13 May

Canada will be the next destination for the Divine Messengers

Collaborate to make this new stage of the Pilgrimage for Peace in North America possible At this time, the Divine Messengers are interceding, in a special way, for the redemption of North America. For this purpose, Christ Jesus and the Virgin Mary are making several Apparitions in the Mount Shasta region, in the United States. And the next stage of this Peace Mission has already been defined: it will be Canada. This nation also needs to have its consciousness aligned and enlightened in these times, for the good of all the peoples, cultures and Kingdoms of Nature that...
29 Apr

In May: eight events with new Messages from the Sacred Hearts

The Divine Messengers call us to return, with redoubled courage, to the heavenly, operative and dynamic rhythm of Their prayer and music meetings, after a brief period of synthesis and spiritual study. Mount Shasta In May, Christ Jesus and the Virgin Mary will be on the Pilgrimage for Peace in the United States, from...
22 Apr

Sacred Week 2024: remember the Words of Love of Christ Jesus

From March 24 to 31, the Marian Center of Figueira, in Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, was once again the stage for Sacred Week, the most emblematic event of the Work of the Divine Messengers. In this 11th edition, more than 1,000 people from different countries gathered in person to contemplate the Passion...

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Special Apparitions

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The time of sowing is now ending, but as the Mercy of God for souls and nations is so great, today your Divine Mother brings with Herself the last basket of Light, in which the seeds from Heaven are kept, the last seeds of Light, so that they may be sown in the inner worlds of hearts and so that, someday, souls may bear fruit in abundance.

This is why I bring this basket of Light here, because My Most Beloved Son has sent Me to throw into fertile land the seeds that will sprout in the coming time, through the Graces that your hearts have received throughout the times, by means of the Grace of being before the Sacred and Divine Hearts of Mary, Jesus and Saint Joseph.

My dear children, I ask you: Do you now consider yourselves a seed of Light that has abundantly sprouted to awaken the Attributes of God on this planet?

The Graces that come from the Heavens are available to be given to hearts. This is why I come with this basket of Light today, so that you may understand the Abundance of God, which is something infinite and inexhaustible.

Through the seeds of the Light of God, how many gifts and virtues does He need to deposit in hearts? Do your hearts perceive this? Could your hearts become tabernacles of these seeds of Light?

This is why I tell you, My dearest children, that this is not something so symbolic, but it is rather something more prophetic. Because the world needs to be converted, the world needs to repent, in order to achieve peace not only in hearts, but also in all nations, especially those that are at war and in conflict today.

Therefore, My children, this is also My aspiration, and I unite to the Aspiration of the Eternal Father today, hoping My dear children will be depositaries of the Gifts and Virtues of the Father; and that they may have this Legacy that comes from Heaven as a part of their vows of life, consecration and awakening of their spirit. Because this is what humanity needs now to re-establish union between Heaven and Earth, which is gradually corrupted through the wars and conflicts in nations, but also is corrupted through conflicts in families and between hearts.

We, throughout the years, have taught you the steps of Love and Forgiveness.

I know, as the Mother of all of you and as the Mother of all souls, that there are situations that you cannot comprehend or understand today. But I invite you once again to trust in Jesus and in His Eucharistic Presence, so that hearts may be consoled and renewed and, regardless of what they are living in these times, they may feel the Caress of God for those who do not receive anything, for those who lose everything, for those who are submerged into war and pain, and especially for those who do not have the Grace of being born.

On this day, through Our Sacred and Self-given Hearts of Mary, Jesus and Saint Joseph, We, as a Triune and Unique Consciousness, offer you Our Hearts so that you may glimpse and recognize the reality of these times.

Because it is necessary for you to understand, My beloved children, that in order for the world to change, for peace and good to exist in humanity, the change must first of all take place in yourselves, and then take place in all the others and in all life situations.

Souls suffer because they distance themselves from the Love of God, but there are also many souls that suffer because the Love of God is taken away from them, through wars, conflicts, or even human and spiritual slavery.

May this basket of Light, which I bring today to all My children of the Earth through My honest offering, My loving gift, be poured out upon hearts, upon the souls and essences that must be part of the Kingdom of God in this time.

Because as much as you are not yet in Paradise, where many wish to be someday, this Eternal Paradise of God can be in you if you so allow it through gestures of love and mercy, through acts of forgiveness and compassion.

There is no other way, dear children, to reach the Kingdom of the Heavens, other than by first passing through these schools of redemption that My Son established on this surface with His Presence among you and, above all, at the most painful moment of His Passion, during His Death on the Cross, when My Most Beloved Son opened the door of opportunity to all, the Christic and redemptive path for all the souls who trust in Him, and in this path that the Sacred Hearts offer to the world.

For this reason, I pray every day, not only so that many more hearts and souls may achieve it, but also so that nations may someday achieve it, by mercifully living Charity and Fraternity.

My aspiration is that all may be depositaries of these Virtues and Gifts of the Father because, if you receive any Virtue or Gift of God in this time, you have to realize, dear children, that it will be necessary for you to purify yourselves, just the Divine and Precious Mother purified Herself at the Temple. This is a Law, and the Law must be fulfilled in Heaven and on Earth, and in every place of the universe.

Before concluding, dear children, and also before carrying this basket of prayers that you have offered to Me today, prayers that will be deposited at the Feet of the Creator, I want to thank all the prayerful and devoted beings who, in this month of May, consciously work at their reconsecration to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart. A profoundly spiritual and anonymous exercise of each prayerful soul on Earth, which in the coming times must become daily, because humanity needs to remember its consecration every day, even those who have been called upon to consecrate to Christ to serve Him through religious and priestly life.

Do you now understand the importance of this month of May?

Because it is not only for you to remember that the door of My Heart is open to all, but also that the last seeds of the Light of God today, through the Most Holy Mother, are being thrown into the Earth, upon the fertile land of the hearts and essences of the world. In this way, through this blessing and Grace, the world will achieve peace and the end of war, the end of human cruelty, the end of human wickedness, the end of adversity and human harassment, so that hearts may be reborn in Christ and for Christ, Our Lord.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Now Our Lady is showing us the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar in Her Hands, and with the Monstrance of Light, She blesses the four corners of the Earth.

The Light of Christ needs to be radiated to the world, especially to the most sinful and lost, so that all may achieve the path of conversion, not only the path of conversion of the heart, but also of life.

This is My aspiration, but also My commitment before the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I leave you in the contemplation of the Holy Monstrance, the Most Precious Presence of the Eucharistic Body of Christ, brought today from Heaven.

Contemplate Christ within yourselves and have faith. All will be well.

I thank you for being with Me today, in union and prayer for peace in the nations.

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