Tuesday, August 23 of 2011

Special Apparition

On this day the monastery and the residents met for prayer in the area of the apparitions at the appointed time, waiting for the arrival of the Celestial Mother.

During the prayer, the sisters of the Monastery of Eternal Faith started to sing the canticle “Hail Mary”. At this moment the sun began to rise on the horizon, illuminating the whole field.

There a great beam of celestial light manifested above the tree before us that came from the sky and descended over the area where we were. A few moments later the whole tree appeared to be surrounded by a gold color.  After that three rings of gold energy surrounded the tree.

From there came a great sphere of light that crossed from another dimension to a reality closer to us; this sphere descended over the top of the orange tree and there manifested the presence of the Divine Mother of the Trinity, this time dressed in a golden mantle.  Her hands were together holding an orândio and her feet were placed on a white cloud and with her soft right hand She held a christic cross.

She then showed us a golden double cord made from entwined fabric; it went twice around Her waist and was tied in a bow hanging with two knots at her side.  On the left part of the bow were three knots.  She said that this detail was missing in the painting of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Behind her appeared seven gold rings, one within the other, and they went on to infinity.  At first She smiled at us, at times She would turn Her gaze to Heaven, and in other moments She would spread Her hands over our heads radiating white light.

All of us were before the radiance of the Universal Mother; again She was accompanied by two angels who seemed to be Her guardians.

On this day, the luminic manifestation of light of the Mother was more potent than at other times.  The group kept alert, waiting for some indication, until the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity started to transmit Her words on this third meeting day.

She transmitted to those who were present:


You are with Me, you are with Me, you are with Me.

By the most precious blood that flowed from the Cross of the Redeemer: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Today I have come to tell you to put the cross of the New Humanity over the entrance of this House, so that the four elements of this world redeem themselves and may be born again in the next cycle.

Take with you the light of My Heart so that you may feel the Peace and the Love of this Mother.  Today I see you here but I have also seen you in other moments.  Sow tameness in your hearts so that the wave which bears evil does not touch you.  When you are beneath My mantle you will follow My orientation and you will know what to do at the right time.

Today I come as the Queen of the Sun, as the Morning Star, as the Door of the Ark of Covenant to enable the Divine Spirit to descend to Earth.  Today you are before My Divine Trinity, the one that once came forth from the heart of the universe, and the one that you must not forget.  Wake up today to the songs of Glory, so that the Heavens may sound their trumpets and so that humanity may be redeemed.  Bring with you the faithful love of My angels so that you may encounter light on the paths and then so that you may conduct my children who are dispersed by suffering.

I am here to announce to you a new symbol of Peace which is: to Love Prayer above everything else, even more than your own selves, more than your thoughts and your feelings.  Because I count on you as instruments to enable Me to issue forth My Peace in this part of the world.

You already know that My announcements are coming to an end.  Know that My task as the Redeemer extends itself worldwide, unifying the light of the Prayer Groups that are sustained by My Faith, so that nothing will destroy them.  Silence of the heart will be the key for these times, for those who seek to find Me within, in each heart and essence.  Know that I count on your prayers even if they are small because the essences that are obscured must be reborn before the final time.

The Time of Peace is arriving in these times for a short period, before the cycle of Justice, that is Divine and Inscrutable.  I give you the Light of My Prayer so you can unite to Me and find Christ in your hearts. Do not think of your thoughts as having little clarity, because the darkness is passing all around, and you, My children, and the children of all the prayer groups, must come to help me and trust in My fullness as Mother and Guardian.

The days of obscurity are near, the prophets have described them.  But, points of light are resplendent for these times, they are God’ emanations that are sown through My universal task.  So that the works of light, that are Divine and Merciful, can prevail, I need faithful followers, who despite having fallen, rise and follow Me.

Today I have come to announce and ask for the symbol of the cross in this House, as well as in the House in the mountains of Brazil where I have appeared.  A third Prayer House must be built so that the three will represent My Trinity in this part of the world.  My next place of apparition will be in the mountains of Cordoba so that this house will affirm My Light and the gate to redemption will be opened for the fallen spirits of this nation.  Argentina has been My chosen task, in which I am helping in the rescue of precious souls.

Take with you the symbol of My Cross, the cross carried by the Redeemer, so you may be reminded that the sacrifice for the All is the key that overcomes obscurity and will be victorious.  From praying spirits are built new temples like this one, My special Prayer dwelling, as in Fátima, Lourdes and Medjugorje.  In each place where I appear I announce something different, as children and humanity in redemption.  But the task of this house will be the redemption of the heart, redemption of pain, and the uplifting of past suffering to My Heart.

I want to construct the New Church that must descend from the Heavens, this which has been misunderstood since the beginning, in the teachings that Christ transmitted about simplicity and humility.

I Am Mary, the Queen of Light for these times, that knows and understands the ways of this world since the beginning.
The first patriarchs left the legacy to the peoples and tribes, but humanity was asleep and fell, and the Father entrusted Me with its rescue from the subhuman conditions in which it has lived for ages.

May My Light be born in your hearts, so that the flame may glow and remain united to Me, whatever happens.  Pray to establish Peace in this part of the world; souls clamor for it and need it.

Bring My Maternal Light to all, and remember when you were children and found comfort in your mothers; this is how I am, the Guardian of Love, the Mother of Peace, the Sun that shines in the heart of the universe and brings light to these times.

I am grateful that you have answered My call.