Thursday, December 6 of 2018

Marathon of Divine Mercy

The Ark of the Holy Covenant was in Noah's Ark, just like in the hands of Moses and in the Temple of Solomon.

Today it is in My Hands, to bring a spiritual impulse, definitive and precise to the world, within these times of chaos.

This Ark, contemplated by the angels and archangels, holds within it the revelation that humanity needs, the most sacred writings of the Universe, the thought transmitted by the Mind of God, within Divine Purpose.

This is the Ark that will be part of the New Humanity and will no longer be kept in the inner confines.

it will be placed upon the surface, soon after My return to the world, when I will have already assembled all My flocks, from all times and from all generations; when I will have overcame evil through love, and thus transcended duality in each human consciousness.

That will be the prelude to the advent of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, which will carry the Holy Grail to humanity, with all the Divine Codes, with all impulses transformed, sublimated and elevated by the Consciousness of the Son of God; with all the divine experiences that once lived on Earth among the apostles and followers; with all the codes of the Resurrection and of the Transfiguration, as well as the codes of the Ascension.

I know that you do not know what this means and what this represents, because it is something that will take place in this humanity.

Meanwhile, companions, may your perseverance with Me not be poor, nor weakened; may your trust in Me not be mediocre, nor indifferent; because the difficult times will come, but for those that trust in Me, the treasures of Heaven will not be lacking.

Just as from the planes of the Divinity, today I bring the Ark of the Holy Covenant, the Lamb that was sacrificed and that rose among the dead, bringing the victory of Love and Truth, glorious and resplendent, which will return to the Earth in His great Divine and Universal Consciousness, never before seen by any human being of the Earth, only contemplated and admired by the Mother of God.

This is the Divine Consciousness of the Firstborn Son, of the risen and glorified Son, Who will return to the world for the second time.

Keep vigil and be in adoration for this revelation. Continue to wholeheartedly and constantly pray, and the fruits of the new time will come to your hearts and lives.

But the time of darkness, which the human race has generated for this time of Armageddon, is necessary and essential because souls must learn to overcome inner duality through the strength and the power of Love.

It is no good to Me, companions, if you give up. After everything that I have given you, your thought must be in My thought and your feelings must be My sublimated and uplifted feelings.

Thus, you will not perish and you will not lack the keys for opening the doors that will lead you to the Kingdom of My Heart, to the House of the Celestial Father, even though you are still on the surface of this planet.

Today, in My Hands, I bring this Universal Teraphin so that it may be contemplated and admired.

In this material Universe, the Ark of the Holy Covenant represents the Will of God manifested for this Universe and for all of created life within the physical plane.

There, in that Sacred Ark, is to be found the pure story of God before He thought of and conceived the Creation, as well as the most evolutionary story of the Universe: the triumph of many humanities and the story written in many stars, as well as the story of His Firstborn Son and of the Divine Conception in the most pure Womb of the Universal Mother; the story about the accompaniment of all the angels and the defeat of the great hells of evil; the story of Archangel Michael in humanity and the divine fusion with the Divine Son, as well as the incalculable and unalterable presence of Archangel Gabriel within the Consciousness of the Mother of God; the presence of Archangel Raphael and the humble and simple experience of Saint Joseph.

And furthermore, companions, this Sacred Ark holds the evolutionary story of the first humanities, of those who were able to represent God in a simple and true way, those who were able to experience the mysteries of the Universe and draw a fraternal life of brotherhood toward the Earth, those who learned to sustain the Plan of God through the difficult times, both in the past and in the present, the story of love experienced by the great patriarchs, the experience of redemption of the apostles, the sanctification of the women of Jerusalem and all of the commitment relived and lived again and again throughout time, until the present time, by all of those who committed themselves to Me, throughout the whole history of humanity and the planet, to be a part of this Divine Covenant with the Sacred Ark of the Celestial Father.

Now this entire history will not be able to be interfered with, nor stopped. It depends on you, on your willingness, your adherence and your unconditional commitment so that your life story, your story of redemption, forgiveness and rehabilitation may be part of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, like the triumph of the transfiguring Christic Code in each human consciousness, in each human heart, in the spiritual life of each being.

For this reason, I encourage you to continue onward. The weight of your cross will pass and My Word, which is eternal, will triumph.

The only thing that I ask of you is that you be constant, consistent and responsible with the Divine impulses you receive, because I tell you again today, companions, with the humility of My Heart, that My time with you is close to coming to an end so that the New Christs may be seen on Earth as the bearers of Peace, Mercy and Good.

You are called to bring continuity to My divine Work and to submerge in the chaos and the tribulation to save souls, and even though it could be necessary to give your lives for Me, I will then be able to testify that your surrender has been real.

I have not come to ask you for the impossible, nor what you still cannot give me. I only ask you to walk by My side, that you be sustained in Me, that you trust in Me, and that you ask for My Mercy, just as the Apostle John did constantly, availing himself of each moment to be close to the Lord, to be close to God, in communion with Life and the Spirit of God

May the Ark of the Holy Covenant represent for you the symbol of the elevation of consciousness and the permanent aspiration to achieve the Kingdom of God, knowing that nothing that happens is by chance, that everything has a meaning and a goal for the Celestial Father.

If your inner hells are very large or if your joy is infinite for your souls, there is nothing to fear, because everything has its reason. Unite with this Creator Principle and, from the Ark of the Holy Covenant, receive today the last impulse of the Redeemer, for the transformation of your lives and the redemption of your beings, in the name of the triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Standing before the Celestial Church that today gathers you together, before the priests of the Universe and the patriarchs of the Divine Word, before the angels of Heaven and all human beings who throughout history became sanctified by means of the experience of My Love, before the thorned Heart of Jesus and the silent agony of Mary because of all that is happening in the world, before the strength and the power of prayer, before the trust of all My disciples and pilgrims and the Love of all My kin, before the presence of the throne of the Celestial Father and of His Non-material Source, I accept and receive the re-consecration of Brazil to My Sacred Heart and today I extend to this people a special and atoning Grace that must be cared for and protected by each one.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

The Master is lifting up His right Hand to bless Brazil and placing His left Hand over His Heart.

Christ Jesus:

Today I beg you, Father, that you rest in the love of Your children, and that you rejoice in the purity of the souls that consecrate themselves and that You may be alive and present in each human heart, so that the beat of Your Spirit be the pulsating of the heart of each being, the infinite beat of Your Love and the glorious expansion of Your Grace.

Bless this people, Lord, and all the humble beings that, in the silence of their simplicity, represent Your Work on Earth and live the ministry of My Heart.

And before the higher Universes that grant this Divine intervention, I re-consecrate Brazil to My Sacred and Unfathomable Heart, so that the Christs of this people may sustain the end of times, the three days of darkness, as true witnesses of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

May the strength of their faith never break, may the temperance of their hearts be supported by the temperance of My Heart and may the Fire of the Holy Spirit place the divine word upon their lips, so as to defend My Redeeming Work in these end times.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Before blessing the elements that souls will avail themselves of to receive My Grace and My Mercy, I wish to announce to the whole world that the continuation of this Work with the Divine Messengers will experience a pause towards the end of this month of December and that it will continue on when all has been fulfilled, not only on a spiritual level but also on a material level.

It depends on you and of the whole world that My Word and My Presence reach more places in Brazil in order to support it and assist it, as well as My Divine Word reaching other nations of the world and other continents.

God recognizes the efforts, but the efforts must be balanced and just.

All are deserving of the Grace of My Presence in this end time and in the nations of the world it will not be easy, and you know this.

It is a commitment of humanity that My Presence and My Message may be in other places of the world until the Celestial Father may indicate it and consider it thus.

I still have plans to fulfill with you and with humanity, which are the plans of the end times and of the last spiritual impulses that each Sacred Heart will give the world before the most difficult moment of humanity.

We thirst for good souls and also for repentant hearts.

The Rescue Plan will be built with the cooperation of all, under the Law of the Brotherhood.

At the request of My Father, I am announcing this pause and this break.

And the response of everyone and of the whole world will be what will allow Me to continue onward. Otherwise, in the name of the Law of Divine Justice and of the Law of Equilibrium, Sacred Attributes for the Universe, We will only be able to continue until the end of this month, but you will not cease to receive Our Words.

We will not be able to be present in those spaces where we should be. You know that Our Consciousness is omnipresent and it would not cost anything to be in any place that is necessary, but I am giving you the opportunity to serve God and of lightening your spiritual debts so that you may finally be reborn in Love, and may help others to be reborn in Love.

I will patiently be in the heights of the mountains so that in these next months I may hear your response.

God bless this moment, so that each being may become more aware and take up what they have come to fulfill in the name of Love and of Unity.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We can stand for the consecration.

Christ Jesus:

Lord, you know that souls love You. That is why I ask you, Father, to accept all the offers that are made to You today, so that Your Project of Love may triumph. Amen.

Bless this water, Lord, so that Your Grace may spread throughout the world, and like the water that falls on the planet as rain, it may turn into a rain of an infinite Grace of Love in souls, so that all may be fulfilled. Amen.

Father, baptize those who have suffered with Your Spirit, so that the spiritual illnesses may dissipate and disappear from the human consciousness.

May the infinite flow of Your Love, may the spring of Your Grace, of Your Forgiveness and of Your Healing sanctify those who today will be baptized by Your Spirit, in union with Your infinite Love. Amen.

Pater noster....

Abhun debashmaia....

Lord, anoint, with this oil, sick bodies, exorcize possessed souls and free souls from the currents of evil.

Through the powerful union with the cross, may all evil be defeated and removed. And just as the Son of God was anointed by the Women of Jerusalem, today may those who will be anointed be restored and repaired by divine healing. Amen.

By the power of the Ark of the Holy Covenant may the codes descend.

And we make a memory of the Mystery of the Love of the Son of God during the last supper, when He took the bread, giving thanks to God for the sacrifice, the Father blessed it and giving it to the apostles, I said, "All take and eat of it, because this is My Body that will be surrendered for humankind for the atonement of sins."

In the same way, your Master and Lord took the Chalice, not only to radiate peace to the world and the redemption of humanity but also so that the Father sanctify it and bless it, and, giving it to the apostles, I told them to drink of it because "this is My Blood that will be shed for humankind and for the martyrs for the forgiveness of sins."

Do this always in My Memory.

Here is the Body and the Blood of Christ, Fount of Mercy and of Salvation for all the souls that trust in Him.

Happy be, My companions, all those who will avail themselves of this Sacrament. But before, confess and repent so that the Divine Body and the Precious Blood may purify your souls and sanctify your hearts. Amen.

Trust that all will be fulfilled as God has foreseen.

In your trust is the key to the concretization of the Plan.

If as from now you begin to live and to deeply feel, the Plan will be fulfilled, as has been written.

May your hearts be glad, because Brazil has re-consecrated itself to My Merciful Heart, and it will deepen its re-consecration in the coming months, with the constancy and the devotion of those who pray and the cry of all the people of God.

Glory to God in the highest, Peace on Earth to all beings of goodwill.

Stretching out My Arms in the sign of the cross as a testimonial to the true Love of God for all His creatures and the planet, I unite you with the Power of the Sacred Cross and the infinite mystery of its exorcistic impulse.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen (x3)

May peace be in all the inner worlds so that it may be in all humankind on the Earth, as well as in all the nations of the world.

Let us continue to pray for Peace, for the triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph.

So be it.

You will fraternally give each other the greeting of Peace, so that Peace may be in the families of wars and in all the families of the world that are not able to live Unity on this Sacred Christmas.

I thank you!