Marian impulses

29 May

New celestial impulse for souls: Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Throughout this Marian month, Our Lady has been filling our lives with merciful opportunities through our devotion to Her Immaculate Heart. In Her message of May 1, 2020 , the Most Holy Virgin announced a new spiritual practice to uplift our souls, which She called Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary . With this sacred impulse, the Divine Mother yearns to keep us under Her Protective Mantle and fill our consciousnesses with Her Universal Light. She affirmed that She will grant graces and special interventions to all those who, with humility, reverence and gratitude, seek...
25 May

June: the Presence of the Divine Messengers will radiate new Graces upon the planet

In June, Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary and the Most Chaste Saint Joseph will continue to descend from Heaven to meet us, with the purpose of giving us everything we need to raise our consciousnesses to Their Kingdom of Love and Peace. After a month marked by revelations, new spiritual exercises and special messages...
21 May

Dialogues of a Soul with God: Saint Joseph reveals responses from God concerning spiritual themes within a new series of messages

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, in His sacred mission to instruct humanity in these times, contemplated us with a new Grace. His Chaste Heart remembered the most frequent dilemmas and doubts manifested by our souls in moments of prayer, reflection and challenges. Now He is revealing the responses of God to these...

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Mother María Shimani in an interview about the current planetary situation.

Featured Message


A soul that had made many mistakes felt itself to be impure and unworthy before God, and facing the sins it committed, it asked the Lord a question, saying: "Lord, I have sinned many times; I have fallen and, instead of standing up, I submerged even more deeply into the abysses of life. Today I stand before You; You called me to sit at the table of redemption. Tell me, Lord, is it possible that a sinner like me will be called by You? How will I be able to take the steps that You need? How will I heal the infidelities and the deepest sins of my being?"

And with eyes of Mercy, the Lord responded: - "What did the leper do to be healed by My Son when he saw Him approach among the multitude? What did the woman with the flow of blood do to be free from the weight of her impurities while, to her despair, she saw My Son walking by? What did Zacchaeus do to be seen and, in spite of all his errors, be worthy of a single Gaze of the Son of God?

The leper, little soul, uncovered himself, and stood humble in the face of the multitude. With his foul smell, with his wounds, with his broken heart and remaining without hope in a world where, for him, there was no salvation, the only solution was to appeal to Christ, dirty, impure, sick, rejected.

The woman with the flow of blood also risked herself among the multitude. She did not want to be humiliated, but knew that the only way of being healed was to appeal to Christ. That time, it was the Lord Himself who made her noticeable, not to humiliate her, but rather to let the world know that to be healed and become clean, it would be necessary to expose the sins and the wounds to God. It is through the doorway of humility that one reaches the Feet of the Creator.

Zacchaeus knew of his bad behavior, he knew of his sins and imperfections, but in his soul, what spoke more loudly was the need for forgiveness. This is why he showed himself and, in front of the multitude, humbled himself, climbed a tree, where everybody could notice that in spite of all his errors, he was there, facing all the judgments and criticisms, simply by the need for being before Christ.

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Friday 5
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Caracas | Venezuela
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Praying for Peace in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay
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Buenos Aires | Argentina
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Friday 5 | 20:00

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The Divine Messengers gave to humanity a sublime spiritual exercise: the Veneration of the Sacred Hearts of Christ Jesus, of the Virgin Mary, and of Saint Joseph.