8 days of Instruction with Christ Jesus

Seventh and final edition

August 9-16

An unforgettable and transformative meeting with Christ Jesus.
In August, join His Celestial Church and discover the greatness of the Love of God.


In these times of challenges, there is a safe place: the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which pulsates with Divine and Invincible Love for each one of us. During eight days of instruction and blessings, we will have the opportunity to be within His Presence.

The Sacred Week is in an ecumenical meeting that will bring together, via the Internet, people of different nationalities, cultures and beliefs. Each day, Christ Jesus will deepen the union of our souls with His Sacred Heart through prayers, praises, sacred songs and reflective readings, which lead up to the transmission of His message to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, a monastic of the Grace Mercy Order.

These divine impulses will open the doors of our hearts and consciences so that, on an internal pilgrimage, we may enter the Celestial Church of Christ, where Our Lord will deliver the last spiritual treasures in order to pass through the present planetary moment.

This year, the Sacred Week reaches its seventh and final edition. It will take place from August 9-16, beginning at 3 pm. The program will be broadcast live by the internet channel of Misericordia María TV.


(Reference: Brasilia time, Brazil)

August 9-17

9 am - Powerful Novena to the Merciful Jesus Christ
Live broadcast on the internet by the channel Prayer for Peace in the Nations

August 9-16

3 pm - Chaplet of Divine Mercy and Apparition of Christ Jesus
8 pm - Remembering the last Sacred Week of 2019
Live broadcast on Misericordia María TV


The liturgy of the meeting will also contemplate the Powerful Novena to the Merciful Jesus Christ as a preparation for the souls for the daily meetings with the Master.

And so that the inner bonds between the followers of Christ may be strengthened and the merits of the novena may have an even greater reach, we will offer this spiritual exercise together as well:

> From August 9-17, at 9 am (Brasilia, Brazil time zone), live broadcast of the novena by the channel Prayer for Peace in the Nations.


In this Scared Week, we are invited to prepare both our inner temple and our homes to receive Christ Jesus.

One suggestion is to set up an altar within your homes, with love and simplicity, as much as possible. In this place reserved for the meeting with God, you can place an image of Our Lord and light a candle to pray to His Sacred Heart.

By keeping this flame of faith and devotion lit throughout daily prayers, your homes can be a refuge of peace in these times.



> Throughout the period of the meeting, August 9-16Misericordia Maria TV will broadcast at 8 pm, every day, the unpublished chapters of the Sacred Week of 2019. Stay connected!

> Previous 2019 editions are now available on the YouTube channel of Misericordia Maria TV. Watch at any time by accessing the playlist: Sacred Week



Words of The Master

“Hold this knowledge as the last. From time to time, re-experience the Sacred Week, so that your lives may become sacred upon entering into contact with the Apparition of your Master and Lord, and especially with His Word, which is the Word of the Father, which is being pronounced to the world for the last time, in this crucial and definitive time of humanity, in which great decisions must be made, and these decisions in your lives place you near or far from Me.”

Christ Jesus, 04.19.2019

“I need you to feel My Words in your heart, that you are able to re-experience them and adopt them as a part of yourselves for when I am no longer among you, because this is the time in which the last prophecy that I Myself preached two thousand years ago will be fulfilled.”

Christ Jesus, 04.14.2019

“My Grace, companions, allows you to be able to reach the truth in this time, so that, little by little, you set aside the garments of illusion, of world hypnotism and human indifference, which are the deep roots that create the wars and conflicts between nations.”  

Christ Jesus, 04.14.2019

“Let me speak to your heart, because there the greatest treasure of God is kept, where someday may arise the healing for you life and the redemption of your consciousness, so awaited for by our Heavenly Father.”

Christ Jesus, 04.16.2019

"Let me go through the door of your heart and I will be able to completely transform your life. While I wait outside, near your heart, meditate for an instant upon the meaning of the surrender and the Passion of your Lord, and each suffering experienced and suffered for you."

Christ Jesus, 04.16.2019

"Today I invite you, My companions, to be in this Vigil with Me, during this crucial time, for you to always find My path, receive My wisdom and discernment to be able to face, in the coming times, the great decisions that will bring you closer to Me, if you meditate and reflect correctly."

Christ Jesus, 04.16.2019

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