Special Apparitions

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

For peace to be established in the world, feel the pulsation of the Light of My Mirrors.

For peace to be established in the world, receive the attributes of My Mirrors.

For healing to be achieved in the world, receive the codes of My Mirrors.

For Mercy to be concretized on the surface of the Earth, feel the beating of My Mirrors, which, like great hearts, ignite in Heaven and on Earth, in the oceans and in the universe, to bring humanity the spirit of redemption.

Behold the Light of all My Mirrors, those that are on the planet and those that are in the universe.

Behold the Mother of the World, who brings to Her children the revelation of the Sacred Divine Knowledge, latent in the Heart of God and in Creation.

There are Mirrors in all dimensions and planes. Feel yourself as a partaker of this spiritual impulse so that your life and the life of your  brothers and sisters may be transfigured, just as the Mother of God was also transfigured when Archangel Gabriel and his sacred hosts of Light revealed the greatness of the Sublime Mirrors to the Heart of the Heavenly Mother.

Today, I invite you to consciously enter this school, although it may seem to you unknown and unattainable. But the path for this to be possible, My children, is that your hearts become a mirror, a prayerful mirror of Love and Mercy, which may attract the attributes that are in the universe, held like treasures in higher dimensions, where the angels dwell and serve God.

Do you know, My sons and My daughters, what was the first Thought of God before Creation?

Today I come to tell it and reveal it to you: it was the expression and manifestation of the Mirrors what allowed, at the beginning and in the origin, for the manifestation of Creation, of all its spheres of consciousness, of all planes, schools, lessons and experiences, including the manifestation of life.

For this reason, think for a moment, but above all feel at this moment how, through the Light of the Mirrors of the Universe, life was created and manifested in accordance with the Will of God, just as the angels present in the Divine Thought, in the Heart of the Eternal Father, also emerged from the Mirrors of Light. They are the dwellings of which My Son speaks in the Gospel.

This is the time for your consciousnesses to expand and, by abandoning the illusion of the world, receive the revelation of the Truth kept in the Divine Knowledge of the Father and all His angels of Heaven.

For this reason, My children, God has chosen Me, God called Me, not only to be the Mother of the Messiah, of the Redeemer, but also so that, through My surrender and untiring service as the Mother of all of you, I could someday be the Mother of the Mirrors.

This is what I come to tell you today, from the innermost depths of My Immaculate Heart, because from there comes the Source of My Grace and it is through this Source, granted by the Eternal Father to the Most Holy Mother of God, that I can intercede for you and for the world.

For this reason, feel the pulsation of My Mirrors. Allow the sacred tools of God, expanded throughout Creation and present in all consciousnesses that were created in the image and likeness of the Creator, to receive, from the higher dimensions of consciousness, this divine impulse that I bring you today, through the Consciousness of the Mirrors.

But what is greatest in all of this, My beloved children, is not only the Eternal Love of God for His creatures, but also the abundance and providence of Universal Knowledge.

And it is through the Mirrors present in Heaven and on Earth, in the oceans and throughout the universe, that the souls and consciousness of you all can surrender in confidence, to recover, as a civilization and as a race, the original codes that you have lost throughout your evolution, codes that My enemy has taken out from you throughout the times.

But the moment has come not only to consciously prepare the Return of Christ, but also for your hearts and lives to open to this Higher Knowledge, which will only generate for you the good, healing, redemption and peace.

For this reason, My dear children, on this special day when we celebrate the birthday of My mirror daughter, Mother María Shimani de Montserrat, I give you, through this example, the concrete and palpable evidence of the transformation that Mirrors can make in a soul and in a consciousness.

How great is the Grace of God!

How great is His Mercy, granted to the Mother of the World, to awaken all mirror hearts!

How great is His Love, the Love of the Eternal Father, present and manifested through the Holy Spirit, through the Servant and Slave of the Lord!

How great is all this, My dear children! which no mind upon the surface of the Earth can conceive. However, a heart adhered and surrendered to the unknown will be able to receive, not only these impulses, but also the knowledge present throughout the universe, in the Sacred Treasures of Creation.

Just as today the Atlantic Ocean moves, following the rhythm of the planet and of the universe, understand, through this analogy, the sublime movement of the Mirrors, like the waves of the sea, which touch the earth, nourish and bathe all that was created, renews and restore all consciousnesses. Such is the sublime power of My Mirrors, which, at each meeting, I bring to you in the silence of My Heart.

Participate in this communion with life. Unite to this revelation that the Mother of the World brings to humanity, to remove it from the chain of suffering, from the endless circle of errors, so that all My children can be reborn in Christ.

And, being reborn in Christ, all My children can again find God, the Creator, and this is possible simply through the action of My Mirrors, which come to caress your souls like a soft breeze of God. Mirrors that come to purify your bodies like the water of the oceans, that come to heal your consciousnesses through the Love of God.

On this day, may each one of My children see the step toward redemption as something possible, ceasing to look to the past, walking firmly toward the future, toward the time of hope and reconciliation.

It is through My Mirrors present today upon these oceans, in the oceans of the whole world, that the Heavenly Mother comes to grant you peace, healing and reconciliation, giving you the atonement of all errors committed, so that the hearts of the whole world may be reborn.

Keep praying with persistence and fervor. The time of great tests will still come, but the one who is capable of loving this Divine Knowledge and making it a part of their being, praying with the heart for the fulfillment of the Divine Plan on Earth and for the sublime activity of all Mirrors, will know what to do and where to be when all happens upon the planet, and they will not fear the events because they will count, within themselves, on the Light of My Mirrors, which will remove the darkness and adversity, bringing Light to all spaces, bringing Love to all dimensions, so as to strengthen the apostles of Christ.

Now I wish, before leaving this place, that your consciousnesses may not only be in My arms, but also in My Mirrors so that, through the intercession of the Mother of God and Mother of Mirrors, the whole human race may receive the Grace of redemption and of a re-encounter with the Promised Land.

On this day, I bless the one who has been capable of following the steps of My Son. I bless and re-consecrate Mother María Shimani de Montserrat, who, loving the unknown, opening to the Mystery of God and obeying the Universal Hierarchy, has transformed and transfigured her life into a Mirror, accepting, in the silence of her heart, to live a part of the suffering of the world so that, someday, My Son can govern.

May the Light of My Mirrors keep impelling her towards the goal that My Son has proposed to her, and towards the goal that all must someday attain.

I will keep praying for you to be brave and capable of stepping out of yourselves to help the world leave illusion, so that as many souls as possible, on the surface of the Earth, may have the Grace of a communion and alliance with the Treasures of God.

I am leaving this place very grateful, because I tell you once again: God is in simplicity, just as He is, at this moment, present through the Divine Mother.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


A soul that aspired to fulfill the Divine Will, but felt itself to be constantly unworthy and incapable of doing it, in the face of all the great things that the Lord called upon it to live, and it asked  His Sacred Heart a question because it felt itself to be small and poor to accomplish His Task, and it said: “Lord, Your Plan is very great and full of deep Love for humanity and for all Creation. I contemplate Your Will and I am astounded by Your Mercy, but when I try to manifest what you want, I feel myself to be incapable while faced with so many imperfections and difficulties. So I look at the world and at so many precious souls that You created, and those whom You can count on to manifest Your Work, and I ask myself: why did You call on me?”

And the Lord, contemplating this soul with Love, seeing it to be transparent and clear, just as He created it, and He responded: “Little soul, see your reflection in My Eyes. Do not look at yourself in the mirrors of the world, but rather in the mirror of My Eyes. What the mirrors of the world can show you are limitations and defects, imperfections and perhaps skills, but what you truly are, you will only see if you look at your reflection in My Eyes.

I see you just as you are. I know of the potential that is within you, I know your trajectory since the beginning, I know what you were created for and what your essence and consciousness were formed for. Therefore, little soul, it is My Voice that you must hear, and not the voices of the world, nor the confused voice of your mind, which is so often lost through the stimuli of this Earth. Open your inner hearing and listen to My Will, knowing that it relates to you and to no one else.

For each being of this world, I have a perfect Will, a path through which they will reach Me. And this path is not the one known to you; many times it is not the one that you already know how to tread. This path is the one that will forge in you what I need, and the one that will reveal to you what I see when I contemplate your little soul, for it will allow to emerge within your consciousness what you are, and the truth will take the place of the many layers with which you covered your consciousness.

For this reason, beloved soul, when I ask something of you, do not look for references in the mirrors of the world. Look into My Eyes, see your real face reflected in Me and feel yourself to be capable of doing everything that I ask of you, because My Will for you is perfect.

Be open each day to discover within yourself what is reflected in My Eyes: you yourself, as I see you. And it will not be vanities, nor pride or a false humility that will dwell within your heart, but rather it will be Me and My Truth, the transparency and the perfection of My Thought for you.”

May this story inspire you, children, to not look for your references in what comes from yourself nor from the world, but only from the depths of the Eyes of God. It will be there where they will be found.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Together with the angels and archangels, I am at the foot of the Cross of Christ, gathering all the Blood and Water poured out for the redemption of humanity and all Creation.

The spring of Mercy flows for all souls, inexhaustible and unfathomable, a mystery that has no end, held in the Blood and in the Water of Christ.

This Blood is now being poured out upon the world, upon the life of all creatures, changing their genes and their heart into the likeness of Christ.

The Blood of Christ is already being poured out upon the world and upon all beings, not only to redeem, but also to transform and restore life.

Humanity will finally come to know the Thought of God and, within themselves, they will go through what it is to feel and experience the Living Christ.

The Blood of Christ descends upon the Earth, transforming all blood and all life. His Passion became a living Eucharist for the whole planet, and His surrender now not only redeems the Tribes of Israel, but also all creatures, all life, all essences.

The sacrifice of Christ becomes a spiritual and cellular communion and, like a divine miracle and a spiritual Grace, souls are touched and transubstantiated by the Blood of Christ in the same way as the wheat and the grape upon the altar.

Humanity will be the Altar of Christ in this time of the planet, and everyone who prays in the name of His sorrowful Passion will be a living Eucharist and in unity with Christ. 

This is the gift of the priesthood spread over the Earth.

This is the miracle of Grace and of Divine Mercy that touches all creatures.

Meditate upon His Passion and yield your hearts. Live a unity with Christ.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


These are the times in which two realities will meet, the inner reality and the material reality. They will emerge spontaneously through the revealing impulse that the truth will bring, and nobody will be able to escape this event because it will be brought forward by the Universe itself.

And so, these two realities will meet in the light of each consciousness to bring them to a profound decision. And those consciousnesses that have already come to know both realities, but wasted the opportunity of growing, must account for this great waste.

For this reason, I encourage you to live in the constructive thought of God so that, when this moment comes, you may be neutral and peaceful and you may simply be moved by the impulse to help, by means of the path of prayer, all those who will need it; because they did not avail themselves of the path that I had asked them to tread.

Thus, companions, remain in unity with Me so that at the key moment I may help you and guide you, showing you the way out.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


When hearts pray for peoples and for cultures, for nations and for the religions of the world, with their intention, they rescue that which is purest within beings and attract toward Earth the Original Thought of God for the expression of the peoples.

When you pray for the different religions to be true paths that lead hearts to God, you are rescuing the original principles that inspired the existence of religions, as a way of being a guide for human beings and, in this way, children, you help those who are lost in their ignorance and make the paths, which should take them to God, the path to their own perdition.

To pray for peoples and for nations is very important in this time, it is to place the purpose of your prayers on something higher, and to include all of humanity in your prayers.

You are at the point of deepening your union with God and of beginning to feel His Love for each one of His children, to feel the importance of peoples, the importance of the existence of each creature of the Earth.

For this reason, children, I come today to tell you that you must not tire of praying for life, for human beings and for the lower Kingdoms. Do not tire of sincerely praying for nations, for religions and, in short, for this human project. Because the hour has come for the times to change and for life to be renewed. The time has come for the definitive cycle, which includes all existence.

Thus, pray so that there may be peace, pray that there may be love and, above all, pray so that the Truth may unite you on a single path, which is the narrow doorway to the Heart of God.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In the beginning of the Divine Creation, even before the existence of angels and archangels, of dimensions and stars, the Creator wrote a story within the Mirror of His Heart. He caused a thought to be born from His Love and manifested it into colors and sounds. In order to see it, He reflected it upon a Mirror that He emanated from His interior, and all began to be shaped from a pure divine feeling.

The story thought of by God and immaterially written upon the Mirror of His Heart was shared among dimensions and placed within each of His creatures. All children of God hold a part of His thought within themselves. The history of Creation shall be completed when all those mirrors gather as one again, and all that was written upon each one of them becomes manifested.

The immaterial history written upon the mirrors comes to life when beings find the Divine Will within themselves, and every step taken in the fulfillment of that Will turns into content of light, which fills its immaterial space upon the mirrors of the hearts. It is as if, with your lives, children, you were painting the drawing of the Divine Will for each one of yourselves. That Universal Art shaped in the mirrors shall be complete when all return to the Heart of God.

In order to manifest this Divine Work, search for that Will in the mirrors of your hearts and express It. Find, there, the mysteries of the Origin, the way back and the meaning of the present, of now. All this is within you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I bring the Center of the Universe beneath My Feet so that you can contemplate the Origin of your origin, so that you can adore the first Thought of God, before everything existed in this Universe and in others.

With this message, I come to reveal the Truth to you, the Truth that exists within you. A Truth that is unalterable and inextinguishable, a truth that no one can change because it is a Truth that comes from God, from His Source and from His Manifestation.

In spite of the time of tribulation and purification, this Truth will never change because the Truth within you is the essence, what God constituted in each one of His children from the moment He thought of the manifestation of the Creation and all that exists today throughout the Universe, beyond your knowledge or not, because humanity of the surface has not yet discovered the Universe.

In order to know higher reality, you must first discover the Universe that exists within you. A Universe full of wisdom, of riches, of spiritual treasures and of the aspirations of God; formed by means of His Gifts and Virtues; integrated through His Wills that were preciously thought of for each one of you, for each one of His children.

Today humanity has grown as a population upon the surface of the Earth and you know that it is living an acute moment, a transition. This is a humanity that has already entered the doors of Armageddon, of the end of times, of the cycle of definitions.

But I wish that, in a part of humanity, this truth that is within you could unite you to each one of your brothers and sisters so that in these times of tempest and tribulation, of obscurity and darkness, nothing may make you vacillate nor hesitate; because when nature shows its manifestation and expression, and the elements act to purify the Earth and its whole consciousness, your faith must be unshakeable.

Believe, companions, that you have never lived this time. A time that brings revelations, not only within you, but also in the consciousness of the planet and of all of humanity.

Just as there are difficult times, there are also miraculous times, in which all are invited and called to participate in these times of miracles, in which the new Christs will emerge and sustain this planet and its consciousness, learning to overcome the end of times and learning to go through the tribulations that will manifest within and outside of you.

However, My dear companions, you must not put your eyes on what is external or on what happens to you because God knows what you are experiencing. God will always give you the strength you need in order to overcome and to help others overcome. This is part of a great chain of love that is built spiritually, through My servers and collaborators, in this Work of Redemption.

For this reason, today I want you to raise your consciousnesses toward the Center of this Universe, where not science nor any consciousness of the surface of the Earth has ever truly arrived, in order to discover and know what lies there.

In this place, known as Andromeda, is your Lord, to govern this part of the Universe with you, to teach you to be My pillars in this end time, to give strength and momentum to those who suffer, to those who have nothing, to those who are weak, to those who cannot overcome themselves.

From the Center of the Universe, I give you My Peace and in My Peace I lead you, in spite of purification and the imperfections.

Do not forget, My friends, your true essence, this little cell of light that God deposited within you, in your spirits, in the center of your souls, deep in your hearts. Neither evil nor darkness will be able to enter there; because God, from the beginning, made you a part of Him, and so ardent, loving and deep was His Wish to have His children upon the surface of the planet, as in other places of the Universe, in a way that you could know Him, love Him, contemplate Him, not only as a Divine and paternal Consciousness, but also as part of everything that exists, beyond adversity and duality.

Place your consciousnesses and your minds in another attunement and you will learn to overcome these difficult times while humanity changes its mind, day by day, and loses the direction toward the Truth.

Therefore, the time of My Return draws near, and you will not only listen to My Words, but you will also see the movement of My Lips while I am physically among you, not only in My Glorified aspect, but also in My aspect of Divinity, of the Second Person of God, the one that announced the Truth in past times and will announce it again, to renew the times within each one of you and upon this planet.

For this reason, My Work has expanded and will continue expanding, and you are the collaborators for this to take place, maintaining a primordial unity among your hearts and your lives, mutual respect among your people, fraternity among your souls, fostering mutual receptivity among your spirits.

All this will contribute, companions, to the fulfillment of My Plan in this crucial time of humanity. You will continue to learn to overcome battles, both within and outside of yourselves. You will continue to learn to heal, by means of the Love that I have taught you and that I will keep teaching you. You will keep learning to give of yourselves, to surrender in an unconditional way that will be capable of overcoming the limits of your consciousness and of your body, that will be capable of demonstrating that Love will win, once again, as it won on the Cross.

But this will not lead you to great agonies nor great grief. The planet is already suffering, humanity is physically and spiritually sick, but there are still flocks like this one, that are in the Sacred Centers, to prepare the Advent of your Redeemer because, at first, I will not come to great multitudes but rather for small groups, just as I once came for My Apostles, calling them, one by one, by their names, so that they might discover their true spiritual name that is part of the Source, of Existence, of the Creation of this Universe, of a higher and permanent vibration that is recognized by the angels of Heaven and by the great Creator Fathers.

Position yourselves, My companions, in the attunement of the Center of the Universe, of Andromeda, and you will have the tools, instruments and impulses of Light in order to keep transforming, to attain redemption on behalf of many, for those who will not undergo it, for those who will not accept it nor recognize it, but My Mercy comes for all, without exception.

My Glorified Heart opens the door to the whole humanity and it will still penetrate more within human consciousness when more servers congregate in the name of love, in the quest of the inner truth and in the sustenance of faith.

The planet must hear that I am returning and that I have announced Myself for several years through you who, under the unknown light of Aurora, opened the doors for My arrival, for My Second Coming to Humanity. I know that you still do not understand this mystery and that perhaps it seems to you that nothing is happening or that everything is just like before.

Place your eyes and especially your heart in the infinite and you will always reach the Star that will guide you, a special Star that up to now has guided and conducted you, the great Mother Star, the Universal Feminine Consciousness which, under the rays of Her maternal Attributes and impulses, has prepared both you and your brothers and sisters of the whole world, so that I may be here.

Just as the light ignited in Figueira a few days ago, today the light of the truth of Aurora re-ignites here again, within your hearts. You must not fear if the light of Aurora retreats or becomes silent because you, companions, are now prepared to represent the light of Aurora on the surface, in your conviction, in your faith, in your overcoming, in your unconditional spirit, in your inner and spiritual mission, in your service, in your surrender, in your fraternity, in your opportunity of delivering healing, relief, consolation, calm and bliss to those who have nothing within, because the world believes it has advanced technologically and spiritually, but you know, companions, that this is not true.

Therefore, God chooses such simple places as this one to be able to manifest His Word and His Message so that, among very few and in representation of many, you may know the Supreme Truth which, conducted by His infinite and superior Love, has gestated you, has created you and has brought you here, just as all of humanity.

The world has forgotten, in this time, the Love of the Father, but this infinite and merciful love returns through His Son, by means of His Word and of His Presence throughout the recent years, in which the Work of the Divine Messengers has been known and will keep being known, and diffused by the hearts that feel the echo of God within.

Do not believe that everything has ended, these last years were the preamble for the great preparation of the end of times. Service, love, charity, prayer, instruction, healing are the bases of this spiritual Work that joins many kindred Works throughout the world, and which will keep joining them to fraternize with all children of God, in the presence of the sacred spirit of the Hierarchy and of the Brotherhood, which are always present in Heaven and on Earth; which have been contemplating you, conducting you and guiding you since the beginning of your origins, since the emergence from your sources, where all was perfect, in accordance with the Plan of the Creator.

Just as evil was defeated, believe, companions, that by the presence of My merciful and paternal Love, duality will be defeated within and outside of you. But persist, persist, persist for Me. Feel that you are under My protection.

I congregate all of you, time and again, in the name of the Truth and of the Love of the Father because, just as the people of Israel were guided and chosen, His new people, His new race, His new flock, His servers of the end of times are also congregated by the Presence of His Love and of His Wisdom.

Do not forget to be mirrors of the Sacred Centers so that the Centers can be present on the surface of the Earth in this time, in which humanity places its mind and its heart in many desires and tendencies. God is tired of feeling the wrath of His children, of feeling indignation for the hearts that do not listen to Him and that do not want to open their eyes to see, on the horizon, the presence of the Brotherhood. But you, My servers and companions, old brothers and sisters of the past, who have already been formed by the light of Instruction, awaken your gifts, awaken your virtues and continue, as up to now, by means of the prayer for all nations, constructing this impulse that comes directly from the Universe.

The light of Aurora offered to selflessly serve the planet and humanity by means of the meetings and of the impulses of light in the pilgrimages. I knew from the beginning, companions, that you would not be aware of what this would mean, but you knew how to obey, adhere and love, and this is valued by the Eternal Father and by all of His Existence, just as many servers have done throughout the times to surrender to God in an unconditional and true way.

The world and humanity still need this light of Aurora. You have the Grace of making this light shine in your hearts and in your lives, in your sharing, in your fraternity, in your communion among brothers and sisters, just as the Essenes used to do.

All that I experienced while I was present on Earth, I have shared with you by means of My Messages and Words, through each meeting in this place as in others. But the moment of expansion will experience its time of retreat. There is still a lot to do before that, companions, the planetary need is very great, the need is immense, but you will never lack peace, although you may be in a battle. Trust, because I will always be there by your side to take you in My Arms to God, and to make you again find the meaning of being here.

May the hearts that are awakening listen. May the souls that are arriving unite. May the light of the Sacred Centers attract the servers of God from different places of the world, because the moment is coming of communion with the great spiritual family that is formed by all those who listen to God in their hearts and respond to His call.

At this hour, may the next Will of God be fulfilled, which will be revealed, even while being unknown to all.

Strengthen your spiritual bases, day by day, to strengthen the bases that make up the life of the community on the surface, on each space consecrated to the Hierarchy.

You know, companions, that the Sacred Hearts will be in the world for a longer time, as God grants, and this time will come when you must be the very light of Aurora on the surface of this planet and wherever you go, in the certainty of fulfilling the Will of God by means of faith. Treading the path of transformation, of surrender and of redemption, you will lack nothing.

The planetary imbalance is very great. Dissociation is immense and so is inequality. But if the little flocks remain strong, the Shepherd will always guide His sheep to take them and conduct them towards the Greater Purpose which, although it is unknown, will someday become conscious in you.

Under the light that conceived the purpose of Aurora, in the Origin of origins, from the center and from the heart of this Galaxy where My Government establishes peace and equality, I bless you and absolve you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Daily Message of Saint Joseph transmitted in the city of Augsburg, Germany, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús.

Contemplate the Mercy of God that descends upon the world through the prayers of His children. These are times of miracles and inexplicable spiritual Graces.

Announce with your heart the Presence of God. Unite your heart to the choirs of angels and archangels that proclaim the victory of your Lord in the battle of this world.

Unite your voice to the deepest prayers of those who cry out for peace. Surrender your life, consciously, for a greater purpose.

Prayer, child, is the perfect key that opens the doors of Heaven and the hearts of men, which brings down the original principles of the Thought of God, to life and to beings. Like a rain of new codes, it cleanses beings of their old standards of conduct and restores them, revealing the truth that was hidden in their essence.

Prayer is this celestial melody which, when it is sincere, runs through the Universes and spreads through the air, bringing the Good News of renewal to all beings, of all the Kingdoms. It enters deep into the seas and restores the spirit of the oceans; enters the depths of the Earth and heals its internal registries; enters the depths of beings and makes them worthy children of God.

So pray with your entire being. Pray from the heart and see, that which I tell you to do, become fulfilled.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Listen, Lord, to the voice of Your faithful Servant.

Today I come to cry out for the healing of the deepest wounds of the nations of this world, wounds that are reflected in the conscience of human beings, indifference and ignorance before Your Love and Your Heavenly Truth.

I cry out today so that Your Balm of Redemption permeates the deepest of the Earth and touches the interior of humanity. May this soil, thought by You to be sacred, be sacred again. May these lives, thought by You, be the salvation of all Life, converted into Your pure and original Divine Thought.

Receive, O God, these supplications.

Today, I see Your Light descend into the world. Let the hearts know how to receive You with love, so that nothing remains as it is. May everything return to You, in its purity, in its truth, in the depth of Your Creator Heart.


The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


With the little that the hearts offer to God, the Creator repairs His Creation  and starts bringing back to His path of love the souls that got lost.

The only thing the Heavenly Father needs, children, is that you deepen each day your own surrender and holiness. It does not matter that you are not many, that you are not among the multitude proclaiming peace. What matters is that in your hearts the kingdom of God be established, and that within you there is a unique space, an inner abode for Him. May God call you, more than His children, His companions, His instruments.

Each day, look for this grace of a true and profound surrender, a surrender that embraces, little by little, the profound spaces of your consciousness, reaching what is called the subconscious. It is there, in your inner world, in the deepest subconscious, where the history of humanity is kept, where the Light of God begins to work with the whole human consciousness. In this way, children, through you, the Father can heal each one of His children of this world and beyond it.

Everything is a matter of embracing with love the path of service that He calls you to live; of allowing your most unknown nuclei to surrender to God and transform. And so, you will be allowing the whole human consciousness to live a transformation and resume the path of Thought and of the Divine Will. For this, I bless you and I offer you My eternal help.

Pray with Me and I will help you. Seek for My paternal presence and I will be with you, because for this God sends Me to the world, to help you, to be a bridge for your souls and consciousnesses, to help you to return to His Heavenly Heart.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

If more souls hear the Call of God, this world will not need to know suffering.

Today I come here, children, to relieve the suffering of hearts, although they do not know it.

I come to relieve the Suffering of God for the indifference of souls, for the numbness of beings.

When I look at the world, My Heart is filled with compassion and pity, because I know the Divine Project, that first Thought that God emanated to create human beings, mirrors of His Consciousness, similar to Him in essence and in heart.

That Thought has remained hidden within each one of you and within each being on this Earth. The perfection of God has remained hidden behind all human miseries, and few are the souls that can express themselves according to the Will of their Creator.

Today I come here not only to reveal truths to you; I come to raise to the Heavens the souls that suffer and the sins of this world, in order to relieve the planet and give it a little peace.

Although you are so few, this was enough for the Love of God to descend upon this world and begin to build, in this nation, an opportunity for redemption.

The greater the abyss, the greater is the Love that God sends to Earth. That is why we are here, in this place, in this city, in this nation. Because where the beings who need it the most are, there is the Love of God, no matter how indifferent they are to Him and how often they do not believe that this Love exists.

Many times, hearts suffer because of ignorance, because of not knowing that the Love of the Father is available for all beings.

Therefore, tonight, I only ask you to open your hearts not only in the name of this nation, but also in the name of all of humanity, so that a greater Grace may descend to Earth and, by the offering of a few, the Mercy of the Father may expand throughout this world.

The Mysteries of God are infinite and even more so is His Love. Never forget when He was on Earth, in the Body and Soul of His Son. Do not forget that it was with a few that He transformed the history of this planet and all of His Creation.

The cycles repeat so that beings may receive a new opportunity. The Creator aspires to announce His Presence to the world, a Presence which is not limited to one religion, one people, one nation.

The Presence of God is in everything, children: in the air you breathe, in nature, in the hearts of your brothers and sisters; in everything is the gaze of your Creator Father; in everything is His Heart, waiting for the awakening of love in the hearts of men and women.

I come here to free souls from the suffering they bring from their nations to this place: their brothers and sisters who emigrate, so many who become lost in the seas and so many who arrive here in search of hope.

Through my Presence in this place, I come to give a special Grace to each one of these nations that suffer and cannot express themselves as God thought, due to wars, darkness, the lack of love in the hearts of beings.

Today my Light penetrates the oceans and reaches the nations of Africa, of the Middle-East, through the hearts that, although they do not know that I am here, need help and cry out to God thinking that they do not find a response. The presence of the Divine Messengers here is the answer of God to the prayer of so many hearts who have cried out for Mercy.

That is why I have come to this city to respond to the silent prayer of many of My children who believe that God does not listen to them. The Mysteries of God are infinite. Sometimes you think that He does not listen to you, that He does not answer your prayers, but many times, children, His grace comes into your lives in a way that you cannot perceive, just as today it comes into the lives of so many of your brothers and sisters, although they do not know it.

I wish that hearts could know Divine Grace, so as to know that there is still hope for life in this world, which is not only survival, but an experience of love, similar to the Love of God in His Son.

I wish that beings could know that suffering can be transformed when they understand the cross of these times as an opportunity to renew their Creator's Love.

Do not be afraid to announce the Divine Presence to the world. Not only through words, but also through the example of your hearts. It is the testimony of your lives that will cause beings to lose their fear and believe in the Presence of God through this work, which He Himself is building.

When you raise your consciousnesses to the true purpose of human existence and know that you are here for a Higher Purpose, to manifest a Divine Plan, then, children, it will not matter to you the criticism of men, religions, different cultures and the very love in your hearts will allow all of this to come together in that Greater Purpose. 

God aspires to build in this nation, as in the whole of Europe, a seed of unity among different peoples and cultures, among different religions. 

Here, where beings live the fear of losing power, a false power, where religions are afraid to cease to exist and do not realize, children, that this very fear is what is making them disappear, allow yourselves to enter into communion with your brothers and sisters, so that peace may be established, so that hearts may sincerely repent of their sins.

It will not be with many that the Creator will transform this world. It will be with a few,  who are sincere of heart, that He will begin to transform life on Earth, who, in their silence and prayer, will unite peoples and nations from the spiritual levels to the material levels of life on Earth.

Begin each one of you by loving and respecting your neighbor, even when you are judged or criticized for your way of loving. Love as Christ taught you, living His Gospel, beyond taking it as a sacred book or leaving it in your homes and calling yourselves Christians.

Be more than Christians, be Christs of the new time, imitators of the footsteps of your Lord, so that, in this way, your souls may be a path for Him to return to this world.

Let each one of you, children, be the living chalices upon which He will pour out His Blood to institute a new genetics, His Genetics, on this planet.

As I speak to you, the Presence of God expands upon the Earth and reaches the hearts that need it the most.

While you listen to Me, let your prayers be true, have faith that you are before God, that Heaven opens before your hearts, that the Eyes of the Father are upon Earth, and that, with the slightest opening of your hearts, His Mercy descends upon this planet.

Cry out for peace for the nations that are at war.

Cry out for mercy for those who say they live in the Name of the Lord and dirty His Name with their sins.

Cry out for forgiveness for those who live in hatred and indifference.

Cry out for healing for those who, because of the injustice they have lived, have forgotten the love that is in their hearts.

Cry out for a Grace so that, in the heart of Africa, love may emerge again and this Earth may be a seed of the new life.

Cry out for the Middle-East so that the Blood of Christ shed there may emerge from the earth and heal the hearts, making this land sacred again.

Cry out for this nation, for Italy, so that it may be the cradle of a true religiosity, where hearts will respect and love their neighbor, the different religions and the truth that is in the hearts of their brothers and sisters.

Let the darkness in this hour give way to the Divine Light and may you cry out for peace.

With these words, I teach you to pray with your heart, because the world needs it. Wait with love for your Celestial Mother, announce Her Presence more strongly and louder, so that more souls may have the opportunity to stand before Her and receive a Grace.

Before saying goodbye to you, may the priests come here, so that, by the Grace that God has granted them, they may bring down His transubstantiation, to transform the elements of the altar into the Body and Blood of Christ, in Remembrance of Him, as He has asked you, and that this communion, children, this Eucharist consecrated before the Father may pierce your bodies, your consciousnesses, and come as a Greater Grace to this world.

For this, I bless you.

We may stand or kneel for the consecration of the Eucharist.

Priest - And at this moment we remember when our Lord, at that time, together with His disciples, raised the bread, gave thanks, because the day of His Sacrifice had come. God blessed it and He said to all the essences of the world: take and eat from it, because this is My Body, the Body that will be given for all of you, for the forgiveness of your faults.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You. 
We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

Then our Lord took the Holy Chalice, gave thanks, the Father blessed It, and He said, "This is My Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal Covenant between souls and God; blood that will be shed for all of you for the total liberation from your faults and for Eternal Life. Do this in Remembrance of Me until I return.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You. 
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

Here is the Lamb of God, His Body and His Blood.

Let us pray the Our Father. 

Now, once in Italian.

May the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us all.

With the consecration of the Eucharist, the Grace of God descends into the hearts of men and women, and my task here today is fulfilled.

I bless you and thank you for being here in the name of this nation and this humanity.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

Take the Peace of the Lord to one another as He has taught you, silently giving one another the greeting of peace. Thank you.


Daily Messages

There are places on Earth, children, that from the beginning of the planet were designed by God so that gradually they could manifest and hold the most sacred and evolutionary experiences that every and any human being can have.

These sacred places in the invisible worlds consist of Kingdoms of Love, because all the love achieved by humankind has been kept there and, throughout human evolution, it has multiplied and transformed to assist all those who are still learning to love and discovering the truth about themselves, which is hidden in the essence of love.

When the Divine Messengers travel throughout the world, They awake these sacred places and create a link between the human consciousness and those spaces of love so that, spiritually speaking, beings may receive new opportunities for fulfilling their mission and expressing the Divine Thought.

From the degrees of purity and unity with the Kingdoms of Nature, expressed by the primitive peoples, through the love achieved by Christ on the Cross, up to the love experienced by human beings, all this is kept in the essence of those sacred places as an assistance for the different nations and continents.

But if humanity is indifferent toward this spiritual reality, it remains hidden and silent, and does not present its treasure, its legacy, to the human consciousness.

For this reason, children, each day you must be more aware of the celestial mysteries that are also held on Earth so that, in the name of humanity, you can participate in them, receive and live the love that makes all of you worthy children of God, and that which makes you express the Divine Will and Thought.

With your prayers, accompany Our steps and receive these gifts with gratitude.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


With the book of your own lives in your hands, write with awareness, each new page, each chapter, each story.

With consciousness, build your own destiny and the destiny of this humanity, not in the sense of controlling your own existence, but rather in the sense of giving God permission, through your behavior, your actions, so that He may guide your steps and His Laws may govern your lives.

To write in the book of your own existence is to know that in all things the Universe respects human free-will, and even though the Lord, your Father, has the authority to transform all things with a single breath, He waits in silence for the definition of the steps of His children.

Thus, today I tell you that you must write in the book of your own life, conscious of each decision, of each definition, action, and thought, because everything that you emanate and manifest opens the way for certain Laws to act in your lives.

Life is creation and vibration. The Universe and the Cosmos move based on living Laws and Rays, which come from the Thought of God, to give life to the Universes and the dimensions.

In this time, be more aware of the Whole, of Life, of your fellow being, and in all that you may do, know that you are attracting a new chapter, a new experience to your stories and to the story of Creation.

It is time to begin to build the new life, and that begins with you being aware that the builders of this Work are you yourselves. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Pray, because the more awakened the ones who committed themselves with Christ are, the greater is their responsibility before the planet and the Plan of the Creator.

Pray, because in the same time that you awaken, the world agonizes and those who are submerged in darkness enter deeper into their abysses.

Cultivate in your heart, in your mind and in your feelings, that which brings you closer to the Father, and unite to Him so that this union has more strength inside of you than the human tendency to follow the illusions of the world.

While the rulers of the nations become lost and confuse their spirit with matter, pray, child, for there to be balance in this world so that the laws attracted to it do not foster on Earth an unexpected test, something that many will not be able to bear.

Your prayer, hidden and silent, but sincere and true, reaches the Foot of God and His archangels, in order to balance the laws that cause the events to manifest within the life on Earth.

Everything in human life, before manifesting on Earth, starts to exist on the spiritual levels. The roots of virtues as well as of evil, of the new human being as well as of the tests of this time, are still in the invisible, intangible levels, but where prayers can indeed reach.

When you pray, you are attracting the Thought of God to Earth and this very Thought, when descending through dimensions, balances them so that it can manifest. 

In the same way, when human beings act in a negative way and attract chaos to Earth, this chaos destabalizes the dimensions of life wherever it passes so as to manifest according to its vibration.

Therefore, we say that we are in times of battle. A silent battle, in which one triumphs with love and unity with God, because there is nothing superior to the Love of the Father, nothing that can defeat it. But, for it to be present within life on earth, human beings must open the doors to the Love of the Father through prayer.

Your Father and Friend,

The most Chaste Saint Joseph


Enter into dialogue with God every day, place yourself before the Father in confession and ask to remain in His Grace.

Child, human beings are on their way to express what they truly are, during an intense purification of centuries of existence, almost always permeated by illusion and deceit.

Do not allow your being to remain immersed in the superficialities and miseries when you have the possibility to transmute and sublimate these energies, if only you are willing to be humble before God.

Talk to your Creator. Look for the perfect thought that He emanated by idealizing your being. Feel the sublime Love of the Father and the perfect purpose that He still expects you to express.

Be willing to find within yourself the Divine Will. May the presence of God, His Universe, His Infinite, no longer be mere theories and knowledge for you.

Let your being experience that which cannot be explained and which is not in any sacred book, because those who have experienced it, can only be silenced.

It is time to deepen and not to regress. It is time to decide to take the steps in the right direction and not to follow the known paths that give you a false sense of security.

In this time, everything must be new. The unknown awaits for you to reveal its mysteries. And that which has always been silent in your heart will finally be able to express its truth. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Love for the Plan of God is the art of learning how to deepen oneself in spiritual life in order to put aside human plans and comprehend and love the Plan of the Creator.

Love for the Plan of God goes hand in hand with love for the universe and for this planet, with love for all creatures, for all life. Because it is when a consciousness awakens this degree of love for life that it starts loving that perfect Thought which God has for evolution and for the good of all His creatures.

After loving God, beings begin to love life, and all this is a part of this One God, present in all things.

Deepening into the science of the spirit, human beings find out that there is a perfect Thought emanated by God while creating His children, which is the guide to the return to the Heart of the Father. Through this Thought, the Creator drew a Plan for the return toward Unity with Him.

Understanding this, you can even more come to know and understand the Love of God, He who, being aware that He was launching His creatures into the immensity of Creation, included, from the beginning, all of them in His Plan, and those who follow Him will not only return to His Heart, but will also bring with them the renovation of love in order to contribute to the Divine Consciousness. 

Loving the Plan of God is loving the history of Creation, of life, it is stepping out of human smallness, of the human and planetary planes, and embracing, with heart and consciousness,  a higher reality that remains in silence, until today, waiting for the awakening of the beings.

Let your consciousnesses abandon that which is small, petty, and embrace the Infinite, the Whole, the Divine Love. Love the Plan of God. 

You Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Just as the light of Aurora must emerge again on the surface to carry its purpose forward and to fulfill its mission, in the same way the light of Mirna Jad must emerge on the surface to fulfill its purpose and to carry forward the essence of its existence.

This is the time of the integration and the union of the inner bases among brothers and sisters so that the planetary need may be attended to, given the emergency of these times.

It is this sacred union between the Centers of Love that will allow the task to expand and respond to all needs.

The time has come to open to changes so that everyone may experience the transformation and redemption that is offered to you by the Universe in these times.

It will be in this exercise of integration that everything will be accomplished according to Divine Thought, and that the immaterial treasures will come to light to fill hearts and heal wounded souls.

Watch over this fraternal union among brothers and sisters and become this pillar that the Spiritual Hierarchy needs to carry forward the Divine Plan of the Creator.

Receive this announcement with joy. It is time to confirm this inner brotherhood among beings so that you may be capable of placing the love for the Plan first, before the love for yourselves.

You have the keys to be guided towards this goal. In this inner union, you will build the bridges of light for the coming of the Great Brotherhood.

You have My maternal blessing for this.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Within this beginning cycle, child, deepen your vision of life so that you may move away from human superficialities and take a step toward the Truth of God.

Contemplate the world around you, the cities, the families, the lands, the Kingdoms of Nature and seek the essence of life in the depths of each.

Know that the nations exist for a purpose, the cultures exist for a purpose, beings, the Kingdoms of Nature, nothing was created by chance. Everything was manifested through a divine thought, that brought a goal with it and which collaborates in the evolution of all beings.

Each expression of life on Earth, such as the groups of consciousnesses of a specific nation, their geographic space, their culture, began with the Thought of God, which carried the Divine purpose with It.

Throughout the centuries, the deviation of beings from their evolution also caused the nations, the cultures and even the Kingdoms of Nature to deviate from their evolutionary purpose.

In this new cycle, with your thought, with your prayers and with your respect for life, begin to attract this perfect principle, manifested by God, that has remained hidden both in beings and in life.

In spite of that still being a mystery to you, and that you do not know what each being, each nation or culture is to express, simply pray, child, and ask the Father for His Thought to express inside of life, through His creatures.

Respect each being as well as each nation as bearers of the divine presence, carriers of the Thought of God. After you respect, you learn to love, and love will be the key that will open the inner worlds and reveal to the beings the truth about themselves, the truth about life.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Let the Purpose of God descend upon you like a powerful current that leads you to the fulfillment of the Laws in an harmonious way and without resistance.

The Purpose of God is alive and permeates the atmosphere of life, traversing and enveloping this world constantly. To find it, it is enough that your heart searches for it and tunes into it, aspiring to fulfill the Will of God above all things.

When you have this live and true aspiration inside you, it acts like a magnet that attracts the Purpose of God and makes it descend upon you, attracting to your mind the intuition and necessary ideas for its fulfillment, and opens a path in your life for the expression of the Laws and their manifestation.

It creates in your consciousness a suitable condition for the Purpose of God to manifest itself, loving and searching for the the Divine Will. In this way, it develops the power of faith and knows that, above all, you must be firm in the Will of the Creator for your life and all of Creation.

Love the Divine Thought, child, even if you do not know it. Know and be certain in your inner world that God has created you with a unique purpose, and this is the Purpose the Father has for your life.

Besides what God Wills for you, there is the union of His Will for all His creatures. That is the Plan of God. This Plan is formed through the expression and perfect manifestation of the Divine Thought for each being.

All creatures are part of the Plan of God, as unique parts of a celestial "puzzle." Therefore, take care in your daily life, so that all your brothers and sisters have the opportunity to become triumphs of God, and pray for this Greater Plan to be fulfilled.

By example, service, gratitude and, above all, with love and respect for your fellow human beings you will see manifesting in your life this and all the things that I tell you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Wisdom is a gift that comes from the very depths of the Heart of God. It was with Wisdom that the Creator expressed the manifestation of His Spirit as a Creator Source for Life.

Wisdom is a gift that unites you to the Divine Purpose and leads you to think within the Thought of God and to feel within His Heart.

Wisdom causes souls to read within the sacred books of the Divine Plan and thus, although their minds are not aware, their hearts, which are bridges between the soul and material life, can definitely grasp and feel the Divine Will so that they may lead their lives according to that Will.

Wisdom comes to the world through Grace and Mercy, and crying out for that Grace, you can achieve it. However, children, it is granted to you for a reason. To receive the gift of Wisdom, you must be pure of heart and free of personal intentions and self-will.

Wisdom descends upon those who make their lives available to God and offer them for the fulfillment of His Plans.

In these times, Wisdom is no longer just a divine gift that the soul receives to accomplish a spiritual task. It is a necessity of the human consciousness because it will unite you with God and will allow that, in the depths of your beings, the bond with the Creator will never be lost, no matter what happens around you.

Therefore, children, cry out for the grace to receive the gift of Wisdom in your hearts. Offer your lives to God so that He may make them instruments for the expression of His Will.

In a time of profound ignorance, indifference and inner confusion, be instruments and vehicles of Divine Wisdom on Earth.

Hearts need guidance to reach God and, until everything happens, until the return of the Redeemer is a reality, wise hearts available to God are needed to be the light of the world in times of darkness.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


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