30 Jan

In February, the Sacred Hearts will deliver new impulses of Light in Brazil and Europe

The Divine Messengers continue to dedicate Themselves to the spiritual task of assisting Brazil, which began at the end of January (find out more) , with the aim that souls experience the attributes that will sustain God's Plans for this nation. After completing the mission on the Brazilian soil, Christ Jesus and the Virgin Mary will resume Their Redeeming Plans in Europe, together with the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús. In turn, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph will deliver His Instructions to humanity directly from South America, through the visionary...
19 Jan

The Divine Messengers return to Brazil to strengthen the spiritual purpose of hearts

After pouring a profusion of Redeeming Graces over the United States, the Pilgrimage for Peace returns to Brazil with the intention of sending new spiritual impulses to the consciousness of this nation. Thus, the Divine Messengers will continue to sow the Spirit of Love, Peace and Fraternity in the green heart of...
13 Jan

Special task with Saint Joseph on Fridays: Prayer for Peace and the End of Wars in the World

In response to the last request of Saint Joseph, the internet channel Prayer for Peace in the Nations will hold a new weekly virtual event: Prayer for Peace and the End of Wars in the World . This online prayer meeting will take place live every Friday at 12 noon. The access is open and free. The Prayer for Peace and...

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Where has the human heart become lost?

Where has creature and Creator diverged from one another?

Which door has to be crossed and which path has to be taken in order to again meet with God?

Which battle has to be won so that victory can announce the Creator’s triumph over every illusion of life?

The first spiritual battle of the end of times began as a fight between Love and indifference.

Now, children, a more subtle and invisible battle is fought within the spiritual levels of the planet and in the depths of the human consciousness: the battle between spiritual fullness and mundane pleasure.

This is a great battle that should not be veiled in your consciousness, but rather it should come to light so that the power of the Light, its transparency and truth, can cause the perishment of the dark powers that stimulate the hearts, minds, emotions and even the souls of human beings.

The adversary stimulates shame and lies inside of beings, which are the great sources of nourishment for the powers behind each human vice, and these vices are the great currents that make beings seek mundane pleasure constantly, and gradually turn them away from spiritual fullness and the truth that they must express at these times.

Mundane pleasure manifests in different expressions of satisfaction in the mental, emotional, physical and even imaginative planes, in which it closes the path to inner intuition and even more leaves subtle nuclei of the consciousness addicted to feeding these mundane illusions.

Pleasure can be a thought, a technological stimulus, the vice of manipulation, of lies, of conquest. It is not focused only within carnal processes, in addiction to drugs or material substances, but especially, children, it is focused in mental and internal substances that silently bind consciousnesses in spaces that nobody sees; here lies the great danger of this battle, because it is fought within that which is invisible, and it must be conquered there.

In order to prevent beings from seeking help, the enemy feeds them with shame, lies and mediocrity, thus leading beings to think that bringing their difficulties to light will not have any benefit, but will rather only humiliate them and place into evidence their most hidden debilities.

But today, I come to tell you all this, children, so that through the simple key of spiritual fullness you may little by little conquer this subtle battle with mundane pleasures.

The experience of the Sacraments, prayer, Communion, confession and Eucharistic adoration are great keys that make the human heart awaken. 

The praises sung in honor of God, the contact with the Kingdoms of Nature and with your Spiritual Lineage are also keys that will take you out of the human illusion and bring you strength to win this battle.

To be sincere and true, to conquer the stimuli of lies and dissimulation, will cause the adversary’s power upon your souls to be conquered and rooted out.

Where there are lies, be truthful.

When the enemy stimulates you toward obsession and darkness, open the curtains of the consciousness and let the Light in.

When the adversary stimulates your minds to seek the world, look to adore, praise and find the Spiritual Universe.

And, above all, children, be aware that it is not a personal process, but rather a spiritual battle that is being fought within the entire human consciousness.

May My Words be like a sword that cuts through the veils of human illusion and conducts you toward the Light. Thus, walk toward it and do not stay in darkness, behind a curtain that should no longer cover the human consciousness.

Make the right choices and, at each step that you take, the Holy Spirit will be near, guiding your path.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Jospeh

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Prayer for Peace in the Nations

Upcoming prayers

Prayer for the Spiritual Purpose of Brazil and for the Angel of the Brazilian Nation
Sunday 5
| 07:00
Brasilia | Brazil
Brasília Time: 
Sunday 5 | 7:00
Prayer for Peace in South America
Sunday 5
| 09:00
Buenos Aires | Argentina
Multiple languages
Brasília Time: 
Sunday 5 | 9:00
Marathon of Divine Mercy: 1,200 beads of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy
Sunday 5
| 10:00
Brasilia | Brazil
Portuguese, Spanish and English
Brasília Time: 
Sunday 5 | 10:00
Praying for Peace in Chile and Bolivia
Sunday 5
| 10:30
Santiago de Chile | Chile
Brasília Time: 
Sunday 5 | 10:30
Praying for Peace in the United States
Sunday 5
| 10:00
Oklahoma City | Oklahoma | United States
Brasília Time: 
Sunday 5 | 13:00
Prière pour la Paix dans les Pays Francophones (Prayer for Peace in the French-speaking Countries)
Sunday 5
| 19:00
Paris | France
Brasília Time: 
Sunday 5 | 15:00
Praying for Peace in Mexico, Central America and Caribbean
Sunday 5
| 17:00
City of Mexico | Mexico
Brasília Time: 
Sunday 5 | 20:00

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