An international movement that promotes
initiatives for the living of peace and love, encouraging
the life of prayer, fraternal fellowship, charity and
selfless service for the common good.


Campaign for Peace
A Divine Mission. One single Heart!


Music for Healing and Elevation of Humanity

Music for Healing and Elevation of Humanity - program hosted in June 2018Watch more videos on Mercy Mary TV' official channel on YouTube

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Every day we wake up and face a world that needs peace. In face of this, what can we do?

Prayer is a mystery whose importance can be felt or glimpsed only by those who live it, due to the simple fact that by praying we awaken faith in our hearts.

Complying with a request of the Most Holy Virgin through the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, on a daily basis, hearts from different parts of the planet gather together through Internet to pray for peace in the Nations of the world.

Materials to download

Kindly disseminate this Campaign and its message of Peace!
Several materials are available to facilitate your initiatives.

  • CD "Misericordia María"



    This CD is the result of a response to a call from Mary, our Divine Mother, for our praying with an open heart. 


    cd misericordia

    cd misericordia maria

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  • T-shirts



    Screen-print t-shirts and spread Peace!

    The models are available in two versions:

    1. Campaign for Peace and

    2. Pilgrimage for Peace.


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Pilgrimage for Peace

With the purpose of bringing peace, light and the instruction of the Divine Messengers to all peoples and cultures, the Pilgrimage for Peace travels to different countries of the world promoting ecumenical meetings of prayer and music.

Conducted by monastics of Grace Mercy Order, these meetings have traveled the Americas and Europe, having as goal to reach all continents, unite people and nations.

-------------------------   FREE ENTRANCE   -------------------------

In December, follow the Divine Messengers in this Sacred Mission!

Learn more and get to know the schedule

How to participate

•    Get to know our schedule and attend the events. Be a Pilgrim of Peace.

•    Follow the Pilgrimage through the Internet. The events are transmitted live through Misericordia María TV (Mercy Mary TV).



My beloveds, I ask you to not fear to listen to My words,
do not fear to follow My steps of pilgrim,
because in this time My voice echoes in the whole world,
in search of the awakening of the souls, and I will not tire
until the last of My children have listened to My voice.

- Virgin Mary

"My beloveds, there are no mysteries in My presence.  Those who open the heart, feel Me and I can dispel the doubts of their inner;
those who open the path to Me, will see My acting in their lives and in their homes; those who permit Me, will see
in themselves the miracle of My conversion; those who pray with Me, will see in the world the Power of My intercession." 

Virgin Mary


Próximos eventos

25 de January | 17:00
Brasilia | Brazil
29 de January | 19:00
Brasilia | Brazil
13 de February | 17:00
Brasilia | Brazil
18 de February | 16:00
Brasilia | Brazil
25 de February | 17:00
Brasilia | Brazil

Planetary Network of Prayer

Prayer is one way to find inner peace, it is an instrument to reach union with God and with all of Creation.

Those who regularly conduct this spiritual exercise know that, in the simplicity of  praying with the heart lies a great mystery, something that puts us before important keys for internal transformation.

In a world where people live so many conflicts, prayer will help us to find encouragement and peace, and we will be serving humanity and all Kingdoms of Nature through it.


The relief of all suffering will be achieved
through prayer, when each of you trusts in the light
that will arrive to you through it.

- Virgin Mary


How to be a part of the Planetary Prayer Network?

•    Pray, pray in your home, pray as a family, form a family prayer group.

•    Collaborate for the construction of a more peaceful world by creating a prayer group in the region where you live or joining an existing one.

•    Get to know the Marian Centers founded at the request of the Most Holy Mary.

•    Follow by Internet the transmissions of Prayer for Peace in the Nations – Mystery of the Rosary 


Colection Divine Messengers (in Spanish language)

Mensajes de Paz (Messages of Peace)

This book contains the messages transmitted by the Virgin Mary, during the period of one year, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.


Mensajes de Misericordia (Messages of Mercy)

This book contains the messages transmitted by the Christ Jesus, during the period of one year, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.


Next Prayers for the Nations

Praying for Peace in Middle East
Monday 24
| 07:00
Brasilia | Brazil
Multiple languages
Brasília Time: 
Monday 24 | 7:00
Praying for Peace in Families
Monday 24
| 18:00
Lisbon | Portugal
Portuguese, Spanish and English
Brasília Time: 
Monday 24 | 15:00
Vigil of Prayer for Peace in the Nations (PPN)
Monday 24
| 17:00
Brasilia | Brazil
Multiple languages
Brasília Time: 
Monday 24 | 17:00
Praying for Peace in Hungary (A Békéért Imádkozva Magyarországon, Az Isteni Irgalmasság Rózsafüzére)
Monday 24
| 21:30
Budapest | Hungary
Brasília Time: 
Monday 24 | 17:30
Prayer for The Unborn
Monday 24
| 19:30
Buenos Aires | Argentina
Portuguese, Spanish and English
Brasília Time: 
Monday 24 | 19:30
Praying for Peace in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador
Monday 24
| 19:00
Bogota | Colombia
Brasília Time: 
Monday 24 | 21:00

Love to the Kingdoms of Nature

In face of the current situation that minerals, plants, and animals live, the Campaign for Peace encourages prayer and service to those Kingdoms, as a way to relieve the suffering that humanity causes to them day by day.

Through the donation of a human being to the species of nature, it is possible to cultivate love and respect for all creatures.


How to collaborate with the Kingdoms?

•    Take care of Planet Earth and all the beings that inhabit it.

Start with small acts, either by watering a plant, feeding a dog or saving water.

Youth Campaign for PEACE

A movement created to welcome all young people and awake in their hearts seeds of a spiritual life. It has as principles unity, the spirit of peace, nonviolence, nondiscrimination and mutual respect to promote the ecumenical union among youths.

Through art, love for the essence of Nature, the path of prayer and humanitarian service, the Campaign seeks to favor the rescue of ethic values and of spiritual principles in youth.

The Youth Festival for Peace is one of the main initiatives and offers young people the opportunity to share moments of prayer, and express beauty through music and art, while aiming for the union of all to radiate peace to the world.

In addition to these acts, the youths often gather together to pray for humanity and for the Kingdoms of Nature, with meetings also transmitted via internet.

Oficial site of the Youth Campaign for Peace

How to participate

•    Visit the oficial site of the Campaign and learn more.


May the youth awaken for a new time and a new life.
May they prepare their spirits to sustain the planet with peace
and inner harmony and may they be the sowers of the future,
preparing the life of those who will be the youth of the new Earth.

- Saint Joseph


Next Festivals

Due to the worldwide sanitary situation,

the festivals have been temporarily suspended. 

Stay tuned!

Campaign Sowing Love in Humanity

Created by Saint Joseph, it has the function of balancing many situations in the word through simple gestures of service and forgiveness. 

Whether as a service, going to a place that needs much love or within your families,
conquer pride and fear and perform an act of love as your hearts direct you

- Saint Joseph

In this impulse to get out of ourselves and to help others, the Campaign acts in three different ways:
the Act of Forgiveness and Reconciliation, the Planetary Service Network and the Planetary Missionary Network. Learn more about each of them:

Act of Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Saint Joseph proposes that we reconcile with our families and friends, with ones with which, for some reason, we live in a situation that requires forgiveness, so that after a sincere gesture, planetary situations can be balanced.

Conduct an act of forgiveness and reconciliations in your home, with your families and friends.

Here are some testimonials from people who gave this proposal a chance:


Planetary Service Network

There are many needs in the world, each of them calls us to serve and to help. Many times, it is not necessary to go far; if we look at our surroundings, we will certainly find opportunities to dedicate our time, to give our love and our attention.

Believing that small actions can transform the world, the Planetary Service Network motivates people to selfless service on a daily basis through simple and spontaneous actions, such as giving attention to a child or giving food to a needy person. The actions can also be done in a regular way and in a group, visiting institutions such as children's home, nursing homes and hospitals. It is up to each one's creativity!

The Planetary Service Network comes to add up the initiatives that each heart can offer, making of these water droplets a great ocean of light for the planet.


Planetary Missionary Network


I encourage all of the Planetary Missionary Network to go deeper
into the essence of service. With My Chaste Heart, learn to be
eternal missionaries and to carry out on earth this universal mission,
in which personal transformation will result in the
salvation and the evolution of the whole universe.

- Saint Joseph


As a way of sowing love in humanity, the purpose of the Planetary Missionary Network is to meet spiritual and material needs of the planet, organizing humanitarian missions in different countries of the world to give aid to those who need the most.

Carried out by voluntary groups, they represent a significant sample of a work of self-donation and service to others. Through missions, we prove that love transforms everything, and that amidst pain and suffering, a seed of hope sprouts in the hearts.

In 2016, Saint Joseph announced the foundation of the Planetary Missionary Network, a special invitation to all that aspire to awaken to a life of service. He explained that this Network would be the heart that unites all currents of light that expand throughout the Earth and that could gather the prayerful beings with spiritual, mental, emotional and physical availability to active service and charity.

The missionary groups have made expeditions to countries of the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia.

Permanent Missions


Community and Fraternal Life

A proposal of communitarian life based on the fraternal coexistence, prayer and service, in order to express the Divine Purpose in favor of good and peace.

In simple everyday tasks, such as food preparation, care of gardens, cultivation, service to animals, study and work with music, it is possible  to live love and fraternity.

All activities are conducted by volunteers and sustained through spontaneous donations.


From the Christian communities of Mary
will sprout the source of joy for serving and experiencing God
in the heart of the simple and humble ones.

- Virgin Mary



Learn more about our proposal of community life

Life consecrated to the Spirit

The Grace Mercy Order* proposes a monastic life through the consecrated life. Based on the teaching of Christ, the Order seeks to offer itself unconditionally as an instrument of the Divine Work in communion with all human beings and Kingdoms of Nature.

It is a proposal of fraternal and community life, consecrated to peace, prayer, good and selfless service.


An autonomous Christian and ecumenical religious organization; thus, without formal ties to any institutionalized religion.


Learn more about the Grace Mercy Order

From the beginning, when I was in the world, I had to gather the twelve,
as they would be the living example of transformation and of
obedience to My Inner Priesthood. It was in this way that throughout the times
there emerged the monastic orders, which would preserve
the spirit of the rule and of consecrated life.".

- Christ Jesus

Join the Campaign for Peace

There are many ways

to collaborate with the Campaign for Peace


Material donation

Collaborate in a financial way.
All activities of the Campaign for Peace are free,
and the donations allow it to be carried forward.

Donation of talents

Say yes to this Mission of Peace in the world
donating your talents to manifest
this Divine Work.

Spiritual support

Study the Messages

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more