Monday, September 19 of 2022


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Where there is a heart that sincerely cries out for peace, there is also the Heart of God.

Where there is a being that prays with the truth of their heart, there the Mirrors of God manifest themselves to communicate Higher Truths to beings, to reveal unknown mysteries and those that are only mysteries because your eyes are still looking outside and not within.

The time has come for you to look to these mountains, and not see just mountains. The time has come for you to look to the sky and not see just stars. The time has come for you to look to yourselves and not see just human beings, not see just what you find reflected in a mirror. Go beyond it, to the mirror of your hearts and, through it, you will be able to see what hides within mountains, what hides within the skies, what hides within yourselves.

When My Son was upon the Earth, He spoke to you in parables, and even so you did not understand Him. He Himself told you that the Truths of Heaven could not yet be revealed to the hearts of humanity, but now the time has come, humanity has matured through its errors, through its deviations.

Now, children, you need to decide to no longer err, no longer commit the same errors for two thousand years. Humanity is different, this planet is different. Through you, a Plan must be manifested, a Truth must be revealed, and it will not be just through words, but through your lives. This is the true miracle that we have come to bring to the world: the transformation of the human condition.

When My Son was on Earth, in body, Soul and Divinity, so that beings might believe in His Presence, He needed to work prodigies and miracles to the eyes of humanity. Today, children, the Truth reveals itself through you, the new prodigies are the transformation of your lives, the manifestation of the Centers of Love, the revelation of the mysteries that have been hidden since the beginning of human existence.

Two thousand years ago the veil of the Temple was torn. Today, the veil of your consciousnesses needs to be torn. But in order for this to happen, you need to be willing to transform your own lives and no longer be the same.

I know that many of you look back and do not see what you used to be, you have taken many steps on this path of transformation. But in the dwelling of the Thought of God, the Perfect Will of the Creator, this inner space within each one of you is still hidden, disguised behind the human condition, behind all those situations that you still need to surrender and transform, so that this may emerge.

In this way, the Lineages will manifest themselves.

In this way, Warriors will position themselves in their places to protect this Purpose.

In this way, Mirrors will attract, from the Heart of God, that which must manifested itself as the Purpose of the Earth.

In this way, Kingdomists will heal the wounded heart of the Earth, and restore the consciousness of the Kingdoms of Nature, through perfect communion with all of Creation.

In this way, Contemplatives, in their supplication and silence, will restore the Heart of God and generate merits so that the most lost souls may attain Mercy.

In this way, Healers will touch deep wounds and heal them, so that humanity may no longer look to the pain, but may look toward renewal, may be restored and redeemed to manifest the true Divine Thought on this Earth.

In this way, Governors will govern with the Power of God, and not with their own power, and they will lead this humanity to the fulfillment of the Higher Will.

In this way, each one in their place will build the New Humanity. There is still time to live this Purpose, there is still time to open up to this mystery.

Just as I revealed to you the truth hidden in the Heart of Aurora, children, allow your souls to contemplate a deep mystery in this sacred place. Within these mountains, a mystery is kept, which emerged in the Heart of God, with the Human Purpose.

When the Creator thought of this race and manifested it with His Angels and Archangels in all dimensions, from the Spiritual Universes to the smallest among the physical particles, He also manifested a space that would be the guardian of this race, in which this Thought would dwell, so as to always lead humanity to a return to that Origin, the Origin of Divine Thought.

Although it was a perfect project, when the Creator manifested those beings that would unite the dimensions, that would unite the Heart of God with all manifested life, He offered this Thought to imperfect consciousnesses so that, through that opportunity, they might renew Creation, not only their lives, but all life.

From the beginning, the Creator knew that humanity would become lost on its path and, just as Aurora manifests Healing, children, you can find the Thought of God here, the Perfect Thought of the Origin so that you may live redemption on all levels of your consciousness, from the Spiritual Universes down to the smallest particles of your beings.

Do not try to understand what I am telling you, just listen to My Words and allow them to lead you to a state of consciousness that is mysterious and incomprehensible to the human mind, but which you need to reach to find the Divine Thought once again, to find the Will of God once again, and you must do that in the name of all humanity.

Therefore, just listen, do not question. Just feel how your cells vibrate before My Words, which manifest a mystery that is unknown to the mind, but is revealed to the cellular consciousness that dwells within you. Therefore, allow yourselves to be transformed.

I come to bring you a spiritual science, not just a mystical science. This is not an Apparition like others, because these times are not like others. Do not seek references in that which has passed, because that which must happen now is new, and for this you need the mysteries to be revealed so that you may know where to be, how to act.

The Lord sends you the Consoling Spirit not only so that you may know how to speak in tongues, receive prophecies and live His Gifts, but He also sends you this Spirit so that you may understand His Mysteries and, more than that, you may live them.

I have come from Heaven with a purpose, but, as with everything in human life, this purpose needs the permission of humanity to manifest itself.

Through My Words, I come to transform all that which is corrupt in the human heart. Do the exercise, children, of emptying the consciousness of all that which you have known up to today and of all longing to have knowledge and to live mystical paths that confuse your beings rather than lead you to a truth.

I come to teach you that, to live the Truth, you need to be empty of yourselves, of all your wills and aspirations. This was the way I achieved the Divine Thought in My Life, in the name of all beings. This was the way I was able to be before the Creator so that He might reveal His Mysteries to Me, so that He might show Me unknown worlds and celestial perfection. This is why I invite you to this path of void, of surrender, of sacrifice for others, so that they may find this Truth.

Within these mountains, a sigh is heard, of those who wait to serve humanity, of those who wait for a moment of silence, of void, of surrender to happen. Are you willing to live that?

Feel the Heart of God, which beats not only at the center of Creation, but also in this place, and, at the same time, within you. Feel how this beating begins to transform you little by little. Allow the darkness of human condition to make room for the Light that dwells in your cells. Allow your deepest wounds to be healed. Allow the Voice of God to be heard in the silence of your heart.

Learn to contemplate, learn to transmute and transform through the deep union to the Heart of God. This is how, children, you return to the Origin, to the Celestial and Divine Origin.

In the core of your beings, emit a cry for those who are most in need, for those who suffer, for those who agonize. Within you, where you can find the Heart of God, say a prayer for humanity, for the Kingdoms of Nature. I hear you, God hears you.

Today I say this prayer with you, in the silence of your hearts, so that you may feel peace again and so that you may learn, in the symbol of My Words, that you were created to serve, to transform, to intercede, to unite dimensions, to renew Creation, and all that you do in your lives should have that purpose. All those whom you find on your paths may be touched by the peace that I give to you today, but for this you need to maintain that peace within yourselves.

Today, the Creator gives you a Legacy. He places in your hearts a perfect code, which, at the moment of greatest agony, will be able to emerge and show you the path, the word to be pronounced or the silence to be lived, the moment to go on or to stop.

When you are in doubt, make silence, find this state of peace again, remember this perfect code that dwells in you and seek the answer within it, where the Creator listens to you, in the dwelling of your own heart.

In the silence, between one word and the next, I observe you, listen to you and feel you.

Say a prayer with Me for this place, for this nation, for the manifestation of the Sacredness that dwells here, so that Divine Justice may purify without wounding, transform through awakening rather than through suffering.


Lord and God of Mercy,
Who has loved humanity from the beginning of Creation,
today contemplate the sincerity of Your Children,
and, by the Infinite Love that You stored in their hearts,
may Divine Hope again be ignited.

Grant an opportunity, Lord, to the beings that,
 in their imperfection, seek Your Truth.

Grant, Lord, in the silence of the heart,
a true cry for the transformation of beings
so that, through this cry,
Your Truth may emerge,
Your Mercy may descend,
Your Love may be renewed,
Your Grace may be established,
Your Thought may be a reality.



Through simple things, the Heart of the Father is renewed. How is it possible, children, that, in this place, seemingly lost in these mountains, the Heart of God may be renewed?

Because He wants to show you that it is through simplicity, true simplicity, that He unites to the heart of humanity, that He reveals to them His Grace, He pours out His Mercy and transforms His Justice.

You should keep praying, you should keep the Doors of Heaven open in this place so that the Thought of God that is kept here, the Divine and Original Code that was stored here, within these mountains, so that it might be safeguarded and find a space to reach the heart of all beings, to awaken souls and transform their human condition, so that you may not lament at the end of times for not having awakened, but rather, awakened, you may see a New Life emerge, know the Will of God, His Greatness and His Perfection, and you may be witnesses of the power of divine transformation.

This is the greatest aspiration of your Celestial Father: transform the human condition, transform that which is behind this human condition, errors and imperfections that do not come from this world, but that, through your transformation, you may transform all life, all that was created.

This is the wonder of Divine Thought, which you are called upon to know. Will you choose the human condition? Or will you ignite your hearts in a perfect cry of union with God to know His Mysteries?

There is still time to awaken, children. And this happens when you take the first step.

Do not try to be in a place that does not fit you spiritually, do not try to be perfect if you are not willing to take the first step. Transformation takes place in a process: when you take a step the next one manifests itself, and that is how you will again find the Divine Will for your lives. It will not reveal itself if you are not ready. You will not find transformation if you are not available for this. You will not plunge into the unknown if you do not love it, you will not know the Divine Science that dwells in your cells if you do not learn to love it, to love the Thought of God.

This is how transformation reveals itself, children, how the Lineages manifest themselves, how the Centers of Love reveal themselves, how you will be participants of the Third Order of the Brotherhood. Do not ask what it is, be open to live it. Do not try to know, aspire to be, and all will be revealed to you. This is what I wanted to tell you today.

God sought many paths to bring you here. Be capable of valuing His Graces, honoring His Gifts, being consistent with all that He gives you. I give you My blessing for this.

Now commune with the perfect offering of Christ, which renews you time and again, so that you may live all that I have told you.

I bless you and, with the Consoling Spirit, I fill you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Sister Lucía de Jesús:

Before closing the transmission, we will make a brief account to all of you, at the request of the Hierarchy, because you know that the Divine Messengers want to make us ever more aware, not only of Their Words, but also of all that happens when They come to the world.

I will try to remember everything, because really many things happened and the Divine Hierarchy has assigned to Mother María Shimani, who must be accompanying this transmission, the task of deepening with us, studying these last Apparitions here in Argentina, so that all of us, all those who are accompanying these Apparitions, may understand more broadly that which the Hierarchy was doing.

While we were praying, a very strong  spiritual movement could be felt, which manifested not only in Heaven, but also within the mountains. Spiritual movements that are like manifestations of Light, manifestations of Angels, Archangels and Spiritual Consciousnesses, began to work in higher dimensions and realities, not only with each one of us, but also with the Kingdoms of Nature, with this space of this region of Argentina where we are and with those who were accompanying that movement of prayer. And we, who do not understand many things, do not think of that, we concentrated in the prayer, waiting for the coming of the Hierarchy.

When Saint Joseph came, He was showing us a sacred space within the mountains, like a spiritual space, which the Mother will explain a little better afterward. There a very elevated reality was lived, where what seemed like Temples of Light could be seen, which held a divine state of consciousness.

It was a state of consciousness that the Father manifested in the origin, and which He kept in this lost space of the planet so that we, as humanity, despite the errors that we would commit throughout our evolution, might find again this Thought of God.

This is what Saint Joseph began to bring to us. When He began to speak, these two realities united, it was like a mirror of water that manifested both the sky and what there is on Earth.

Behind Saint Joseph, we could see this spiritual reality in the sky, but this manifested itself on Earth, within the mountains. It was like a mirror of these two spiritual realities. And at a moment, I confess that I thought I would not be able to stand it, it was really a very strong vibration.

Through the silence of Saint Joseph, He was observing us to see how far He could go with us, because that energy was moving us a lot internally, it was moving us on the level of our cells, not only our inner worlds, our spiritual worlds. Because He explained to us that this Will of God was not only spiritual, but it was also for our physical consciousness, for what we are as a human, material expression.

This is why it moved us also on the level of our cells and, as He spoke to us, this Divine Energy gradually expelled from within us those inner situations that separate us from this Perfect Thought of God.

And I perceived that our cells were spinning at an incredible speed and this energy was manifesting a Light that came from the inside out and at the same time from the Hierarchy toward us.

The same inner movement was manifesting itself on the level of nature and of the consciousness of this nation, above all in what corresponds to this place. And Saint Joseph showed us that, through the Graces that the Hierarchy brought from the beginning of the Pilgrimage in Argentina, this was beginning to transmute an energy of Justice. Those Graces, those celestial gifts that the Messengers were bringing, and the response of each one of us, through our prayers, were beginning to transform that energy of Justice into an energy of Mercy.

And Argentina was receiving a Grace that it does not deserve, through this Mercy, which transmuted this Justice. It was like an event that already existed spiritually was about to manifest itself on the physical plane, and was gradually transformed by this energy of Mercy.

So that we may better understand, the Mother will study this with us afterward so that, through Instruction, we may be even more aware. Because the Hierarchy explained, Saint Joseph explained, that we must not lose that Grace.

This is why He invited us to keep this place ignited, to keep praying here, to keep strengthening the channel of prayer that the Divine Hierarchy manifested, knowing that a Sacred Place of God dwells here, a mirror of a celestial state of consciousness.

Through our prayers, may we consciously maintain that Grace available so that, as Saint Joseph said, humanity may learn through awakening rather than through suffering. And that, at the hardest, most definitive moments, we may know where to be, what to do, what to say, what not to say, when we must go, when we must stay. All of that will emerge from our hearts, from this inner bond that each one of us is building with God, and which we must not lose.

So, we are invited to keep praying here, in order to keep protecting the Grace that we have received, that Argentina has received, that the planet has received.

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!