Friday, September 18 of 2020

The Sacred Call

 In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Listen in silence to the beating of My Heart, of a Heart that gave itself for you and for the world.

This is the Heart that still continues to suffer for humanity and for the planet. It is a human Heart, just like yours. A Heart that was glorified and enlightened. A heart that propagates Peace and Mercy.

This is the Heart that humanity feels within. A Heart that welcomes all souls and Kingdoms of Nature. It is the Heart of the Creator, of the Living God, of the Merciful God.

Today My Presence reaches the world through the Heart of the Lord and, with open arms, contemplates the planet and everything that inhabits it.

You are in the time of great inflection, but also in the time of great repentance, before more situations are unleashed in humanity. The door of My Mercy is still open, and it is through My Heart that you will reach it.

The Heart of the Lamb of God is still being scourged, but this time in a deeper and more unknown way.

The ideals of humanity wound the Heart of the Lord.

The actions of humanity wound the Heart of the Lord.

The lack of awareness and love wound the Heart of the Lord.

You are souls that come from God and that keep, within yourselves, the Love of the Universe.

Injustice cannot surpass the love within you. You need to do something, not only to offer your prayers to the heights, but also to change.

The change of times will arrive in the rhythm of the events of the planet. For this reason, may your hearts not close.

This is the time to assert the Teachings of God through His Divine Messengers.

We tell you again that the Word must be fulfilled within you so that you may be a testimony, so It may be a reality and justify all the threats that the world is experiencing, through nations and governments.

A great part of humanity is innocent of the wars, persecutions, famine, lack of care, of everything that is outside of the Law.

But My Return cannot be at this time, because humanity must still realize all that it has done. My arrival will be in a culminating moment, but also unexpected.

The celestial doors are being prepared for this moment, as events unfold in humanity, in this rhythm, My arrival comes.

I cannot help but tell you that you still have to prepare yourselves; and that this preparation is born from awareness, discernment and adherence to the Hierarchy.

Most will learn about the end of time through another school, which is the school in which many should not be in. Therefore, do not allow indifference to embrace you or fill you; do not allow indifference to replace love.

In difficult moments, think of My Passion and all the pains and martyrdoms that I suffered for you, from the Garden of Gethsemane to the top of Mount Calvary, until the moment of My expiration.

There you will find an unknown inner force that will give you an impulse to experience transcendence and surrender; and you value all that I have lived for you, even though it was a long time ago. My Passion is spiritually timeless.

Souls can access the records of the events that I experienced more than two thousand years ago, because, in each step of My Passion, I left a teaching, a message, a lesson for the world.

Not everyone is able to fully experience the pain I suffered for you.

My Passion is not to be understood, but to be loved. It is not to be recognized, but to be valued. In it, I have left the steps of your sanctification, and so, you are always blessed by the Heavenly Father.

The planet as a consciousness lives its passion. A passion that it has never lived or suffered before, and its essence, which is humanity, is sick.

Therefore, your change and your repentance will relieve the world and the Kingdoms of Nature. But the currents of the universe will continue to descend, they will continue to work, they will continue to transform, because at least a small part of humanity must reach the Portal toward a New Earth and a New Humanity.

The aspiration of the Eternal Father is that all may reach the New Earth, the new Eden, the New Humanity. But the world, being far from the Law, moves away from that portal. This is why these are times of greatest sacrifices and of great resignations.

Now will be the cycle in which each one of you, companions, will confirm if you are within Me, so that I may be within you.

When I appeared to you, for the first time, more than seven years ago, it was for this moment, so that you would live this moment with Me and not retreat, not abandon Me.

The experience of the Christic life is for everyone, but I know that not everyone could achieve it, this does not mean being far from God and His Will, it means living different schools and lessons. Therefore, everything you do is written in the universe and it is witnessed.

These are times to keep the doors of My Mercy open so that the greatest number of souls may be redeemed and saved, at least they can have an opportunity in the next world.

Your happiness, companions, will be in the next world, because this is the time of surrender, and of faith to live in Me.

I need your lives to be balm for My Heart, and not the wounds.

I need your lives to be an example of transformation and charity, and not of offenses. I do not need you perfect, I need you true and pure of intention so that, through you, I can be in the world bringing My Love to humanity and to the places that need it the most, beyond distance.

In My Heart is the refuge for your souls, the aspiration of your consciousnesses, the renewal of your lives. Whoever is not in My Heart, it is because they do not want to be, it is because they have not yet seen, beyond themselves, the Grace received.

I want you to be aware of the opportunity, to not only receive My Presence, but to also receive My Message, to be close to Me at this crucial time of humanity. This represents a lot for Me, because I know what it means, especially when one of you fails Me and turns your back on Me, abandoning Me, invaded by incomprehension and unconsciousness.

I need you to live the truth from the heart and, through that truth that I bring you, to learn to love and serve.

Learn to be among brothers and sisters, in these difficult times, because in each new message, I bring you My Priesthood, which comes to sanctify and bless you in the Holy Spirit.

Let us pray for better times to come. Do not stop praying. The Father hears the prayers of His children, and He feels purity when their intentions are true.

Do not stop returning every day to the essence of the Purpose and the Divine Will, so you will be protected and safe in these times of darkness.

My Staff will show you the way. My Heart will be the Light along your paths. My Mantle will be your Peace, and My Cross, your protection.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.