Thursday, August 25 of 2011

Special Apparition

On this fifth day, the group met at the same time as the previous days, to start the prayer of attunement.

Through songs and prayers, the inner condition for receiving the Divine Mother was gradually created in all those present, as well as within the room.

After an extended time of prayer, Friar Elías and Mother Shimani stood up, contemplating toward the direction of the top of the orange tree, where the Celestial Mother had appeared in the last few days.

After a few minutes of deep silence, Friar Elías approaches the tree. Moments later he returned to the place where he was and began to describe what happened.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: A while after the attunement had started, high in the sky to the right of the orange tree, a manifestation appeared of another open sky from where an intense white light was emerging.

There, in the highest point of the sky, the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity appeared, resplendent in Light and radiating it from Her Presence toward the entire area where we were.

Then, from that place in the sky, the Mother gently descended by means of a white cloud that was under her feet.  While reaching the treetop, she stopped, and it was as if she had rested upon the branches of the orange tree.

In her right hand, She carried a brown colored scapular, and in her left hand, open and facing downward, She held an orandium. She holds the beads in silence and with a smile.

At Her arrival, the Divine Mother emanated a strong light blue energy upon all those present, and Her face gradually manifested ever more clearly upon the tree.

Then, with Her left hand (the one holding the orandium), She asked me to come closer so that I could see what was engraved inside the scapular. When I approached, I saw myself under Her feet and Her Presence, which was immense in light, color and energy. At that moment, She directed Her gaze to where I was and silently smiled. Her face was of light, Her eyes light blue, Her skin was delicate and soft.

She raised the scapular a little with Her hand so that I could look at it. I saw that on one side was the image of the Merciful Christ and on the other, an image of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. At the bottom of both sides of the scapular, there was a cross of the new humanity.

At that moment, smiling and radiating the brightness of her eyes, she said to us:


Whoever wears this scapular will receive the new codes from Heaven, codes that come from God.


At that moment, above Her, another sky appeared, which seemed more powerful and luminous than the first one. From that Sky, a celestial and white energy descended upon the scapular that the Divine Mother held. Then She smiled again, and asked me to go back to where I was with the rest of the group.

Today She is dressed in a sky-blue Mantle, Her image is more alive, more real.

The Divine Mother says:


By the power of the Divine Water that flowed out from the Heart of the Master, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I have come to announce the symbol of My scapular to you, the scapular of Peace, so that you may disseminate it as an instrument of protection against evil. You are not imitating the old doctrines, but rather you are imitating Me, the Guardian of Love, the Protector of souls.

I am the Spirit of Peace, the spring of that stream of Light. I am the one who safeguards the hearts that have fallen and that despair. Thus, I give this instrument to you and to all My children, so that through your Congregation(1) of love and peace, you may carry this symbol, together with Me.

Today I ask you to build a fence here, around this tree, with your own hands, so that you may feel the love of this land and new fruits may blossom around your hearts that await for My call and My peace.

Today I also ask you to drink from the fount of the well that you have made, in the other lands nearby, a fount that I have consecrated through My silence for the healing of the hearts and the souls. This is a spiritual fount that emerges from within, which, little by little, you will come to know. 


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: Now the scapular has disappeared, as well as the orandium, and with both hands, She is lifting up a silver equal-armed cross.

The Divine Mother says:


This is the symbol of redemption, the symbol of the rehabilitation of those who have forgotten Me and those who have not heard My message.

Children, I also ask that you build several paths with flowers, so that My love can be expressed throughout the procession path, all the way to here. 

I also ask that the image that was painted  be placed here, and that below it there may be the symbol of the cross of the new humanity, so that everything may be redeemed.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: Now She is showing us how She wants the image to be placed in this space. 

The Divine Mother says:


This will be a meeting point for those who pray, for all those who do not manage to enter this House of Prayer, when great multitudes come who will be seeking a new state of peace, through My Presence in the Trinity.

I was conceived by the Grace of the Holy Spirit, an emanation that is born of the universe within Celestial Lakes, where essences manifest to begin to live this path of evolution. I emerged from there, through the Creator Fathers who, with Their love, conceived My Presence. 

Know that I am the Feminine Source of God, that source that can do all things and that renews all things when the heart opens.

You stand before the Mother of Love who understands all things and who waits for Her children to grow and unite in consciousness with Her, with Me.

Today I open My arms to pour the Fount of Grace into your hearts and into those hearts that are dark and have long-lived without light.

Pray for the reconversion of all those beings, this is why I have asked for this house. It is time to begin! It is time to rescue with Me those who are alone and those who lose their faith!

I know that you do not understand why I am here, but your hearts do understand, because they feel and see Me on another plane and within another rhythm. It is there where you and all My children must return to, so you can see the flame being born, that always burns through Me.

In the days when everything seems like darkness and despair in the mind, in the heart and in the spirit, you must carry this symbol of the scapular of Peace so that you may be protected through prayer.

Today, place in your hearts all those who lose their faith and those who lack love, those who are desperate and those who die because they have nothing. On this day, I collect souls from some points of this world, souls like yours, living souls that have lost their essences through not knowing how to find me and for being scattered by the evil that never rests.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: Now She shows Her right foot stepping upon a serpent.

The Divine Mother says:


I eradicate the evil from hearts, even more so in the hearts that do not believe Me and still do not hear My message, for it has no echo in the inner essence that loses its fleeting light, a light that I nurture with My prayers.

I eradicate! I eradicate! I eradicate! as Warrior of the Light, I eradicate the aftermath of the evil that destroys My children and causes them to lose their cosmic life.

But some of them I must only observe, because they have accepted traveling along other paths and they do not find refuge in My Heart, which has been open for centuries. 

Today I cry out for the fallen hearts, for all those who live without light and have no peace, for the three days of bitterness are approaching in these end times. Thus, praying souls must burn, but without becoming fascinated.

They must burn through Me and help me to rescue what seems un-rescuable.

I wait for you; I wait for My own. I am the Queen of Redemption, the Light of Peace, the Immaculate Heart of Mercy.

Hear My Voice! Hear My Voice! This is the last path that is being traveled.

If you do not see me, it is because God does not wish it. Know how to recognize the Will that is not yours, but rather comes from the Heavens to fill hearts and to place you in your inner tasks.

Carry this message to all My children, as well as all My announcements during these eight days. On the eighth day, I will do something immaculate for those who are awake and know to recognize My Light, a Light that your essences recognize. 

Today, I light the Flame of My Heart for all My children and, together with you, I will go along this path of healing through prayer and the procession to My Holy Face of the Divine Trinity. 

May the Spirit, the burning Flame, the Father, the Sublime Conception of the Universe and the Son, the Redemptive Essence of the worlds, nurture your hearts, so that you may find peace through My Heart. 

I am the Queen of Shields, the One Who with Her mantle protects creatures .

A new peace will come after the difficult times, a peace in which all essences must learn to be reborn. 

Thank you for responding to My call!



1. The Grace Mercy Order