Saturday, May 7 of 2022

Special Apparitions

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

For peace to be established in the world, feel the pulsation of the Light of My Mirrors.

For peace to be established in the world, receive the attributes of My Mirrors.

For healing to be achieved in the world, receive the codes of My Mirrors.

For Mercy to be concretized on the surface of the Earth, feel the beating of My Mirrors, which, like great hearts, ignite in Heaven and on Earth, in the oceans and in the universe, to bring humanity the spirit of redemption.

Behold the Light of all My Mirrors, those that are on the planet and those that are in the universe.

Behold the Mother of the World, who brings to Her children the revelation of the Sacred Divine Knowledge, latent in the Heart of God and in Creation.

There are Mirrors in all dimensions and planes. Feel yourself as a partaker of this spiritual impulse so that your life and the life of your  brothers and sisters may be transfigured, just as the Mother of God was also transfigured when Archangel Gabriel and his sacred hosts of Light revealed the greatness of the Sublime Mirrors to the Heart of the Heavenly Mother.

Today, I invite you to consciously enter this school, although it may seem to you unknown and unattainable. But the path for this to be possible, My children, is that your hearts become a mirror, a prayerful mirror of Love and Mercy, which may attract the attributes that are in the universe, held like treasures in higher dimensions, where the angels dwell and serve God.

Do you know, My sons and My daughters, what was the first Thought of God before Creation?

Today I come to tell it and reveal it to you: it was the expression and manifestation of the Mirrors what allowed, at the beginning and in the origin, for the manifestation of Creation, of all its spheres of consciousness, of all planes, schools, lessons and experiences, including the manifestation of life.

For this reason, think for a moment, but above all feel at this moment how, through the Light of the Mirrors of the Universe, life was created and manifested in accordance with the Will of God, just as the angels present in the Divine Thought, in the Heart of the Eternal Father, also emerged from the Mirrors of Light. They are the dwellings of which My Son speaks in the Gospel.

This is the time for your consciousnesses to expand and, by abandoning the illusion of the world, receive the revelation of the Truth kept in the Divine Knowledge of the Father and all His angels of Heaven.

For this reason, My children, God has chosen Me, God called Me, not only to be the Mother of the Messiah, of the Redeemer, but also so that, through My surrender and untiring service as the Mother of all of you, I could someday be the Mother of the Mirrors.

This is what I come to tell you today, from the innermost depths of My Immaculate Heart, because from there comes the Source of My Grace and it is through this Source, granted by the Eternal Father to the Most Holy Mother of God, that I can intercede for you and for the world.

For this reason, feel the pulsation of My Mirrors. Allow the sacred tools of God, expanded throughout Creation and present in all consciousnesses that were created in the image and likeness of the Creator, to receive, from the higher dimensions of consciousness, this divine impulse that I bring you today, through the Consciousness of the Mirrors.

But what is greatest in all of this, My beloved children, is not only the Eternal Love of God for His creatures, but also the abundance and providence of Universal Knowledge.

And it is through the Mirrors present in Heaven and on Earth, in the oceans and throughout the universe, that the souls and consciousness of you all can surrender in confidence, to recover, as a civilization and as a race, the original codes that you have lost throughout your evolution, codes that My enemy has taken out from you throughout the times.

But the moment has come not only to consciously prepare the Return of Christ, but also for your hearts and lives to open to this Higher Knowledge, which will only generate for you the good, healing, redemption and peace.

For this reason, My dear children, on this special day when we celebrate the birthday of My mirror daughter, Mother María Shimani de Montserrat, I give you, through this example, the concrete and palpable evidence of the transformation that Mirrors can make in a soul and in a consciousness.

How great is the Grace of God!

How great is His Mercy, granted to the Mother of the World, to awaken all mirror hearts!

How great is His Love, the Love of the Eternal Father, present and manifested through the Holy Spirit, through the Servant and Slave of the Lord!

How great is all this, My dear children! which no mind upon the surface of the Earth can conceive. However, a heart adhered and surrendered to the unknown will be able to receive, not only these impulses, but also the knowledge present throughout the universe, in the Sacred Treasures of Creation.

Just as today the Atlantic Ocean moves, following the rhythm of the planet and of the universe, understand, through this analogy, the sublime movement of the Mirrors, like the waves of the sea, which touch the earth, nourish and bathe all that was created, renews and restore all consciousnesses. Such is the sublime power of My Mirrors, which, at each meeting, I bring to you in the silence of My Heart.

Participate in this communion with life. Unite to this revelation that the Mother of the World brings to humanity, to remove it from the chain of suffering, from the endless circle of errors, so that all My children can be reborn in Christ.

And, being reborn in Christ, all My children can again find God, the Creator, and this is possible simply through the action of My Mirrors, which come to caress your souls like a soft breeze of God. Mirrors that come to purify your bodies like the water of the oceans, that come to heal your consciousnesses through the Love of God.

On this day, may each one of My children see the step toward redemption as something possible, ceasing to look to the past, walking firmly toward the future, toward the time of hope and reconciliation.

It is through My Mirrors present today upon these oceans, in the oceans of the whole world, that the Heavenly Mother comes to grant you peace, healing and reconciliation, giving you the atonement of all errors committed, so that the hearts of the whole world may be reborn.

Keep praying with persistence and fervor. The time of great tests will still come, but the one who is capable of loving this Divine Knowledge and making it a part of their being, praying with the heart for the fulfillment of the Divine Plan on Earth and for the sublime activity of all Mirrors, will know what to do and where to be when all happens upon the planet, and they will not fear the events because they will count, within themselves, on the Light of My Mirrors, which will remove the darkness and adversity, bringing Light to all spaces, bringing Love to all dimensions, so as to strengthen the apostles of Christ.

Now I wish, before leaving this place, that your consciousnesses may not only be in My arms, but also in My Mirrors so that, through the intercession of the Mother of God and Mother of Mirrors, the whole human race may receive the Grace of redemption and of a re-encounter with the Promised Land.

On this day, I bless the one who has been capable of following the steps of My Son. I bless and re-consecrate Mother María Shimani de Montserrat, who, loving the unknown, opening to the Mystery of God and obeying the Universal Hierarchy, has transformed and transfigured her life into a Mirror, accepting, in the silence of her heart, to live a part of the suffering of the world so that, someday, My Son can govern.

May the Light of My Mirrors keep impelling her towards the goal that My Son has proposed to her, and towards the goal that all must someday attain.

I will keep praying for you to be brave and capable of stepping out of yourselves to help the world leave illusion, so that as many souls as possible, on the surface of the Earth, may have the Grace of a communion and alliance with the Treasures of God.

I am leaving this place very grateful, because I tell you once again: God is in simplicity, just as He is, at this moment, present through the Divine Mother.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.