11th Youth Festival for Peace comes to Santa Fe, Argentina

"In the youth of this time is the potential and the inner fire for the realization and the concretion of the Divine Plan on Earth."
Mary, Rose of Peace - July 28, 2019

On January 26, the 11th Youth Festival for Peace will take place in Santa Fe, Argentina; a coming together of young people of the whole world, to experience moments of fraternity and spirituality, where prayer, art, music, and service will be united in a proposal for peace.

The Youth Festival for Peace was inspired by the Virgin Mary and, through it, She is carrying out an important part of Her task of rescue of the new generations. Many youths of Latin America have already been touched by Her Immaculate Heart thanks to this initiative, which has been taking place for four years.

As one of the pillars of the work of the Divine Messengers, the event has the purpose of sowing divine attributes in the youth that will provide a new pattern of behavior based on peace, fraternity, and union with the Creation.


The Youth Festival for Peace offers young people activities that may motivate them to experience spirituality through prayer, artistic expression, and service for humanity and the Kingdoms of Nature.

Besides musical presentations, the event will provide a space for photographers, poets, plastic artists, and craftspeople to exhibit work that expresses the divine flame in their souls. For those musicians and artists that feel drawn to that proposal and wish to participate, they can fill in the registration form on the website of the Festival.

The meeting will offer participants free vegan food, a Yoga class, and will be carried out in an environment free of alcohol, smoking, and drugs.

Check out the schedule:

8:30 am – Opening
9:00 am – Yoga
9:40 am – Snacks for everyone
10:15 am – Sound attunement
10:30 am – Musical presentations with live world broadcast
12:00 pm – Round table: Light – Illuminate the world with the flame of the heart.
12:30 pm – Music round
1:15 pm – Vegan lunch for everyone
2:00 pm – Musical performances (soloists, bands, live performances)
4:00 pm – Snacks for everyone
5:00 pm – Musical presentations with live world broadcast
6:30 pm – Ecumenical Communion

The art gallery will be open throughout the festival


(*) The event will be transmitted live by Misericordia María TV at 10:30 am and again at 5 pm (Santa Fe time).

Ríos de Gula - Calle (street) 1º de Enero, Dique II / Port of Santa Fe - Santa Fe, Argentina (MAP)

Photographic Campaign

Each edition of the Youth Festival for Peace works with a spiritual attribute. This time the subject will be Light - Illuminate the world with the flame of the heart.

Inspired by this attribute, the Youth Campaign for Peace is inviting young people to use photography as a tool of expression to respond to the question:

Which everyday image best represents for you "to illuminate the world with the flame of the heart"?

The images sent will be published on the official social networks of the Youth Campaign for Peace and used to illustrate the website of the next edition of the Festival. Besides that, 15 photographs will be selected to figure in the art gallery of the event. More information can be found on the Festival website.


The event is organized by the Youth Campaign for Peace, a Christian and ecumenical movement created in 2016 at the request of the Most Holy Mary.

Through this edition of the Youth Festival for Peace, may young hearts feel the Presence of God and radiate it to the whole planet.