Monday, May 13 of 2019

Apparition of the Virgin Mary in Palermo, Sicily, Italy, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Today I come to give My greatest Love to the planet, to humanity, to Italy.

I come with the Love of God to meet and sustain you through the Love of the Father, so that you may experience your time of purification, the time of redemption that My Son aspires to see in you.

I have come through this pilgrimage to the south of Italy to give My children what they need, because a Mother, in the unfathomable Love of God, knows what Her children need in this hour.

My children, I need to have you in My arms so that you may be filled with the Love of God.

A Love that will free you from suffering, from all guilt and sin.

The Love of God is stronger than any human malice or blindness. The Love of God that I bring you today, through My maternal Heart, will give you peace and withdraw you from the spiritual captivity where you may find yourselves at this moment.

Through My Maternal Heart, My children, I take you toward the Love of God, because in the Love of God there is no darkness, no adversity and no fear.

I bring you the Love of God so that you may learn to overcome the end of times, because in the Love of God you will be in harmony, in inner balance, you will be in profound peace.

Through the Love of God, My children, I come to open the eyes of your consciousnesses so that in this time, your souls may be encouraged to follow God according to His Commandments and His Will.

Through the Love of God, I not only promise you salvation, the end of spiritual captivity, but I also promise you, My children, the Kingdom of the Heavens, by means of a sincere heartfelt repentance for all the actions committed in this place, in its people, in its history and throughout the last times.

I come to offer you this Love because in the Love of God there is no suffering; you will find happiness, fortitude, and impetus for conversion.

Through My Immaculate Heart, My children, I offer you the Love of the Source of the Father that today presents itself in Italy so that this nation and all of its people may be bathed in the Mercy of God, and it is in Mercy, My children, by living the Mercy of God and by being merciful in each moment that you will perceive very clearly in complete awareness that you must change for the good of God, the good of your land, of your people and of all humanity.

In Love, I bring you closer to the Peace of God so that this change of consciousness may occur under a greater discernment and wisdom, so that you may not feel suffering or pain at the moment of changing for a greater and unique Will.

As a Messenger of God and of the Most High, as the Lady of the Holy Rosary, the Queen of Peace, I ask you, My children, that if you open your eyes in order to see the call of God through the presence of His Servant, all your brothers and sisters, and your families will also, within themselves, hear the call of God, according to how God has conceived it and sustained it until this time.

Open your heart, My children, so that in this moment the Love of God may heal you deeply so that this island be an island of salvation, an island of the redeemed that congregate in the love of Christ to live the Word of God through the light of the Gospel and of the holy Sacraments that My Son offers you daily.

Re-experience the Teachings of Christ and each one of His Words so that you, just as the people who stood beside Jesus, may be able to change and transform into the spiritual and inner model that God needs from each one of His children of Italy.

Stretching out My Hands to you, I offer you the Light of My Heart, which is the eternal Light of God, of the Living God, of God the Most High, of the God of Love, Who contemplates you and Who re-ignites you in His Fount of Pity, of Mercy.

Thus, My children, feel the embrace of your Celestial Mother, which dispels the darkness, which redeems hearts, following the requests of Christ, Our Lord.

I call you, My children, as the Lady of Tears, to a moment of deep reflection, before everything is unleashed in Italy, because in this moment of reflection you will be able to live your conversion, your transformation under the good that My Son offers to you through His Eucharistic Communion.

And so, My children, from South America, the place of your Heavenly Mother, I come here to Italy to bring you the Light and the Love of God, so that your paths may be clean, your minds be clear, and you may be moved by the love of the heart that dwells within you and must awaken like an eternal fire, like an unending source that gives of itself and surrenders out of love.

Through the Love of God, My children, I bless you and invite you to follow My steps of the Faithful Servant, so that your lives may be an example of fraternity and unity with your fellow being, of service and relief from suffering.

I call you, My children, to make service to others primary in your lives so that through it you may find not only the Inner Christ in your peer, but also the Pity of God that will always lead you to Mercy and to His Source.

And I promise you that shortly you will not recognize your lives, because of the transformation you will fully be able to experience through the Portal of Peace and Harmony that I open here today in Sicily, so that all of My children and their history may pass through it, as a relief and healing of all the pain experienced in the latest times.

I call you, My children, to be the Light of Christ on Earth through a living commitment to the prayer of the heart.

I call you, My children, to establish true groups of prayer, especially in your families, so that the Heart of your Celestial Mother may be the fire that illumines your paths in these difficult times for humanity, so that your families may also receive and welcome My call.

In truth, My children, I offer you a simple but real path, which is to say, a last opportunity for your entire homeland to become sanctified, according to the Will of God and the fiery Plan that He wishes to establish here.

But first it must begin in you, My children, as I have already told you, through an example of true conversion and of untiring service for your fellow being.

In this way, you will prompt other hearts to live the Gospel of My Son, in the practice of daily life rather than in the theory of their minds.

I want to open in you the Fount of the Love of God. That is My purpose for being here today, and of someday, through the Celestial Father, coming back here so that many more such as yourselves may achieve the light and come out of the abyss of consciousness because they will be uplifted by the Love and Mercy of the Celestial Father.

Encourage yourselves to live this path so that your families may be a sacred family, just like Ours, who visits yours from Heaven to bring you the time of renewal and hope.

That is all that I wanted to tell you today.

As your Mother, I consecrate Italy, through this consecration to My Son, who opens more each day to help the Mother of God fulfill the call and so that this call may resonate in each heart of Italy, knowing that today on the 13th of May, in honor of the Lady of Fatima and the Most Holy Rosary, today a new period begins here for Italy, through the mediation of this Work that was given to God for all nations and peoples, that all may come to know the Love of God.

I bless you and consecrate you as My child so that many more children of this land, wounded but very much sanctified by God, consecrate themselves someday to the Immaculate and Eternal Heart of Mary.

Listening now to the hymn of your consecration, we will sing this hymn as if it were a prophecy, which will be fulfilled in the consecration of new children of Italy and of new groups of prayer that will be a part of My Rosary of Light in all of Europe.

I thank you, My children, for having responded to My call, and the doors of My Marian Centers in South America are open to welcome you and receive you and so that you may also find there the Peace of My Immaculate Heart.

I re-consecrate Italy to My Maternal Heart and to the opportunity of living the Will of God.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.