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A Communication from Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception
about the suspension of the multitudinous public events that were scheduled from April 13th to the 30th, 2020.

March 13, 2020

Responding to the preventive decisions of the competent international authorities, and in an act of adherence towards them, with the greater spirit and consciousness of collaboration, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, responsible for carrying forward the events of the Divine Messengers on a planetary level, declare the suspension of the multitudinous public events that were scheduled from now until April 30, 2020.

It is our intention to collaborate openly with the preventive measures taken by the national and international authorities about this sanitary situation that is being presented within our humanity, and to collaborate so that tranquility may be present amongst all people, and for this we invite everyone to be in prayer to spiritually protect the consciousness of all humanity.

In gratitude and collaboration, 

Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception


The day of March 11, Christ Jesus through the seer fray Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús the next message
announcing the postponement of the "Sagrada Semana" event for the month of August:

Worldwide Communication to all the Followers of the Redeeming Work of Christ on Earth

Video of the reading of the communication and subsequent reflection, by Mother María Shimani de Montserrat

Impulses of St. Joseph

01 Apr

Pilgrimage for Peace to Africa: collaborate in concretizing this sacred mission

The Divine Messengers have announced the Pilgrimage for Peace to Africa , which must take place in June of 2020, and the campaign has officially been launched. The moment awaited for has arrived for the African continent to receive the presence and the Voice of the Sacred Hearts , Who will bring love, healing and relief for the pain. In this way, the Divine Messengers are counting on the collaboration of everybody so that, through Their visit to some of the nations, They may radiate the Graces that Africa needs at this time. May devoted and serving souls of Christ be able...
01 Apr

New request from the Virgin Mary: Holy Rosary for the end of the health crisis

The Virgin Mary has always affirmed that the daily prayer of the Holy Rosary is one of the most powerful spiritual instruments of these times. She revealed that souls who adopt this simple and blessed practice can achieve Divine Graces capable of transforming their own lives and changing the course of events upon the...
28 Mar

April 5 to 12: 8 days of Instruction with Christ Jesus

In His Infinite Mercy, Christ Jesus will multiply the opportunities for souls to be enlightened and strengthened at this moment of humanity. For our joy and gratitude, the Master has announced, in His message of March 20, 2020 , that He will come to the world from April 5 to 12, at 3 p.m. *, to transmit His...

Video clips, Instruction, Music, Words of the Divine Messengers and more

8 days of Instruction with Christ Jesus

Featured Message


To Come out from Human Ignorance and Enter into the Supreme Reality

Most human beings lead their lives according to the path that the material life indicates to them but a smaller part of humanity leads their life according to that which the Supreme Will indicates to them. 

In this case, who is more ignorant, the one who lives according to the material or the one who lives according to the Divine?

We will not make comparisons, we will just try to comprehend that ignorance dwells in a greater or a smaller degree within the human consciousness. And to be able to dissolve this ignorance within yourselves you must openly trust in that which comes from the Heights. 

God did not create His children to be ignorant. Humankind gradually became ignorant through its acts, tasks and actions.

And although ignorance embraces a great part of humanity, this is the time of dissolving and transcending it towards the levels of true Supreme Reality.

How is this done?

First, do not question if what you live as a Call from God is correct or if it is temporary. Nothing that God delivers to us can be temporary. 

God takes care of the economy of your consciousness. Therefore, the one who trusts the most manages to embrace the Call the most and thus to awaken to the gifts and virtues that the Father has deposited in each consciousness. 

The ignorant soul is the one that has distanced itself from common sense and reference. It is the one that has closed the door to its inner and cosmic truth for life.

This is why I say that this is the culminating time in which ignorance will be able to be dissolved and the veils of consciousness will fall in order to give rise to the awakening of the goal of each being.

Nothing is separate, only humankind managed to divide the spiritual from the material. 

Everything is part of the same creative stream and energy. It is enough to unite correctly to the Source to be able to receive Its impulses and come out from human ignorance forever.

Under the Light of Christ, I bless you,

Prayer for Peace in the Nations

Mystery of the Rosary

Novena of the Orandium of the Passion and Transfiguration of Jesus
Friday 3
| 07:00
Brasilia | Brazil
Brasília Time: 
Friday 3 | 7:00
Praying for Peace in Venezuela and Syria
Friday 3
| 06:00
Caracas | Venezuela
Spanish and Arabic
Brasília Time: 
Friday 3 | 7:00
Praying for Peace in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Friday 3
| 19:00
Vienna | Austria
Brasília Time: 
Friday 3 | 14:00
Praying for Peace in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay
Friday 3
| 20:00
Buenos Aires | Argentina
Brasília Time: 
Friday 3 | 20:00

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.

The Divine Messengers gave to humanity a sublime spiritual exercise: the Veneration of the Sacred Hearts of Christ Jesus, of the Virgin Mary, and of Saint Joseph.