Sunday, August 13 of 2023


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I come here to fulfill the commitment I have made to you, of being here every thirteenth, because humanity needs it so much.

All eyes cannot see the situations that take place, but the Eyes of the Mother of God can see them. Thus, I come to reveal to you a reality that this humanity goes through internally.

Given the situation of the end of times, the souls and the planet need a great deal of help. And this is nothing new to you, My children, it only happens that the spiritual debt of this humanity continues to increase and, with each passing day, My children, this spiritual debt becomes more unpayable.

This is why, through My Hands and the untiring service of My Heart, I bring Graces to the world. Those sublime and supreme Graces that the world would not deserve today, but it is through the faithful prayer of My children that I can pour out those Graces, I can bring the gift of opportunity for souls, and thus, I can close many uncertain doors that My children of the world cannot see with their physical eyes.

Thus, the Spiritual Hierarchy accompanies this planet and this humanity of the surface cycle by cycle, and although Our Spiritual Treasures have been given, the response to the Call is still insufficient.

It will be up to those who have awakened to the path of My Son to respond on behalf of many of those who do not respond. It will be up to them to assume that which many do not want to assume today. This is how the apostles grow and mature internally, not retrogressing upon seeing the urgent need, not pretending they cannot see the emergency of these times.

Now, and for a long time, you have come out of the school of My little children. This is the moment, My children, for each one to make themselves responsible before the Call, and to be attentive, very attentive, to listen to this Call that comes from the Higher World.

Thus, the Flame of the Divine Purpose will multiply and be placed in the heart of those who say yes. And they will feel the responsibility and commitment that the Hierarchy feels, and will know that each moment is an opportunity to deepen into service and in the degrees of love.

There is nothing new that you must learn, My beloved children. You must just learn to give of yourselves in greater depth.

It is through this self-giving that you will be sending a message to the Universe, to the Heart of the Eternal Father, because in this way, through this immediate and mature response, you will be saying to the Universe that you respond to the Call and that you understand this Call.

The doors to the gift of opportunity are open for all, especially for those who have been left behind; for it is imminent, in these times of tribulation, that souls may again find the path to the Heart of Christ, may again find the path to the Purpose they have lost or toward the Purpose they have never found.  

God has everyone in His account. God holds all souls in His Heart.

I need you, My children, to understand what this moment is that you are going through, because each moment has a response for your hearts. In this way you will be able to accompany the Hierarchy, which will always inspire your hearts and lives to fulfill this Call, which comes from the center of Galileum.

The Call that comes for the souls of the world in this cycle is very broad. And each soul and each heart of this planet can understand this summoning in a different way.

But the summoning that comes from the Great Call of God through Galileum is unique. It is the burning and blazing flame ignited in the Immaterial Universe, which brings souls to this Light, which is the powerful Light of the Supreme Source, the Sacred Light of the Heart of God, who created you in His Image and Likeness at the beginning.

Responding to the Call of God in this incarnation means returning to the Flame of God, to the Eternal Light of the Father, so that you may be One with the Eternal Father, just as Our Sacred Hearts are One with the Father.

For this reason, souls in these times are tempted and My enemy tries to divert them from the path of the Purpose and the great response to this Higher Call. Because when each child of Mine manages, in a mature and conscious way, to respond to this Call, they will have to know that they will be purified. They will soon know how to transcend themselves, step by step, and moment by moment. And in the end, they will have the opportunity, by responding to this Higher and Inner Call, to fulfill the Will of God on this planet, a Call to which most souls do not want to respond.

God will never place souls under a rule, under a forced commitment or under any other situation. Fulfilling the Will of God and responding to His Call means becoming free from yourselves forever.

Here is the cause of suffering in the world, which more and more drifts away from the Will of God; it submerges and must endure its own suffering, not understanding the path that souls must tread in this planetary transition. But the Call that comes from God through Galileum is a clear and impactful Call.

The Will of God will always show itself to the souls that want to recognize it, to the will that souls want to experience as the Will of the Eternal Father, leaving aside personal and human will.

It is by responding to this inner Call in this cycle that you will recognize the happiness you so much seek in matter.

It is through the response to this Call that you will find the bliss and the joy of consciously living in the Kingdom of God and being part of this Higher Kingdom.

It is through the response to this Divine Call that souls will be able to fulfill their mission, the mission of the end of these times, the mission that reveals itself to the inner worlds in this cycle.

I come as the Mother not only of all of humanity, I come as the bearer of this Higher Call for all souls, to tell all hearts that there is still some time to respond to this Higher Call, so that you may know the happiness of being in God and in Christ.

For this reason, on this day of consecration of new Children of Mary, I come to place all those who are already consecrated and those who will consecrate themselves in a new step of response to this Call, so that this consecration may not be just one moment with Me, but that it may also be the great moment for each heart that consecrates itself and that has already consecrated itself to take the great step of their life.

I am here to sustain this moment, as your Mother, as your Intercessor and as your Mediator, because all that we must do at the end of these times is a great task, it is knowing how to carry out the Plans of God with wisdom, it is participating in these Plans to concretize them for the good and peace of the world, first through your self-summoning before the Call of these times, before the last and great Call that resounds from the Universe to all souls of this planet.

This will also grant to humanity that the Holy Spirit of Consecration, through Its Gifts and Virtues, may sustain consecrated souls and impel the degrees of consecration in all hearts, within the school and the moment that each soul may be experiencing in these times.

For this reason, I also come today as the Mother of the consecrated, of those who dare, step by step, to draw nearer to the Heart of My Son through consecration. Because consecrated life must not be lacking in this world and humanity. It would be a sacrilege to replace it with other things.

This is why today I also ask you to keep praying for the souls that consecrate themselves to Christ, ranging from those who consecrate themselves to My Immaculate Heart as Children of Mary, to the consecrated ones that carry out important missions at the end of these times.

May the Flame of Purpose and Consecration be the center that radiates to all souls of the world, especially to those who have distanced from God through the marks left by the Church of Christ on Earth, and to the souls that have never known the true Love of God.

Today, the Fountain of Consecration through the Holy Spirit is open. May souls internally emit a response to this Call, because within this Plan of Love, Light and Redemption, there is a place for each human heart, there is a place for each soul of this planet, there is a place for each one of you.

As a demonstration that it is possible to experience the Grace of consecration, as the Mother of God, out of Love for all Her children and for the redemption of this planet, for the peace in the nations and in peoples, so that the Spirit of Consecration may flood all hearts of the world, I especially come to consecrate the new Children of Mary.

And now, while listening to the hymn of your consecration, I ask My children to approach, those who will live this moment of consecration today. And I ask those who have already consecrated themselves to My Immaculate Heart, to open to renew your vows at this moment, so that the Flame of Divine Purpose may be contemplated by all hearts and souls, and the world may know how to give the great response that the Universe needs.

Draw near Me, My children. I am here and I Am your Mother, the Mother of Life and Consecration.

Come, My children. Come to Me, just as I go to you at each moment of life, at each supplication, at each prayer. Your Heavenly Mother is always there to consecrate and renew souls in the name of My Son to make of your souls instruments of peace in the nations to which you belong today.

Leave your sadness, anguishes and grief in My Heart. Surrender all to God, so that He may renew and consecrate, heal and cure you through My Immaculate Heart.

May the Holy Spirit of the Consecration of God flood the whole world, just as the Blood of Christ flooded the whole world, down to the most unknown depths of the planet.

And may this Holy Spirit of the Consecration of God mend the errors of nations at war and in conflict, mend the errors of impunity and of world corruption, dissolve false power, transmute injustice, liberate the oppressed and innocent.

May the Holy Spirit of the Consecration and Peace of God open the eyes of those who are indifferent, especially open their hearts to the suffering of their neighbors, refugees, immigrants and the discarded.

Because My ardent desire, in the innermost depth of My Heart, is that no one else may be rejected in this world, especially those who suffer and must endure in the seas, with no one to help them. For this reason we consecrate ourselves today.

And today the Most Holy Mother consecrates you in the name of Christ, so that the Flame of Purpose may guide hearts up until the end.

I consecrate and renew you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Sing the hymn of your consecration for those who do not consecrate themselves, for those who do not respond.

I thank you.