Wednesday, August 24 of 2011

Special Apparition

We met around the orange tree of the apparitions.  There was a greater number of participants for this meeting with the Divine Mother.

So it was as on other days, we began praying for a long time, waiting for an inner sign.  Then, when the sun was coming up, a bright celestial light appeared and bathed the whole tree, and thus started the manifestation of the Divine Mother of the Conception of the Trinity.

In Her arms She held a small child, a few months old, smiling and joyful.  The Mother was rocking him from side to side and said to us: “If you are like children and come to Me, you will be saved”.

After this apparition, the Divine Mother of the Conception of the Trinity appeared again; with Her arms stretched out and pointing down, and from the palms of Her hands an intense celestial energy was radiated and touched the ground.  From behind Her head appeared three intense golden rays and after that a space opened up like a sky that reached to another plane where a group of angels were accompanying her.

Twelve stars then appeared with the written word MIRNAHE.  After some time She offered us a golden chalice with a cut glass rim that was empty.

The transmission began:


Welcome all My children, and also those of My children who come back to the path after having lost their way.  If you do not believe in Me, that is not the most important; the most important is to lighten up the spirit and unite to the Higher.

Pray with Me now the prayer to the Divine Mother of Mercy to establish the light, in this dawn over this part of the world.


(All of those present prayed the suggested prayer)


In your hearts acknowledge your faults and give them to Me today, for the humble heart is the one that realizes what it has done and does not fear to expose and extirpate the past.  Whoever comes to Me will be nearer to Christ, and will be able to live the redemption for these times.

Evil and confusion are the emblems of this world, and this is why I need peaceful hearts to pray with Me and help Me to mitigate suffering.  Do not be afraid if you are hiding things from Me, I see you and know you since before you were born, along with many others of my children.  Be in peace by receiving Me today and do not protect the skin that must be shed.

The time has come to go up high and to transcend the path towards Me.  Calm your hearts by means of My Maternal Love, and if you do not believe in Me, believe in love, call for the Higher Love to penetrate and protect you.  It is this very same love that I attend to day by day, this love that is the Source of My Father.

Today I have come to tell you to place a permanent ceremonial candle in this prayer room, so that My Light is represented by means of the Sacred Flame that never dies and is always reborn.  You will place this candle to the right of the image of the Divine Conception of the Trinity so that souls may hold vigil with Me in prayer.

Today I pour special Graces over the land of Aurora; which today you can neither feel nor see, because first the soul must be in good faith to unite to the Creator and live from His sublime state of union with the One Spirit of Mercy.  All of you and many of My children have been touched by Mercy, and although this may seem distant from your understanding, you must remember and notice the Inner Flame; this is the eternal Fire of Mercy for these times.

If you are all like children, you may remain in Me and I in you; as well as all My other sons and daughters, if they are like children, they may come back to Me and I will be with them eternally.  Unite your essences to My Heart to find strength for the trials that are to come.  To confirm the path of God, that is perfect and pious, the soul must be empty of itself in order to comprehend the higher purpose, that is the sacred understanding.

This Center (Aurora) will undergo trials of confirmation, because the warriors who follow this path will have to confirm themselves by having faith in the unknown, in what is immaterial.
Let us pray today to mitigate the suffering and the blindness of the world.  You should know that you have received special Graces that you do not yet deserve, but I as Protector, Guardian and Mother, I have welcomed you in My prayers.

Today you are all being forgiven of faults, and may your hearts be joyful for being reborn to a life that was once uncertain.  If you meet Me again in your paths, it is the symbol of the call for the heart to answer to what is superior, and to go forward, united to me, to My special Love.

I am the Celestial Star that lightens up darkness, and I call My children to unite to this light, that is the Father’s, so that you may again find comfort for your hearts in My Maternal Flame, and thus, as in the beginning, I could hold you in My arms as with Jesus, so that you receive My Inner Peace and My protection. Many times you have come into My arms, but you hardly noticed or felt it.

Will it be that you believe in My existence?

What else must I do with all My children in order for them to pray with Me at least once?  I am here as in Medjugorje, to bring the good news that comes from Christ, from our highest Lord of the Universe.  Open your hearts for these final times, and let drain the muddy waters that restrain the love from the heart.  Because, if we all pray to our Lord, darkness that looks obscure is dispersed, and love is reborn.

You are being called to live in fraternity and to represent My Face of the Superior Divine Trinity on this land.  You are being called to conceive My new children, that will be born from the darkness, from the obscure places, and that must be rescued by simple prayer from the heart.  Uplift your thoughts to My greater soul so that I may penetrate the inner worlds of the heart and guide the Divine Purpose to all children.

Remember My time of preparation in Nazareth, when I was in prayer and in union with God, also drinking from the chalice of commitment, as has My Redeemer Son, who accepted it as a divine covenant in Gethsemane.

Today I give you My chalice of Peace so that you may take it to those who are thirsty for My love, and to those who do not know Me because of confused fear.  In the infinite light of resurrection of My Son, I give you the code of My Peace to be sown in your dormant hearts.  You are now awakening before Me to be reborn to a new life united to the Divine.

I am rising up; protect the groups of prayer.  I summon the first seven prayer groups here to be in vigil with Me in My special House, to collaborate with Me in deepening into Peace that in the hearts is needed, because they are without light and without love.  I Am the Queen of Peace, I Am the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Receive the Spirit of the Trinity that is the origin of the beginnings.  In the prodigious love of Christ, stay with My Inner Peace today.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.  Amen.


The apparition fades from the tree and the silhouette rises to infinity.