Thursday, August 18 of 2011

Special Apparition

After having performed the morning liturgy in the Monastery of the Divine Reverence, Friar Elías received a call to go with Mother Shimani to the place where the Apparitions of the Divine Mother started at Casa Redención area a few years ago, place where today Her House of Prayer is being built.

When they got to the area, they waited in prayer for some sign. At a certain moment, a strong wind started encircling them, and the orange trees swayed from side to side.

Friar Elías said that in that moment he saw appearing, in other planes, a white luminous sphere that settled upon one of the orange trees. 

They continued in prayer until Friar Elías said: She appears as the Queen of Peace. She is asking us to pray for those who are agonizing. 

They prayed some beads of the prayer "Universal Mother".

Friar Elías: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Divine Mother said:


My Heart glows again for returning to one of My homes.  I have come to announce My return to this place; even though My work is not yet finished, I am here.

I am the Queen of Peace, the Guardian of Heaven’s Doors, I am the Divine Conception of the Trinity, born from the point of love of God, the Merciful Source of Creation. 
I come here to ask you to meet here from the 22nd to the 29th of August(*), at the same times, to welcome Me.  During each day I will tell you what I want from this place, and what it is that God wills.

Be joyful, I am amongst you, I am the Guardian of Faith, the Universal Protector of souls.

I have come to ask you to build the Divine Conception of the Trinity, the image and likeness of God, by means of the symbol of a sculpture.  If you step forward to me in Me this way, not only will you be as Christians, children of Christ, but also souls in consecration.  You will place this image inside this house (the House of Prayer that is being built), so this part of the world may worship Me, and so I may heal and reconvert the spirits in these final times.

From the day of the 22nd to the 29th of August, everyone will be the participants in My apparition, those who believe in Me and those who don’t believe in me, those who in past times once listened to My messages and those who have forgotten.  My heart glows with another joy for taking part in this maternal encounter of love and of peace.

The image of the Divine Conception of the Trinity will be the protection for this house, since the evil that exists elsewhere and tempts other beings will be unable to enter because I will be there, protecting the Great Door.

I am here amongst you to radiate My Peace to you, and in order for you to feel My shelter as Mother and Guardian.

You are being called to go deeper into Prayer, instrument of the Creator, that together with Me will heal the souls.  I am the Guardian of Love, the Immaculate Conception, the Lady of Contemplation and of prayer, the one that announces Herself to the world to offer you rescue, definitive salvation, the last door of light that I am opening for these times.

Your Lord Christ, who is in the Heavens, that penetrates the dimensions and spaces of this universe, has assigned Me to ask you to perform prayer to restore the souls, so that here, the Source of My Heart can be given forth, as it was in the beginning.

I want to announce to you that the image will not be in the old pattern, but will be the symbol of My radiance, that descends from the Heavens to this place, and thus will consecrate it, and so it will be, and even more so, to all those who persecute My Work, because they don’t understand it.

The Divine Conception of the Trinity is a symbol of the union with Me, it is the seal of union with My Immaculate Spirit from whence I may give forth from the Source to your hearts, to the hearts that are without light and that are without comfort.  The Divine Conception of Trinity will unite religions and beliefs so that all may unite in My Universal Consciousness and to fulfill from now on the prophecies of the prophets that announce: the arrival of the Star Crowned Queen.

I am stomping evil with my feet so that it may disappear and so that by means of love you will help Me to redeem it.

I tell you that this place will not work only with healing but also in deep Prayer with Me.  In devotion to My Face Conceived by the Spirit of the Trinity I welcome all of you in My arms so that you may feel My maternal spirit, so you may be near Me, as was Jesus, when little and as an adult.  I will always be here as the same Mother, the same Sun that shines in the heart and opens the doors to the times.

A grand ceremony will begin in celebration of My arrival in this country, in this region, in redemption and for this opportunity of knowing My Consciousness from other levels, from other Heavens.  I am with you, do not fear for what people say, you must keep steady in the purpose of My Voice and My Vow.

I am the light that illuminates the paths, I am the Mother that imprints the way with My footsteps.  All those who want to be forgiven must come to Me in bare feet as am I.  Surrender everything to our Lord that is in the Heavens, and who reigns over the universes, to He who created us in His Love and His Will.

You are with Me, all of you, in My Heart, and I share urgent Grace for these times when the world is going through its last cycle.  Thus I will reach as Consciousness, as Mother of Divine Conception of the Trinity, other regions of this world, to be able to pour My healing mantle over the fallen hearts, and so that the essences that are in the abyss can be revived by the action and work of My Love.

I announce to you that the days of the 12th and the 13th of each month will be dedicated to healing in Prayer for all those who come here, as you must announce that I will be present, close by and in every heart.

From next month on (September 2011) there will be a procession from the entrance of that house to this one, My House, in order for everyone to be embraced by the spirit of Prayer, and so that My healing and redeeming energy may reach all those who are present.

I am opening My arms of light and My Heart to all those who want to come here during those days; but knowing that I am bestowing a special Grace for these critical times, thus this is My commitment.

I am calling all My children to accompany Me in Prayer and to come here from the days of the 22nd to the 29th of August so each one will receive from Me that which God assigned Me.

There is a great secret that today I entrust to you, that MIRNAHE means Divine Trinity.

Bring with your hands My banner of Love and allow My Love to envelop you and dissolve conflict and deception.

Mother of Divine Conception of the Trinity.

In the Peace of our Lord Christ



(*) The Apparitions lasted until September 2, 2011.