciful Christ and on the other, an image of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. At the bottom of both sides of the scapular, there was a cross of the new humanity.

At that moment, smiling and radiating the brightness of her eyes, she said to us:

"Whoever wears this scapular will receive the new codes from Heaven, codes that come from God."

At that moment, above Her, another sky appeared, which seemed more powerful and luminous than the first one. From that Sky, a celestial and white energy descended upon the scapular that the Divine Mother held. Then She smiled again, and asked me to go back to where I was with the rest of the group.

Today She is dressed in a sky-blue Mantle, Her image is more alive, more real.

The Divine Mother says:

By the power of the Divine Water that flowed out from the Heart of the Master, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I have come to announce the symbol of My scapular to you, the scapular of Peace, so that you may disseminate it as an instrument of protection against evil. You are not imitating the old doctrines, but rather you are imitating Me, the Guardian of Love, the Protector of souls.

I am the Spirit of Peace, the spring of that stream of Light. I am the one who safeguards the hearts that have fallen and that despair. Thus, I give this instrument to you and to all My children, so that through your Congregation (1) of love and peace, you may carry this symbol, together with Me.

Today I ask you to build a fence here, around this tree, with your own hands, so that you may feel the love of this land and new fruits may blossom around your hearts that await for My call and My peace.

Today I also ask you to drink from the fount of the well that you have made, in the other lands nearby, a fount that I have consecrated through My silence for the healing of the hearts and the souls. This is a spiritual fount that emerges from within, which, little by little, you will come to know. 

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Now the scapular has disappeared, as well as the orandium, and with both hands, She is lifting up a silver equal-armed cross.

The Divine Mother says:

This is the symbol of redemption, the symbol of the rehabilitation of those who have forgotten Me and those who have not heard My message.

Children, I also ask that you build several paths with flowers, so that My love can be expressed throughout the procession path, all the way to here. 

I also ask that the image that was painted  be placed here, and that below it there may be the symbol of the cross of the new humanity, so that everything may be redeemed.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Now She is showing us how She wants the image to be placed in this space. 

The Divine Mother says:

This will be a meeting point for those who pray, for all those who do not manage to enter this House of Prayer, when great multitudes come who will be seeking a new state of peace, through My Presence in the Trinity.

I was conceived by the Grace of the Holy Spirit, an emanation that is born of the universe within Celestial Lakes, where essences manifest to begin to live this path of evolution. I emerged from there, through the Creator Fathers who, with Their love, conceived My Presence. 

Know that I am the Feminine Source of God, that source that can do all things and that renews all things when the heart opens.

You stand before the Mother of Love who understands all things and who waits for Her children to grow and unite in consciousness with Her, with Me.

Today I open My arms to pour the Fount of Grace into your hearts and into those hearts that are dark and have long-lived without light.

Pray for the reconversion of all those beings, this is why I have asked for this house. It is time to begin! It is time to rescue with Me those who are alone and those who lose their faith!

I know that you do not understand why I am here, but your hearts do understand, because they feel and see Me on another plane and within another rhythm. It is there where you and all My children must return to, so you can see the flame being born, that always burns through Me.

In the days when everything seems like darkness and despair in the mind, in the heart and in the spirit, you must carry this symbol of the scapular of Peace so that you may be protected through prayer.

Today, place in your hearts all those who lose their faith and those who lack love, those who are desperate and those who die because they have nothing. On this day, I collect souls from some points of this world, souls like yours, living souls that have lost their essences through not knowing how to find me and for being scattered by the evil that never rests.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Now She shows Her right foot stepping upon a serpent.

The Divine Mother says:

I eradicate the evil from hearts, even more so in the hearts that do not believe Me and still do not hear My message, for it has no echo in the inner essence that loses its fleeting light, a light that I nurture with My prayers.

I eradicate! I eradicate! I eradicate! as Warrior of the Light, I eradicate the aftermath of the evil that destroys My children and causes them to lose their cosmic life.

But some of them I must only observe, because they have accepted traveling along other paths and they do not find refuge in My Heart, which has been open for centuries. 

Today I cry out for the fallen hearts, for all those who live without light and have no peace, for the three days of bitterness are approaching in these end times. Thus, praying souls must burn, but without becoming fascinated.

They must burn through Me and help me to rescue what seems un-rescuable.

I wait for you; I wait for My own. I am the Queen of Redemption, the Light of Peace, the Immaculate Heart of Mercy.

Hear My Voice! Hear My Voice! This is the last path that is being traveled.

If you do not see me, it is because God does not wish it. Know how to recognize the Will that is not yours, but rather comes from the Heavens to fill hearts and to place you in your inner tasks.

Carry this message to all My children, as well as all My announcements during these eight days. On the eighth day, I will do something immaculate for those who are awake and know to recognize My Light, a Light that your essences recognize. 

Today, I light the Flame of My Heart for all My children and, together with you, I will go along this path of healing through prayer and the procession to My Holy Face of the Divine Trinity. 

May the Spirit, the burning Flame, the Father, the Sublime Conception of the Universe and the Son, the Redemptive Essence of the worlds, nurture your hearts, so that you may find peace through My Heart. 

I am the Queen of Shields, the One Who with Her mantle protects creatures .

A new peace will come after the difficult times, a peace in which all essences must learn to be reborn. 

Thank you for responding to My call!

(1) The Grace Mercy Order




Saturday, August 27 of 2011

Special Apparition


Today the group grows even more in its number of participants for the meeting with the Celestial Mother.

At the indicated time, the prayer to the Universal Mother begins.

After 7:30 am, Friar Elías and Mother Shimani stand up, announcing the arrival of the Divine Mother. At that moment, a request is made to pray “The Prayer to the Mother of Divine Mercy.” After some prayers, the feminine monastics began to sing the song “Ave María.”

Then there is silence and Friar Elías approaches the tree; when he returns, he begins to transmit what he has perceived.

Friar Elías: When the “Ave María” was sung, the Divine Mother manifested in the right upper portion of the orange tree; it was as if a part of the sky had torn open and another sky had manifested.

In the beginning, the Divine Mother brought a medallion in Her hands in the shape of an oval and in the color silver. In the center of the medallion, the representation could be seen of this Apparition: the image of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity resting on the cloud that has the moon and the roses at Her feet.

Around this image the following phrase could be read: “I Am the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.”

She revealed that in the days of darkness, whoever carries this medallion will not only have their body protected, but also their soul. She said that this medallion brings a celestial energy and presence.

She then asked me to look behind Her, where armies of angels could be seen. Some carried scepters in their hands and others seven-armed candelabra, with seven lit candles.

The angels began to descend and draw closer to the Mother; they walked around Her, as if they were pilgrimaging.

At this moment, the image changed, and the Celestial Mother appeared holding in Her right hand a small bell, which She began to sound in space. The line of angels was long, and they were coming from a deep space, from another Heaven.

Then the image changed again; She stretched Her arms downward and, through the palms of Her hands, She radiated us with an intense light. She also radiated the first three trees that are here before us, which form part of a triangle. She said that one represented the Father, another the Son and the other the Holy Spirit; it is that Spirit of the Trinity that She is causing to descend.

Moments later She walked toward the crown of the first tree and rested upon it, and there began to radiate it with Her light.

Then She again showed the medallion that She brought in the beginning, and made it grow in size and She placed it over the group that was present.

When She asked me to approach the tree, She showed details of the medallion ,in which the image that appears has the twelve stars over Her head, but not the word Mirnahe.

Sometimes She smiles at us in silence.

“My Heart must triumph within fallen hearts.”

And this She says as if it were Her motto.

The image of the medallion withdrew and now She is opening an orandium with Her hands; it is a very large orandium, and She offers it to us. Each ten beads, the Orandium has a small medallion, which shines in a silver color.

Now, each one of these medallions of the orandium, which are seven, has a different color, like the seven colors of the rainbow.

The Divine Mother says:

Find Peace in My Heart.

Listen to My voice, pray with Me, pray for those who suffer and for those who are not here, for those who do not believe in Me, and for those who are awakening.

I Am the Queen of the New Conception, I Am the Spirit of Love and of Peace, I Am the Mother of the suffering and of those who are alone, I Am the Mother of all.

At the request of the Divine Mother, all begin to pray the prayer to the Universal Mother.

Friar Elías: Now She is again showing the medallion that She showed us in the beginning. Around it is written a sentence, a little closer to the edge of the medallion,appear three small six-pointed stars, which represent: the Spirit of the Son, the Spirit of the Father and the One Spirit, which is the Spirit of the Trinity.

The Divine Mother says:

This is the Alliance of the beings with God for these times.

Today I come to request that you not sell what I am giving to you, but rather that you feel it is a sacred object, a Divine element that comes from the Heavens.

I am giving you so many keys so that you may believe in Me and trust in Me. I safeguard everyone in their inner worlds and hear each heart that cries out to Me.

Today I give you the Light of the Divinity in your hearts.

Friar Elías: Now She is stretching Her arms downwards and is radiating Her Light to us, the Light of Divinity.

The Divine Mother says:

Feel this path that you are building with Me, which in the end of times you will understand better, when you unite in Light with Me; in this way, I will be able to protect you and safeguard you.

Listen to My Message of Peace, My Message of Reconciliation. I have come from the Heights to see you, to be with you and with all of My children of this world.

You know that My message is being revealed in various parts of the world; listen to the echo of My voice, that it may resound in the depths of the consciousness and in the heart. In this way, you will be able to be My guardians of prayer, a redeeming prayer that must fill the souls that will come in desperation, that will come in search of Peace and of inner silence.

In the streets and in the peoples, you will see the demons that surround souls. That is why I give My Medallion of Peace, My medallion of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, so that the original Alliance, which is born of the Source, may protect and guide all of you.

When I am not here, My voice no longer proclaiming , it will be the moment in which you must unite with Me in prayer and build an inner dialogue with Me.

There I will be, like a father that hears and cries out for their children. As the Higher Father that is in the Heavens, so will He be on Earth for those who open their hearts to this new call of reconciliation and of peace. You must bring to Me those who suffer, so that they may be rescued, and those hearts that are asleep may find My Maternal Heart. 

I Am the Bird of the Sun, the dawn of the morning, I Am the Queen of Peace that brings this energy for these times; receive it in your hearts.

Do not fear, I am with you, united in prayer we will build the paths so that the angels, My angels, may descend and, within what is unknown, rescue from the underworlds what is dark and what has had pain for a long time.

Give your prayers to My Heart, I hear them. Feel My voice that cries out; this is the last call, it is My last echo for this part of the World.

You know that I have appeared in other places for some time, carrying the same purpose of Peace for humanity, for My children and for your hearts.

Pour your voices into My Immaculate Heart, which hears and responds to everyone without distinction, to each one in due time and to each one according to the response they give to My call.

If I ask you to pray, it is because it is urgent; your beings believe little of what I tell you, but when you are here with Me, in the doorway to Heaven, you will see the path trodden and the Purpose of God that I am fulfilling today for this part of the world.

Touch My Heart with love; It will respond to you and My Light will ignite in your essences so that you may be affirmed in Me and follow the path among the abysses and the cliffs; I will be sustaining the cord, the bridge of light so that you may cross and we can meet.

Today I am carrying more souls to the Heavens with this Immaculate meeting.

Friar Elías: Now, She is igniting in Light and elevating Her arms upward.

The Divine Mother says:

If you hear My Voice, you will receive the Grace that descends from the Heights through Me, your Protecting Mother.

Friar Elías: Now, above Her head appears a great golden six-pointed star.

The Divine Mother says:

This is the final alliance for beings, for those that believe in eternity and unite with Me to walk upon new paths that I will pave, by means of the beating of your hearts within My Heart.

Today, I show you the candelabra, the seven principles of God that manifests in its flames: Love, Redemption, Unity, Peace, Healing, Forgiveness and Transfiguration. These seven principles will be poured out upon the World, into a world that experiences chaos and despair.

But if more souls respond to My call, with a permanent and continuous prayer, Graces will come in spite of the pain, and I will be able to transform everything in the hearts that suffer. Today I relieve your beings with a sublime Grace and I hope you will help me to alleviate the other hearts that are imprisoned behind the bars of evil.

Friar Elías: At this moment, through a vision of another plane, the Celestial Mother is showing the presence of souls that had been imprisoned behind bars throughout eternal times (centuries).

The Divine Mother says:

And so, between prayer and prayer, My sword will cut the evil and will tread the serpent so that My Heart may reign, the Will of God may reign, which you must come to know through the opening of your heart, your soul and your spirit.

I mark this path for you, go this way, upon the prayerful path with Me. In times of chaos, you will be able to find Peace and Love and, in this way, I will be able to trust in you, friends from other times, so that the rescue may be fulfilled in all hearts and in those that have been furthest away for a while.

Now, feel My Light that is descending and nurture your hearts with My Spirit of Peace and Redemption; this is the Grace that God sends to you.

Form groups of prayer for when the pilgrims arrive searching for My Light and My Love. You are before My Maternal Heart and this is how I want all My children to be, like on this day.

I Am the Conception of the Trinity, the Messenger of God for these times, the one who touches the ground with Her bare feet. Through the roses of light that I offer to you, may you take your steps, from your hearts rather than from your thoughts. True spiritual life is built under the instrument of prayer.

I am a faithful servant that responds to Higher Wills, as I once responded when I was here on Earth, sharing Redemption with My Son. He gave Me to you as the Mother and the Guardian of Love, to protect essences until His near return.

He is already arriving, He is already appearing. His presence will be seen and felt, not only in the heart, but on the levels of material life, in the chaos of this world. The Redeemer is coming and opening the doors of Mercy, before his final descent to the world to which He belongs.

I make My Peace descend toward your hearts.

Friar Elías: Now She is stretching Her arms downward and holds out the orandium with Her hands.

The Divine Mother says:

Unite with My prayer that has been constant since the beginning of My existence.

Silent prayer, spoken prayer, elevated prayer, prayer of the heart, prayer of the consciousness, prayer in feeling, in doing and in caring. Life must be a prayer; this is the new movement for these times so that souls may be elevated and find a refuge in My Heart, which is open and has been waiting for you for a while.

Lead souls to Me in your prayers and penetrate the Heavens, because I will listen and who trusts in Me will receive the response of My Inner Voice.

I Am the Bird of Mercy, I Am the Mother that comes from the Sun, I Am the Daughter of the Trinity, I Am the Guardian and Protectress of souls. Unite with Me in devotion for these times, ignite the flame that is within, do not let thoughts make it go out, allow fire to be reborn within your hearts and there I will be.

Friar Elías: Now She is elevating to the Heavens.

The Divine Mother says:

Light your Suns that are internal and allow My call to be accomplished in your lives of prayer. Yearn for and seek for this fire that must illuminate the darkness in these times, when you unite in fidelity with My Heart.

Today I give you My Love; cultivate it in your hearts so that it not be lost in the tests. Remember what I am telling you; this is My last call for peace. I come in search of all those who once were with Christ and heard His message and the message of the Father; thus you recognized it and today are following it. See the Redeemer in it, see His Light, see His Mercy.

Friar Elías: Now She is manifesting a great rose that is in front of Her being, an open red rose. She rises up more and more toward the Heavens. She is radiating more Light toward us.

Now She is appearing, with a child in Her arms, and the two of them radiate Light toward the four cardinal points and behind them a heavenly door is opening.

The Divine Mother says:

I am the Mother of the Sacred Heart of Peace.

By the fire that is born from the Heart of God: in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.







Tuesday, August 30 of 2011

Special Apparition


The apparition of the Mother was very short.

When She appeared She was untying a rope that had three knots; and this rope was also being untied by Brother Pio who was helping Her.

When She appeared She said that if the hearts and the souls do not transform themselves through prayer, they will suffer pain.  This is the only thing She said, and for us to pray.


- End of transmission -





Monday, August 29 of 2011

Special Apparition


“By the fire that comes from My Immaculate Heart: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, Amen.”


We could all extinguish our candles; She asked the sisters to keeps theirs lit.

She appeared high in the Heavens, opening a Celestial door in the shape of infinity, and She was surrounded by stars, wearing a celestial mantle as the Queen of Peace, a celestial belt with two knots and a burning flame that She kept between the palms of Her hands.  Suddenly the apostles appeared with Her and then disappeared.


“I have come to announce to you that because you have answered the Light of My Heart I will also be here with you on Wednesday night in another procession with candles.  Several inner lights have lit themselves in this world through the faith that you have in Me and in My Heart.

I Am the brightness that lights up the souls, I Am the flame that comes from the Trinity and that brings you Peace in the moments of darkness.

I was sincere with you in the morning so that you can find in Me the true path of peace, the path of reconciliation.  Many souls have been rescued from dark places through the prayers that are offered to My Immaculate Heart.  Now we must offer more prayers, and guarantee Heaven on Earth, the angels above the human beings, above the souls that need light and forgiveness.

You are all here in response to an unknown call and I open the Light of My Heart to light hearts and radiate your hearts.  The All-powerful God Has brought Me to here to give you one more opportunity to open your paths by means of My paths that will lead you to the Heavens, the place to where you must return and stay despite everything that may happen on this painful Earth.

Today I open My hands to all of you so that you may accept My Light, so that you may find in the ancient manger the refuge of the Mother of Devotion.  Place your beings in this manger and stay there; I will watch over you day and night.

When you unite to Me in prayer, you will find the light for the path even though it is dark and your feet cannot walk.  I will open with My torch of fire each one of your paths when you allow Me to reign over you and over all My children, those whom I have been waiting for so long.

Take My flame in your inner being, allow the Great Spirit to act and open your hearts to understand the purpose that you do not know; if you unite to Me you will find understanding and your hearts will not close because My flame will deepen the path to Love and Truth.

I have come to announce to you that the processions will be nocturnal; the lights of the candles will be lit to give Light to the world that is darker each day because of its humanity.  My light descends here to meet you again and open your hearts for there are some that are closed.

As the Mother of the Celestial Science I will wait for the moment when a small door will open in your beings so that together with My Son the Redeemer, there We will reign in Peace, in the true communion with the Heavens and infinity

Do not forget to pray with Me during these days for the rescue of souls that do not know; only one prayer moves the Heavens, and the mountains change place to open paths to those who are in redemption, so they may find the courage to keep going within the light and searching for Peace and Forgiveness.

Take My Light with you during this night so that it may shine in that which is dark; do not fear because I will be there, if you give me the permission for My Maternal Heart to open your hearts.  Then you will find Peace that is My Peace, the Peace of Christ, the true Peace of Mercy, the Peace of Light.

Your Hearts are being placed in commitments that you do not know about because you have answered to My Voice in these times, as I am also doing with many souls in Medjugorje.  My apparitions are not separate, they are united in the Omnipresence of God, and My Voice can resound in several parts of the world at the same time; you do not know this reality because of the life you have led.

Today I bring you the good news, of being able to reconcile yourself through the redemption with our Father and to find the promised refuge in My Immaculate Heart.

Do you know what My Immaculate Heart is?  What have you understood about this?  Have you felt My flame in your hearts?

This is why I have asked you to light these candles in the name of your brothers and sisters that have lost their inner Christ’s because of the bitter life they lead.  You are being blessed by the Light of My Heart even though you do not feel it.

My Immaculate Heart represents the glorified heart that was born in the Celestial Lakes when I was conceived.  The Father Archangels of Light gave Me this key, to bring Love around this world.  Once, when I came to Earth as the Mother of the Messiah – and before He was the prophet of God – so as to be able to drink from the chalice, the Archangel Gabriel – by means of constant prayer – consecrated My heart with the Light of Divinity so I would say only yes to all My children, children that in these times I would rescue from the hells.

The Father gave Me permission to gather these souls from hell.  This is a task of the Heavens, it is not a task of humans.  You must learn this Mystery that is celestial and that through Me is descending to your hearts, the hearts of all My children.  That is why I bring to you the Holy Ghost, the balm of Trinity, the One Divinity, so that you may find again in our Father the Grace of being able to be in Him continuously.

Today I open My heart to you so that with Me, and here, we may receive the children that search for Light, the true Light that comes from Me as the Mother of all, as the Queen of Peace.

Thank you for answering My call”.


- End of transmission -



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