Friday, April 25 of 2014

Monthly messages

I Am the Sacred Star of the Sea, My Love is the bright star that lights the path of the seafarers.  My Star of the Sea lights the devotion of the hearts that were wounded and lifts the lost wayfarers again to the Kingdom of Peace.

In My ocean of Graces exists a place for all the souls, to drink of the Source of Mercy and of Healing.

I Am the Star of the Sea and My paths are in your paths to help you find again the greater commitment that you had with God.  The one who comes to Me will not be lost, will never feel alone and, even more so, will be able to unite their spirit to the Spirit of God.

The whole world has forgotten that the seas are part of the Creation of God and that in them He has deposited His Spirit of Peace and of Serenity.  From the beginning the Lord has commanded to the seas that they be mirrors that reflect the Kingdom of Peace, but many of the oceans now are places of destruction and of contamination.

I want and desire to awaken in you a greater consciousness and love for the elements and for all the Kingdoms of nature, they too are part of the Spirit of My Maternity.  And you, My dear children, through prayer will permit that your planet remain pure and alive for some more time, even though the damages caused to the Creation of God throughout the centuries are innumerable.

I ask you to place in your hearts the need to pray more and to help so that beloved blue planet, where I come from, may be a future dwelling for the children who will populate the New Earth.

My Divine Mercy and My Pity have always tried to change the course of the planetary events.

As Queen of Peace I give you not only the Peace your hearts need, but I also give you the reality that you are living in this world, a world that was donated out of love for you and about which you will have to testify before God the Most High.

For this, dear children, may your eyes be opened to be able to dispel the illusion that many live.  I come to announce Peace, but I also come to announce the Truth, this is what My Son has asked Me, and together, Mother and children, we will be able to intercede for this beloved planet.

I thank all for awakening to the Supreme Consciousness, Your Eternal Father and Creator!

I bless you always,

Mary, Queen and Lady of the Star of the Sea



Friday, April 25 of 2014

Monthly messages

Children of Mine,

Recognize before your lives the awakening of a new sun, the dawn of a new day, the appearance of a new time that is announced through My Holy presence.

I Am Immaculate and free of sins, the Blessed Servant of God, that in the name of humanity has lifted Her word to the Creator, glorifying Him and accepting, for eternity, that His Holy Celestial Will be made in Me.  In this way, My children, I give to the world the living example of how all beings must act in this planetary moment.

A new Christ must be born, this time in the hearts of all men and women, but it is necessary that you follow the faithful example of the Servant of God and, glorifying the Creator, dispose yourselves to accomplish His Most Holy Will.

A path of profound Peace awaits you, because those who accept to accomplish the Will of God, live in His Heart and nothing will be able to destroy the union attained with the Heights.

The one that assumes in his or her life to accomplish the Plans of the Creator becomes a bridge between the Celestial Universe and the surface of the Earth and, through the example of their heart, full of peace and charity, brings to their fellows the Peace of My Kingdom, the Peace that is unknown to the world.

My children, My presence announces a greater time of Peace to the world, because My Heart seeks the reconversion of the souls, the reconciliation of each heart with God.

Peace must arise from the transformation of your lives and, when you take a step further on this path, the Creator can intercede for the whole world, because each one represents all.  The step taken by one generates merits for all of humanity; for this do not tire of walking.

Know that the key for all is in the example that each one can give through their actions, through their feelings. The greatest way to transform the chaos in which the world lives, My children, is by being the living testimony of the presence of God in all creatures, by being the living testimony of the return of Christ in each heart, in each essence.

As Mother and Queen of Peace, I announce to you a greater time of Peace, because I bring you conversion and Faith, I bring you the possibility of living in fraternity with your fellows, of reconciling yourselves with your families and of forgiving all of the past.

It is time, My children, to renew your lives and, with trust, to follow the path marked by My son Jesus Christ, because it is time for humanity to awaken to their true mission in this world – that of being a race of Christ’s and not just of Christians.

Seek Peace and walk so that a new time may arise in this world.  Fight with the sword of love and the shield of perseverance, because the enemy will try to deviate you from the path, but help will always come for those who with fervor cry out to the Heavens for Divine help.

I am beside all of you and I will always be, for all of Eternity.

Your beloved Mother Mary, Queen of Peace and of all the hearts



Sunday, April 13 of 2014

Monthly messages

I Am the New Sun that dawns in the life of each being.  My words of Light are sown in the hearts willing to listen to Me.  My Maternal Love is radiated to the souls that seek, day and night, the flowers of My garden.  My steps mark the path that will bring you forever to Christ, because in My Kingdom love, devotion and truth reign.

I Am That Woman from Galilee that brought to the world the Supreme Light of God through the Savior of the race.

For this remember on this day the Immaculate presence of My Most Holy Heart.  In this time I gather you to accomplish the important requests from Heaven. I call you to materialize the plans of the Creator in your material life.

It is time dear son, dear daughter, that you surrender your mind to God and that you free it from preoccupations and from obstacles; elevate your thought to the divine, so that the Supreme may act through your life and through your heart.

You are part of the Great Universal Thought of the Father, you must be the bridge that unites the Spiritual Universe with the Material Universe.

I am here today to teach you how to do it, I Am Your Faithful Mediator, I Am who wants to see you perpetually united to Abba by means of prayer and of the service of the heart.

I wish that you find your place in the Divine Dwellings; I vigil so that the project of Christ be accomplished in the dimension of your existence.

I come to confirm the prophecies that were written, from Guadeloupe on through to La Salette, Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje to Aurora.  I come from Heaven to open the eyes of those who, out of ignorance are blind and cannot see the path of the Spirit.

God has sent Me for the last time to warn humanity about the grave decisions that it is making; but prayer, charity and love can overcome and will be the spark of light that will close the uncertain doors for many lives.

I Am That Radiant Universal Star, I Am the Mother of the Great Universe that prevents events and that, out of love, holds in the arms all the souls, those who risk walking at the side of Christ.

Dear children, unite yourselves to the Thought of God, be incubators of Peace wherever you go, do not stop imitating the Path of My Son.  I come to comfort and heal you, I come in this time to give you some more time of Peace.

I give thanks to those who make an effort to accomplish My requests!

Holy Mary, Lady of The Aurora



Sunday, April 13 of 2014

Monthly messages

I Am the Aurora of the Dawn, the one that lights the hearts of those who cry out for My presence.

I Am the radiant sun that warms the souls and purifies the life of those who committed themselves to Me a long time ago, in order to feel today the power of the fire of transformation.

I Am the Blessed Universal Star, proclaimed Queen among men and women and among the angels, proclaimed Lady and Mother of all creation.

I Am the Heart that beats inside the hearts of men and women, that renews and gives life to those who live in Me.

I Am the living sap that nourishes those who are hungry of Spirit and thirsty of God.

I Am the Divine Presence in your lives.

I Am a Universal Mystery to be revealed to humanity.

Under My mantle are guarded infinite mysteries; behind My eyes are protected universes of radiant light.  In My Heart is hidden the profound and unfathomable source of Peace, from which comes the Peace that is poured in the world through the hearts of those who pray.

I Am, My children, the example of Maternity.

I Am the Greater Mirror, in which the hearts of the world must be reflected.

I Am your beloved Celestial Mother, the one that conducts you to a new life, a new humanity.

I Am the one who gestated in the womb the Son of God, the living Archetype of life on Earth and that returns to the world over the centuries to make to be reborn through My Heart those who must be the image and likeness of the living God.

My children, find in My Celestial Heart the rest for your souls.  My arms are tireless and are always ready to support the soldiers who return after each battle lived on Earth.

A great battle is to be lived in the heart of My little children, a battle against themselves; a battle to overcome the forces that tie them to the old humanity; a battle to balance all the evil that men and women have caused in the world.  And for this battle, My beloveds, prepare the most powerful shield and the sharpest sword; protect yourselves with the shield of unbreakable Love and in your hands hold firmly the sword of prayer, prayer without hour, without fatigue, prayer of the heart, of the soul, of the spirit; prayer made with devotion, with bravery, defeating darkness by the fulfilling of the light.

It is only prayer, My children, true prayer, that will be the support and the refuge in this time.  Only prayer will calm down the inner despair that many will live.  Only prayer in all the moments of life will bring you clarity for the situations that apparently will have no solution.  Only prayer lived through unity, fraternity and donation of self will be able to heal the evils that exist among brothers and sisters and in this way will bring the reconciliation that the souls and the spirits need to live in this world.

My beloveds, I Am the Aurora that dawns in your lives and with Love announces to you the arrival of a new time, full of transformations and of great victories, that will be reached by effort and by persistence.

Today I ask you to be more vigilant than ever and that you never lose in your hearts the hope and the joy of starting over, once and again, this eternal path of intense purification of the aspects of the being.

Be persistent!  Be persistent because an eternity of infinite Glory at the side of My Son waits for you, so that strengthened by the Most Holy Spirit of God, you may live other instances of eternal transformation.

I love you and I bless you always.

Your beloved Mother, Mary, the Aurora of the Dawn for the life of this world

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