Thursday, April 26 of 2012

Special Apparitions

Let us pray for peace in the world, even more for the places that still do not have it.

Everyone prayed the prayer of the Angel of Peace a few times:

O my God, I believe,
I adore, I wait for and I love Thee.
I ask pardon for those who do not believe,
do not adore, do not wait for and do not love Thee.

Dear children, with this prayer, peace will be reached. Therefore you must pray it daily, because in this way you will be with Me, interceding before God for this humanity, and even more for all those places that need My Peace and that still have not found it.

Message for April 26, 2012

Dear children,

Today I invite you to remain in the Source of My Heart because in this way I assure you that you will be in My Peace and you will not live in confusion as many of My children live. This is why today I invite you, dear children, to be in true reconciliation. Thus your hearts will be close to God and will see the Paths of Light that will come to the aid of humanity by means of My Heart.

Today I also invite you to remain in the Kingdom of the Creator. Each day that dawns you must turn towards the Kingdom of the Father in order to find peace, the strength in the heart for what you still must change in each one of your lives. If in truth you are in Me, dear children, I will help you to transform your hearts, to close the wounds and to open the heart to the Good News that My words bring through My Love and My Presence in the world.

Today I am, by a special request of the Father, praying with each one of you, not only to listen to your hearts, but also to the pleas of your hearts. I am an open ear, an open Heart, an open Mother who recognizes each pain that must be transformed by My Love. Know that My Motherhood consists in being with all of My little children. If you are with Me in true prayer, I will be able to help you and you will walk as little children taking the first steps towards the throne of the Creator, to which you must return after this life.

To those who are still not able to live the consecration to My Immaculate Heart, I only ask, dear children, that you trust in the coming of My Son because it is very close, more than you can imagine in this reality of the world. Therefore, wait for Him in prayer, in a deep vigil of the heart because in this way you will be in truth united to Him and to His Greater Purpose for when He returns.

Trust in the steps that each one of you is slowly taking. The conversion must be deep for you to be able to liberate yourselves from the faults that not only hurt My Heart but also the Heart of My Son.

Through My monthly meeting and My coming here to this Nation I am preparing you, dear children, for that which will arrive to each one of your lives on the return of My Son, which is already written and that, above all, has been said through His Words of Love.

For this reason, hold tight to the Beads of Contemplation(*) because in this way you will be united to God, uniting Heaven and Earth, Earth with Heaven, through My Immaculate Heart. Resort to the Beads of Contemplation when each one of you calls Me to be in prayer for this humanity, which is in much pain and which must prepare itself in this last hour for its redemption.

This will happen, dear children, before the Judgement that each soul will live before My Son. Do not see Him as an executioner, but as a great Heart that calls you to live in His Love and in His Fraternity. If you live fraternity, which is another flame in the heart, many things will not occur because it will be something true and you will be trustworthy before God so that His Purpose of Peace may be able to continue upon this world.

Today I shelter you all in My Heart so that you can feel My gaze, My hands, My feet of a Pilgrim, the warmth of My Heart. I bring you closer, dear children, so that you can also feel My Flame that prays eternally for this humanity that needs Me in this final hour.

When I arrive in Portugal next month, I want to tell you, My children, that I will be waiting for you in a deep prayer of connection with My Heart, especially with Fatima.

Today also keep My inner silence in your hearts so that disturbance can be dissolved in those hearts that suffer, and in this way My Light may be able to enter, dear children, because I am here to serve you, love you and protect you.

Wait in peace for each change in the heart. I know what each one needs and what God wants for you in this time of purification. Therefore, embrace this time that is beginning, because My Light is entering into this planet, preparing the Kingdom of My Son that will come to the encounter of all, for those who may want to see It and for the ones who do not want to see It.

Because today I tell you, dear children, that His Face will shine for all those eyes that have never seen Him. The promises that He has made will be fulfilled and I also fulfill them as was once written by John.(**)

My Heart wants to reign in you so that you may serve Me as pure instruments through prayer and peace to relieve the suffering that the world lives.

I encounter your hearts when, in truth, you want to be with Me. Thus, dear children, you will be uniting My Heaven to your inner heavens, and you will live in My perfect unity, that which you need to learn to live and to grow in your hearts.

I also tell you, My children, that if any situation occurs in your hearts, do not abandon Me, for I will take you to My Son and He will give you strength in the heart for you to continue in this transformation that your lives are going through.

Also, do not fear for what you may find in your hearts. Allow your souls to express themselves so that they can find the true path that they must folow in this time towards My Heart and especially towards the Heart of My Son. He waits for you in perpetual silence.

Now, dear children, I want to give My special blessing to a Nucleus that has always trusted in My Heart and that forms the Sacred Family for this new time. Therefore, dear children, I invite My children of the New Earth5 in order to consecrate them to My Immaculate Heart and all of you, My children, will make this moment joyful with the canticle Misericordia para este Planeta.(***)

Then, the children, the youths and some adults of the Community New Earth (****) approached.

Little children, never forget that God loves you just as you are and that He knows, through My Immaculate Heart, the truth of love in your hearts.

Thank you for responding once more to My call.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

End of the Apparition –

(*) 72 beads of Contemplation, also known as Orandium, an instrument of prayer.

(**) She is referring to the Book of Revelation in the Bible.


(***) Tr: “Mercy for this Planet.”

(****) New Earth: Marian Center of the Child King, Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: Before the apparition a sign was presented in the heights of the sky; there appeared a heart the color of blood that was being sustained by a group of angels. This heart had a crown of thorns around it, and from it were flowing out drops of blood. The angels were healing this heart placing small handkerchiefs or wet cloths on the wounds. And although this heart was bleeding it emitted light to the planet. This heart came from Christ.

At the same time another scene appeared within this same scene.

Angels were seen separating out from this Heart some energies or some sufferings that came from humanity, because it was a Heart that was very overwhelmed, taking on many things that were not from it, many things that did not belong to it. And in spite of all the suffering, this Heart relieved the planet with its presence.

The moment of the apparition arrived. The Divine Mother came as the Queen of Peace. The first thing that She did was to place us inside Her being in an unexpected act, and afterwards She began to address us with Her words.

Today the Divine Mother descended very slowly while She was speaking to us, until She was one meter from the ground. Her presence and Her consciousness were very close to the brothers and sisters who were here at the front, and the Light that Her aura radiated was penetrating, in a harmonious way, the auras of all, without infringing upon any learning or experience that each one is living. She was just radiating Her Peace, which was imbued by the energy of reconciliation; it was a permission that She was receiving from the Father to radiate this energy.

She wore a sky blue mantle, a pink tunic, a golden belt and She was barefoot. At the moment that She called the brothers and sisters from Crer-Sendo, of the Community New Earth, She expanded the 12 stars of Her crown, which projected themselves upon the whole planet from the west to the east, reaching Asia and a part of North America. In this way, the whole planet was being radiated by this crown of stars, at the same time that She was speaking to us.

At another moment of the apparition, She once again addressed this group and those who were not present, referring to the invita- tion that She made yesterday, for us to visit Our Lady Aparecida. Today She announced publicly, to be transmitted to each one of you, that those who could should not fail to go to the Shrine of Our Lady Aparecida.