Sunday, May 19 of 2019


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

If more souls hear the Call of God, this world will not need to know suffering.

Today I come here, children, to relieve the suffering of hearts, although they do not know it.

I come to relieve the Suffering of God for the indifference of souls, for the numbness of beings.

When I look at the world, My Heart is filled with compassion and pity, because I know the Divine Project, that first Thought that God emanated to create human beings, mirrors of His Consciousness, similar to Him in essence and in heart.

That Thought has remained hidden within each one of you and within each being on this Earth. The perfection of God has remained hidden behind all human miseries, and few are the souls that can express themselves according to the Will of their Creator.

Today I come here not only to reveal truths to you; I come to raise to the Heavens the souls that suffer and the sins of this world, in order to relieve the planet and give it a little peace.

Although you are so few, this was enough for the Love of God to descend upon this world and begin to build, in this nation, an opportunity for redemption.

The greater the abyss, the greater is the Love that God sends to Earth. That is why we are here, in this place, in this city, in this nation. Because where the beings who need it the most are, there is the Love of God, no matter how indifferent they are to Him and how often they do not believe that this Love exists.

Many times, hearts suffer because of ignorance, because of not knowing that the Love of the Father is available for all beings.

Therefore, tonight, I only ask you to open your hearts not only in the name of this nation, but also in the name of all of humanity, so that a greater Grace may descend to Earth and, by the offering of a few, the Mercy of the Father may expand throughout this world.

The Mysteries of God are infinite and even more so is His Love. Never forget when He was on Earth, in the Body and Soul of His Son. Do not forget that it was with a few that He transformed the history of this planet and all of His Creation.

The cycles repeat so that beings may receive a new opportunity. The Creator aspires to announce His Presence to the world, a Presence which is not limited to one religion, one people, one nation.

The Presence of God is in everything, children: in the air you breathe, in nature, in the hearts of your brothers and sisters; in everything is the gaze of your Creator Father; in everything is His Heart, waiting for the awakening of love in the hearts of men and women.

I come here to free souls from the suffering they bring from their nations to this place: their brothers and sisters who emigrate, so many who become lost in the seas and so many who arrive here in search of hope.

Through my Presence in this place, I come to give a special Grace to each one of these nations that suffer and cannot express themselves as God thought, due to wars, darkness, the lack of love in the hearts of beings.

Today my Light penetrates the oceans and reaches the nations of Africa, of the Middle-East, through the hearts that, although they do not know that I am here, need help and cry out to God thinking that they do not find a response. The presence of the Divine Messengers here is the answer of God to the prayer of so many hearts who have cried out for Mercy.

That is why I have come to this city to respond to the silent prayer of many of My children who believe that God does not listen to them. The Mysteries of God are infinite. Sometimes you think that He does not listen to you, that He does not answer your prayers, but many times, children, His grace comes into your lives in a way that you cannot perceive, just as today it comes into the lives of so many of your brothers and sisters, although they do not know it.

I wish that hearts could know Divine Grace, so as to know that there is still hope for life in this world, which is not only survival, but an experience of love, similar to the Love of God in His Son.

I wish that beings could know that suffering can be transformed when they understand the cross of these times as an opportunity to renew their Creator's Love.

Do not be afraid to announce the Divine Presence to the world. Not only through words, but also through the example of your hearts. It is the testimony of your lives that will cause beings to lose their fear and believe in the Presence of God through this work, which He Himself is building.

When you raise your consciousnesses to the true purpose of human existence and know that you are here for a Higher Purpose, to manifest a Divine Plan, then, children, it will not matter to you the criticism of men, religions, different cultures and the very love in your hearts will allow all of this to come together in that Greater Purpose. 

God aspires to build in this nation, as in the whole of Europe, a seed of unity among different peoples and cultures, among different religions. 

Here, where beings live the fear of losing power, a false power, where religions are afraid to cease to exist and do not realize, children, that this very fear is what is making them disappear, allow yourselves to enter into communion with your brothers and sisters, so that peace may be established, so that hearts may sincerely repent of their sins.

It will not be with many that the Creator will transform this world. It will be with a few,  who are sincere of heart, that He will begin to transform life on Earth, who, in their silence and prayer, will unite peoples and nations from the spiritual levels to the material levels of life on Earth.

Begin each one of you by loving and respecting your neighbor, even when you are judged or criticized for your way of loving. Love as Christ taught you, living His Gospel, beyond taking it as a sacred book or leaving it in your homes and calling yourselves Christians.

Be more than Christians, be Christs of the new time, imitators of the footsteps of your Lord, so that, in this way, your souls may be a path for Him to return to this world.

Let each one of you, children, be the living chalices upon which He will pour out His Blood to institute a new genetics, His Genetics, on this planet.

As I speak to you, the Presence of God expands upon the Earth and reaches the hearts that need it the most.

While you listen to Me, let your prayers be true, have faith that you are before God, that Heaven opens before your hearts, that the Eyes of the Father are upon Earth, and that, with the slightest opening of your hearts, His Mercy descends upon this planet.

Cry out for peace for the nations that are at war.

Cry out for mercy for those who say they live in the Name of the Lord and dirty His Name with their sins.

Cry out for forgiveness for those who live in hatred and indifference.

Cry out for healing for those who, because of the injustice they have lived, have forgotten the love that is in their hearts.

Cry out for a Grace so that, in the heart of Africa, love may emerge again and this Earth may be a seed of the new life.

Cry out for the Middle-East so that the Blood of Christ shed there may emerge from the earth and heal the hearts, making this land sacred again.

Cry out for this nation, for Italy, so that it may be the cradle of a true religiosity, where hearts will respect and love their neighbor, the different religions and the truth that is in the hearts of their brothers and sisters.

Let the darkness in this hour give way to the Divine Light and may you cry out for peace.

With these words, I teach you to pray with your heart, because the world needs it. Wait with love for your Celestial Mother, announce Her Presence more strongly and louder, so that more souls may have the opportunity to stand before Her and receive a Grace.

Before saying goodbye to you, may the priests come here, so that, by the Grace that God has granted them, they may bring down His transubstantiation, to transform the elements of the altar into the Body and Blood of Christ, in Remembrance of Him, as He has asked you, and that this communion, children, this Eucharist consecrated before the Father may pierce your bodies, your consciousnesses, and come as a Greater Grace to this world.

For this, I bless you.

We may stand or kneel for the consecration of the Eucharist.

Priest - And at this moment we remember when our Lord, at that time, together with His disciples, raised the bread, gave thanks, because the day of His Sacrifice had come. God blessed it and He said to all the essences of the world: take and eat from it, because this is My Body, the Body that will be given for all of you, for the forgiveness of your faults.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You. 
We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

Then our Lord took the Holy Chalice, gave thanks, the Father blessed It, and He said, "This is My Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal Covenant between souls and God; blood that will be shed for all of you for the total liberation from your faults and for Eternal Life. Do this in Remembrance of Me until I return.

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You. 
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

Here is the Lamb of God, His Body and His Blood.

Let us pray the Our Father. 

Now, once in Italian.

May the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us all.

With the consecration of the Eucharist, the Grace of God descends into the hearts of men and women, and my task here today is fulfilled.

I bless you and thank you for being here in the name of this nation and this humanity.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

Take the Peace of the Lord to one another as He has taught you, silently giving one another the greeting of peace. Thank you.