May, 2021
25 Apr

In May, Our Lady will deliver Instructions and Blessings on special occasions

In May, month dedicated to the Virgin Mary, we should remember the Words that Christ Jesus pronounced in tribute to Her at the Sacred Week 2021: This is the cycle of the Mother of God, the Scepter is in Her hand. Blessed will be those who recognize this Legacy because the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart will always win. Christ Jesus, March 31, 2021 So, let us take advantage of the special opportunities offered in this period to strengthen our bond of love and devotion with Our Lady! Mary, the unconditional Mother whom Christ gave us In this cycle, the Virgin Mary is...
21 Apr

Weekly messages from the Virgin Mary: a breath from Heaven in times of tribulation

Are you following the Messages that the Virgin Mary transmits every Saturday? Her maternal words emanate faith, hope and discernment that we need to go through the current planetary crisis, and prepare our hearts for the Return of Christ. To be able to remain with us longer than anticipated, Our Lady obtained a...
19 Apr

Important message from the Virgin Mary to all Her children of Brazil

On April 17, 2021 , Our Lady transmitted a Message of encouragement and hope to Her children of Brazil. Below, discover what were the main points addressed by the Blessed Virgin in this communiqué. Message of the Holy Father Most Holy Mary hopes that the message of Pope Francis to the Brazilian Episcopate , in which...

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Message of Christ Jesus - 05/03/2021

Featured Message


Dear children,

In this month of May, that now begins, may the prayer of the Rosary be the preamble and also the inner preparation for the next events.

May your faith be fixed upon My Immaculate Heart, a maternal Heart that opens a spiritual door for all My children to pass through and, thus, enter the House of the Heavenly Father.

This is the time that My soldiers of prayer must already live in the contemplative state.

May the daily exercise, through the prayerful word, be the way to awaken the mirror heart within you so that I have permission for your souls to receive from Heaven the impulses of Redemption and Mercy, which are guarded in My great inner network of Celestial Mirrors.

This is the great moment for each of My servants to broaden their consciousnesses and to actively participate together with the Celestial Mother in Her great intercessions for humanity and for the planet.

To be in contemplation is to be in silence, but it is also to practice the life of prayer so that your hearts are blessed receptacles of the Graces that My hands wait to pour out upon all of humanity.

By awakening your mirror heart, you will be more sensitized by the difficult planetary situation, and your consciousnesses will rise to unite in spirit to My great spiritual network of supplication that exists in the great Celestial Kingdom, from where I come to deliver My Words of Love to you.

Dear children, I invite you once again to place your minds and especially your hearts in the Heights, in Heaven, in the Universe, because that is where you will find inner peace.

I thank you for postulating to be part of My Praying and Supplicating Armies of Heaven! 

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

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Prayer for Peace in the Nations

Upcoming prayers

Praying for Peace in the United States
Sunday 9
| 10:00
Oklahoma City | Oklahoma | United States
Brasília Time: 
Sunday 9 | 12:00
Prière pour la Paix dans les Pays Francophones (Prayer for Peace in the French-speaking Countries)
Sunday 9
| 20:30
Paris | France
Brasília Time: 
Sunday 9 | 15:30
Praying for Peace in Mexico, Central America and Caribbean
Sunday 9
| 17:00
City of Mexico | Mexico
Brasília Time: 
Sunday 9 | 19:00
Praying for Peace in Venezuela and Syria
Monday 10
| 06:00
Caracas | Venezuela
Spanish and Arabic
Brasília Time: 
Monday 10 | 7:00
Praying for Peace in Families
Monday 10
| 18:00
Lisbon | Portugal
Portuguese, Spanish and English
Brasília Time: 
Monday 10 | 14:00
Praying for Peace in Hungary (A Békéért Imádkozva Magyarországon, Az Isteni Irgalmasság Rózsafüzére)
Monday 10
| 21:30
Budapest | Hungary
Brasília Time: 
Monday 10 | 16:30
Prayer for The Unborn
Monday 10
| 19:30
Buenos Aires | Argentina
Portuguese, Spanish and English
Brasília Time: 
Monday 10 | 19:30

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