Sunday, August 21 of 2022


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús transmits the Words of the Virgin Mary:

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Let us pray:

Who is in God fears nothing.
Who is in God does not retrocede.
Who is in God lives from the Love of God.
This is the force of today.
In God, in God, in God.
(three times)


Through the Sacred Heart of My Son, today we bring, to this Marian Center and its foundation, one of the Aspects of God, among His seventy-two Sacred Names.

The Aspect of God that will protect this Marian Center and its spiritual task will be the Name El Gibbor so that strength, faith, compassion and love may impel, through this Marian Center, the elevation of all souls toward the Kingdom of God. So that not only human beings but also the Kingdoms of Nature may be welcomed here in spirit, to be healed and redeemed.

I know that you are before an unknown Aspect of God, but if your souls unite to Our Three Sacred Hearts, you will understand this Aspect of God through the Science and the Wisdom that it provides to you.

Because the aspiration of the Eternal Father is that this Marian Center, as a point of Light on the planet, may reflect the Attributes of the Supreme Source, those Inner Attributes that humanity will need in order to regenerate and heal so that, at last, the emergence of the New Humanity may be fulfilled.

Today, Our Three Sacred Hearts, as receptacles of the Attributes of God, are here with all of you. They are here for the Brazilian nation and for all the Americas so that the peoples of this continent may be brought toward the Purpose of God and, through the Angels of the Nations of Latin America, all the peoples and cultures of this region of the planet may approach the fulfillment of God’s Project. That Project that unfortunately is being oppressed and silenced.

But, at this moment, I invite you again to be in prayer. I invite you to stay silent. I invite you to have wisdom and discernment because what will happen in this part of the planet may affect the rest of the world.

Therefore, through Our Presence, through the Presence of the Three Sacred Hearts, We not only come here to begin the cycle of this Marian Center in its spiritual task and in its inner task, but We are also here, beloved children, to deter what is intended to happen on the surface of this continent.

Your fidelity to Us has been very significant, and the response in the consecration of new Children of Mary represents to God, as He told us just now, that it is possible to establish, on the surface of the planet, the Project that He has always wanted to carry out in this humanity.

My children, do not worry if you do not reach the Mysteries of the Father. First love the Mysteries of God and then understand them. Follow, in fidelity and obedience, what the Spiritual Hierarchy dictates to you.

I am here and I Am your Mother, your Universal Mother, your Celestial Mother, the Mother of all of Brazil, the Mother of all of South America, and I have My Arms reaching out towards you. Once again, I offer My Hands to you so that you can hold them tight and move forward. Because as humanity on the surface of the Earth, you have demonstrated, after these last two years, that it is possible to continue forward when souls truly love.

Now, My children, Saint Joseph wants to say something to you. Hear Him.


Sister Lucía de Jesús transmits the Words of Saint Joseph:

Just as Heaven opens up today before your hearts, it can also open up within each one of you.

Today, before the Sacred Hearts, allow your souls to learn the mystery of faith so that, way beyond what may happen before your eyes, the truth that beats within your hearts, invisible for the majority of human beings, may sustain your lives, and, thus, My children, the Promise of God may always be a reality for each one of you.

Through faith, you will find the Kingdom that manifests itself before you today. Contemplate this reality within you and, in this way, you will know that Heaven and Earth may pass, but Divine Love will remain alive in the essences of all who believe. Even if your eyes do not see, your hearts can feel, and, through them, you will penetrate the mystery.

Many things will happen throughout the world and bring hopelessness to humanity and make hearts feel the pain and suffering that My Son once felt in His Agony as well as on the Cross. But just like the Heart of Christ, today I call upon you to transmute that pain through a Higher Love, through faith in that which beats within you and reveals to you that which you truly are, through the maturity of the heart, spiritual maturity, which the time has come for you to experience.

Children, be responsible for your choices, for your actions, for each step that you take from the first thought that you have when the day begins, to the feelings that you emit, your gazes, your actions.

Beg God for your actions to be pure, for your lives to be pure, because the time has come for a new life to emerge in humanity, and you have made a commitment, from the beginning, so that, through the steps of your redemption, you might live this new life.

And this life, children, is like the life of Christ at Calvary. Around you, there will be chaos, confusion, pain, but within you the Love of God renews itself, a Love is born, which is unknown even to the Heart of the Father. And it is through this Love that new genetics and a new human being begins to be born, a Love that your cells can experience, that expands from your essence to your entire consciousness.

And although this may seem impossible to you today, I just ask you that you may have faith and that this Divine Gift, which descends today from the Heavens upon your lives, may find a place within your hearts, to transform your lives into something you have never before thought of.

Do not be afraid, but be firm. The world will drag you along paths that are not correct. The battle will be lived within and outside of you, but, through prayer, you will find refuge and, in the sacred places, where the Divine Consciousness dwells, you will again find peace.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús transmits the Words of the Virgin Mary:

Dear children, today My Mantle is the Mantle of Brazil. The Mantle that represents the life of this entire people and of all nature, of a life that, unfortunately, has been transgressed and violated.

My children, do not allow for Brazil to be another place of the enemy. The power of your prayer and of your faith can transform everything.

If you have managed to go through the calvary of the last two years, it is a sign, My children, that it is possible to move forward, although it may hurt.

This is why that now the King of the Universe, the Son of the Sun, in the name of the Three Sacred Hearts, of Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph, will bless and consecrate this Marian Center. Thus, He will consecrate all the Children of Mary who are postulants before My Maternal and Immaculate Heart, to be faithful and firm at the service of perpetual prayer.

I invite you to stand up.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús transmits the Words of Christ Jesus:

This flame that is lit before your hearts, the flame that represents the Light, Love and Wisdom of God for the whole planet, for all of humanity: may it replicate and multiply not only within human beings, but also in the Kingdoms of Nature. The Kingdoms of Nature, in these times of emergency, need to be understood, welcomed and loved, protected and taken care of, as a vital part of Creation.

If this communion with the Kingdoms of Nature takes place through your prayerful service, by means of the Marian Center Sanctuary of Creation, I assure you that not only Brazil but also other regions throughout the world will be more protected, although the planet may show, in these times, its chaos on the surface.

Within your hands lies the decision, within your hands lies the power of prayer, the power to allow Heaven descend to Earth, as it is at this moment.

May not only the Son of the Father, but also the Most Holy Mother and the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, in this Triune Unity, grant Brazil and the world the atonement they need to go through the current Apocalypse.

Do not allow the seals of the Book of the Apocalypse to open. Welcome the prophecies, but do not provoke them.

Be consistent in all that you do and live. Do not forget the Commandments, a life of service, a life of love as a family, among all your loved ones. Do not allow the cell of family to keep dividing.

Remember that you and your families are a part of the Project expected by God, the Sacred Project of the people of Israel.

Remember that this part of the planet is the promise of the cradle of the New Humanity, where the whole planet and humanity, through this place as well as through the Kingdoms of Nature, will be able to regenerate and heal.

Within the Kingdoms of Nature lies the healing that you need, within the Kingdoms of Nature lies the peace that you seek in these times.

Do not allow your lives to become superficial and indifferent, embrace, with your open heart, all of Creation, and I assure you that you will not lose peace.

Before the Supreme Source, before the Angels and Archangels, Creator Fathers who conceived this beauty of the planet Earth, before the servers of the Cosmos and of the Earth, before all those consistent in prayer and service for others, before the Aspiration of God and His Project, through the Heart of Christ, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, through the Supreme Power of El Gibbor, may the Supreme Source bless and consecrate this Marian Center. Thus, may it be a true Sanctuary of Creation, which grants souls and the Kingdoms of Nature the healing and redemption they need so that all may be in communion with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in the name of Love and Wisdom.

I bless you and consecrate you as the Marian Center Sanctuary of Creation, and as children of the Divine Mother, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

So that you may understand the importance of this meeting, I will offer you My Body and My Blood, through the Eucharistic Celebration.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús transmits the Words of the Virgin Mary:

Dear children, I will also consecrate, by the authority of My Son, a little and innocent soul, who came to the world from a special place of the universe. Through the sacrament of the Baptism, this soul will receive not only renewal, but also the remembrance of its commitment with God for the coming times.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús transmits the Words of Saint Joseph:

Through My Chaste Heart and by the authority that Christ has given Me as a Servant of the Redeemer, as a Watcher and Protector of souls: through the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, the Grace that My Heart will offer to you today will be the Anointment, so that the Luminous Signal of the Cross of Emmanuel may always guide you and protect you.

In these times, it will be necessary to discern before acting, to meditate before working, so that you may be consequent with the Law.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús transmits the Words of Christ Jesus:

In this way, Our Three Sacred Hearts rejoice and bless this meeting, starting this cycle of the Pilgrimage for Peace, so that souls may recover the hope that they have lost, so that they may recover the joy that has been stolen from them, and so they may feel the joy of being Children of God. Never forget: through My Merciful Heart, you will reach God.

Let us sing the Hymn of Consecration of the Children of Mary. But let us all sing it, those who are here and those who are at home, renewing the inner vows of consecration for this cycle of service with the Divine Hierarchy.

The Three Sacred Hearts thank you, for you have responded to the call.

As Christ the Redeemer, may Peace be within you and within your brothers and sisters.

So be it.