16 Sep

Music for the Healing and Elevation of Humanity in September will highlight authorial songs of praise to Christ

In the meeting of the Music for Healing and Elevation of Humanity in September , we will recall some of the most beautiful moments of authorial music in praise of Christ Jesus promoted by the Work of the Divine Messengers. The program will be broadcasted by Misericordia María TV on Wednesday 23rd, at 8 pm, and will have translation into English . Respecting the current sanitary standards, there will be no public presence in the auditorium of the Marian Center of Figueira. Praises to the King This special edition will feature a collection of music videos from the Praises to...
04 Sep

For Love of the Kingdoms, the new program of Misericordia María TV will address the evolutionary relationship of humanity with nature

On September 19, at 11am , Misericordia Maria TV will launch a new program with live broadcast: For Love of the Kingdoms . With this project, the Divinity intends to perform a very special work for the benefit of the planet. Kingdoms of Nature, expressions of the Love of God For many years, the Divine Messengers have...
02 Sep

7th Sacred Week: Find out what happened in the great meeting with Christ Jesus

A flood of blessings, instructions and revelations. That was the 7th Sacred Week which took place from August 9 - 16, 2020, in the Marian Center of Figueira, in Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil. During eight unforgettable days, participants from 147 countries had the opportunity to follow, via the Internet,...

Video clips, Instruction, Music, Words of the Divine Messengers and more

For Love of the Kingdoms - New program of Misericordia María TV

Featured Message


Dear children,

My feet are pointing towards the path of the final time to come.

As a Mother, I try to lead you towards Christ, so that your aspiration to stay upon the path of redemption may remain permanent.

Along the sides of the path that I point you towards, you will find the current reality of the world, the great and deep needs that need to be met through the light of the word of prayer.

In this way, dear children, you will be attracting from Heaven what humanity needs, and not what it desires.

This is the time to go through world desolation, the cycle in which nothing seems to make sense or have a way out.

Just like My Son, this is the time for you to help carry the heavy cross of the indifference and injustice of humanity.

All of this can only be solved with the prayer of the heart, a prayer that, at this acute moment, will bring you the Peace of the Kingdom of the Heavens.

For this reason, My children, do not lose the strength of praying. Thus, your faith will not be weak and your trust in the Father will lead you to understand these definitive times.

May prayer make you bearers of the Gifts of Heaven.

May your virtues help you to transcend and purify your lives so that your souls may be at the doors of the Kingdom of the Heavens, waiting for the great moment of the Return of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

Prayer for Peace in the Nations

Upcoming prayers

Prière pour la Paix dans les Pays Francophones (Prayer for Peace in the French-speaking Countries)
Sunday 20
| 21:00
Paris | France
Brasília Time: 
Sunday 20 | 16:00
Praying for Peace in Venezuela and Syria
Monday 21
| 06:00
Caracas | Venezuela
Spanish and Arabic
Brasília Time: 
Monday 21 | 7:00
Powerful Novena to the Archangel Raphael for the Healing of the Planet and Humanity
Monday 21
| 08:00
Brasilia | Brazil
Brasília Time: 
Monday 21 | 8:00
Praying for Peace in Families
Monday 21
| 18:00
Lisbon | Portugal
Portuguese, Spanish and English
Brasília Time: 
Monday 21 | 14:00

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The Divine Messengers gave to humanity a sublime spiritual exercise: the Veneration of the Sacred Hearts of Christ Jesus, of the Virgin Mary, and of Saint Joseph.