Monday, August 22 of 2011

Special Apparition

The day of the encounter with the Celestial Mother arrived. The group from the monastery went to the area of the apparitions, in front of the Prayer House. There the group begins the connection with Mary, praying to the Universal Mother. The group prays for some time while waiting for the Apparition of the Divine Mother. 

When the morning sun started to come up, Friar Elías and Mother Shimani stood up. The Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity started to manifest Her presence above the orange trees and from there she transmitted.

The Celestial Mother is holding an open book with Her left hand and points upward with Her right hand, wearing an orandio hanging from her neck that is bigger than 72 beads.  She is surrounded by an intense celestial white light.  Her feet rest upon a small cloud with seven red roses. On a higher level, to Her right and to Her left, there are two angels which are holding a golden chalice and which lift up this chalice with their hands, looking up to Heaven.   She descends from the top of the tree to where the group is and stays in the air a meter above the ground.  The Mother stretches both Her arms sideways over our heads and from Her hands comes a white light that bathes us.


In the very precious and glowing Fire of the Father: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

I have come here to tell you to build a garden of roses so that the thoughts of suffering will be lifted up to My Heart.

Pray, pray, pray, because humans do not listen to My words.  Suffering must be relieved through the light that you have come to know.  I have announced that all My children will be present here in this place.  Why haven’t they come?  Have they really heard My call well?  I will wait for them.  (Only members of the Monastery were present, not the collaborators who live there.)

I am the same Virgin that was born from the Source to rescue the souls.  Today as the Divine Conception of Trinity I bring to you My Eternal Love as protector and guardian.

Build this garden as it is in the sublime worlds, so that suffering finds its rest and may be uplifted by the healing that is born from here.

Pilgrimage, the inner path, will begin with small groups, but later, over the months and years, this Center of My Light will grow.  For that, during these eight days of meeting you are being prepared for the last times that will come, the same as many others of My children in other parts of this world.  My message is meant to resound more intensely in the hearts, and you must be the spokesperson of My message, just as the other children to whom I appear.

You only know a few aspects of My Heart, but today I present another one: My Rose of Light.

I expect you to share the fraternity of the heart with Me, so that this inner essence radiates to all brothers and sisters.  Find peace in your hearts, do not fear, I am with each one of you, for as I have said, each one will help Me receive those who come here.

The evening hour will be My favorite for the processions, My Immaculate hour, My seal of light, so that the soul in its progress may leave its clothing behind and reach My temple to reverence me and to drink from the Fountain of My Love.

I am with My angels that lift their chalices for redemption; drink from them with Me in faith and trust.  On these days dedicate hours to deep prayer, bring this message of Mine to all the other brothers and sisters that need to return to listen to My Voice in order to want to follow this path of abyss.

I thank you for answering My call and I also thank all of My children who pray in faith and without seeing Me.  On these days you are receiving a Grace which you little understand, but keep watch over it so it does not dissipate, so that it can be affirmed in each heart and so that it may radiate, because now the time has come.

On the two last days I expect the presence here of My daughters of prayer, My four daughters of prayer who started My Network of Praying Light.  I expect at least two of them to come here as I must tell them something for these days.

The New Essential Lis is awakening and you must be prepared to welcome those who are distant and those who awaken to this new impulse of Fátima.  Devotion must be permanent in every inner essence; you must look for this essence in your hearts and tell your brothers and sisters to also search for it, because there I will affirm Myself in order to bestow the Mercy of My Son.

Thank you for answering My call.  Announce to the whole world all the hearts who follow Me as I appear as Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Announce to the world My message during these days so that all may follow you in their hearts, you who are spokespersons for this My Voice in this inner pilgrimage we begin today.  If you are here it is because you have been with Me in other times.  Meditate on what I tell you, trust My Redeeming Light.

I am the Divine Conception that radiates the Trinity of the Universe to the hearts that lighten up.  I Am Maria, I Am the new Feminine Consciousness that reappears before you and all My children for the rescue.  The time has come for salvation and for keeping My commitment.  Be aware that these are My last meetings with you so later you may follow the path of this Center of Prayer.

Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity